SPUN Sheets

If you wish you were someone who made the bed every day, or even some days, SPUN Sheets might be the shortcut you’ve been waiting for, and you can put them on your bed for $165 (queen/full) with a preorder.

Let’s start with the caveats. SPUN sheets are currently only available in white, are sateen (silky and shiny), not percale (more breathable), and don’t undercut the likes of Casper and Brooklinen on price even with the preorder discount.

Still with us? Great.

SPUN fixes the bed-making problem by taking hospital corners to the next level. The SPUN top sheet features a bottom flap that tucks under the foot of your mattress, along with corner seams, which when taken together mean that sheet isn’t going anywhere. There are also side flaps that can be tucked or not, and ensure even if your partner is a filthy sheet thief, that you’ll remain covered throughout the night.


In the morning, because the bottom of the top sheet is in a fixed position, making the bed is as simple as pulling the top of the sheet to the head of the bed.

SPUN also includes sticky elastic on their fitted sheet to keep it in place, and envelope pillowcases to keep your pillows where they belong.