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Welcome to Deals, a Kinja community for sweet prices on top products

Hey hey! Welcome to Deals. This is your new home for exceptional deals on all the stuff you wanted to buy anyway. That little plus on the top left of the page. That's our follow button and you'll want to go ahead and click that now. Trust me on this.

We are professional bargaineers. Each day our Commerce Team wakes up, grabs some coffee, and immediately checks our systems and alerts. We then scour sources and sites to compile an awe-inspiring list of the day's bargains on everything from HDTVs to Granola Bars (and everything in-between.) Then we cull the herd by selecting only the top 10-15% to post to Deals. As the day goes on, we continue let the community know about exceptional deals as we come across them. New deals pop up all day long. Remember when I told you about the little subscribe button? This is why.


Deals is your community. We welcome and invite deal discussions, suggestions, and critique. Be vocal and be part of our community. Let us know when a deal has expired, if you don't think something is deal-worthy, if you've had a good (or bad) experience with a product, or if you just want to say hey. We like talking about deals as much as we love digging them up.

Full disclosure starts now. Many of the links we post have the potential of earning money for us by way of affiliate programs. But these deals will never cost you a penny more than buying directly from the retailer. That's a promise.

So let's chat— Need help finding a deal? Want to say hey? Have a story about the best bargain you ever got? Need to confess about the thing you did to that guy that one time? Let us hear from you in the discussion.

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