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Leather Apple Watch bands, an AmazonBasics microwave, and Anker bluetooth speakers lead off the Wednesday’s best deals from around the web.

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Leather Apple Watch Bands | $8 | Amazon | Promo code FJ8YKZ7J. Should work on all sizes and colors.
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The lowkey best part about the Apple Watch is that it’s incredibly easy to change bands, and you can get extras for very cheap, as long as you aren’t buying them in the Apple Store. This leather band comes in a ton of different colors (choose from the dropdown), and is available in both 42/44mm and 38/40mm sizes. Get the strap of your choice for just $8 today with promo code FJ8YKZ7J.

There’s a big, important football game this Sunday, and if your piddly old TV just won’t cut it, there’s still time to upgrade to a 65" behemoth. Three different sets are on sale at Walmart right now from three solid manufacturers.


They’re all 4K, but the $598 Vizio is probably the best deal of the bunch thanks to its full array LED backlighting and built-in Chromecast. The Samsung is also tempthing if you’re drawn to curved TVs. Curved screens are kind of pointless at the distance you’d view a TV from, but there’s no doubt that they look cool.

Anker SoundCore Model Zero | $140 | Amazon | Clip the 30% coupon
Anker SoundCore Motion Q | $39 | Amazon | Clip the 15% coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Bluetooth speaker design has moved beyond basic rectangles of varying sizes of yesteryear: Anker’s new SoundCore speakers are as beautiful as they are functional, and two of them are on sale for the best prices we’ve seen today.


The SoundCore Motion Q ($39 after clipping the coupon) hides a pair of booming 8W drivers under its attractive, cylindrical linen shell, and its IPX7 water resistance means that it can take a soaking without any issues. You can even link two of them together into a stereo pair for room filling sound.

Or, for true audio nerds, the Soundcore Model Zero is Hi-Res audio certified, features SCANSPEAK-designed transducers, and even lets you fine-tune your EQ settings with a smartphone app. It’s also a work of art that’ll look great on your shelf, with a functional and gorgeously designed handle for when you want to take it on the go. Normally $200, the 30% clippable coupon will save you $60 today.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB | $45 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Are you backing up your files? No. Buy an external hard drive.

Running out of space on your Xbox One or PS4? Buy an external hard drive.

Have $45? Buy an external hard drive.

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case | $119 | Amazon
iPhone XR Smart Battery Case | $119 | Amazon
iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case | $118 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Apple’s surprisingly terrific smart iPhone battery cases just made an unexpected comeback for the latest generation of iPhones, and the XS, XR, and XS Max cases are already $10-$11 off on Amazon.

While expensive, these cases should extend your battery life by about 75% without adding too much bulk, and they support all the latest features like wireless charging and USB-C PD fast charging with a USB-C to Lightning cable. And since it’s made by Apple and thus gets special treatment in software, you’ll be able to see both your device’s battery level and the case’s on your screen.

Eton Rugged Rukus Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker | $70 | Amazon
Eton Emergency Weather Radio | $40 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

It’s too late to help the poor souls in the midwest, but today only, Amazon’s lowering the price on the Eton Rugged Rukus Xtreme and the Eton Emergency Weather Radio.

The Eton Emergency Weather Radio is built for emergencies, with a hand crank for power, AM/FM/NOAA weather digital radio tuners, a bunch of lights, and even the ability to charge your phone. It’s something everyone should own.

Alternately, the Eton Rugged Rukus Xtreme offers better sound, a bigger battery, and a solar panel for charging, but retains its water-resistant, drop-resistant design of its predecessor. Using the solar panel and the built-in battery, you can stream your music via Bluetooth for a long, long time.


Both speakers can charge your phone via a USB port your gadgets via a USB port. And both are a perfect companion for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Slim Line Battery Organizer | $16 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

It’’s beautiful. I’ve always kept my batteries loose and scattered across like three different drawers, but this organizer is surely better. It even has a built in battery tester to make it easier to know which batteries need to be recharged or recycled. At $16, it’s also never been cheaper.

Jelly Comb Cable Organizer | $9 | Amazon | Promo code MRTH3G5W

You probably keep a lot of charging cables, battery packs, hard drives, and other sundry tech accessories rattling around in your bag, and your collection is unlikely to shrink any time soon. But it’s easy to keep them organized and untangled with this $9 organizer (with promo code MRTH3G5W), which is big enough to hold an iPad mini-sized tablet, plus a ton of various accessories.

Dr.meter Lapel Microphone | $8 | Amazon | Promo code 6NKTKAPM
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

You probably won’t need this smartphone-compatible lapel mic very often, but at $8 with promo code 6NKTKAPM, it might be a good tool to have handy for shooting videos or recording voice memos on your phone.

I actually used a mic like this to record better sound at my own wedding. We had a camera set up to the side, but we attached this to the officiant’s lapel, and hooked it up to an iPhone running the voice memos app in his pocket. Worked like a charm.


15 Pound 48"x 72" Weighted Blanket | $60 | Amazon | Promo code JZVP3EA8
15 Pound 60"x 80" Weighted Blanket | $76 | Amazon | Promo code BNV6RX8S
20 Pound 60"x 80" Weighted Blanket | $80 | Amazon | Promo code KTQ6ON3M

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but it’s cold as hell outside, and I can’t think of a better time for a weighted blanket. In addition to keeping you warm, a weighted blanket can work wonders for your anxiety, and several different models are on sale today for the first time since the holiday shopping season, including a beefy 20 pounder for just $80. Just be sure to note the promo codes.

Personally, I want my weighted blankets to be capable of breaking ribs, but the general recommendation is 10% of your body weight. Not to stress you out, but we wouldn’t expect this deal to last for long.

WaterHog Mats Gold Box | Amazon
Image: Amazon

Don’t be a doormat; quit tracking snow and dirt indoors, and take advantage of Amazon’s Gold Box on WaterHog mats. Many of the mats on sale are commercial-grade, a.k.a. huge, but whether you need one for your home or your business, you’re guaranteed to get a good deal — just be mindful of the mat size when you add to your cart.

Now House by Jonathan Adler Sale | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Amazon’s ambitions in home decor are obvious, and now, they’ve even teamed up with renowned designer Jonathan Adler for an exclusive line of art, furniture, picture frames, and more. They’re eclectic, they ship for free with Prime, and right now, a bunch of them are on sale for the best prices ever. Many are already low in stock though, so don’t just sit around.

Botte Piccola Balsamic Vinegar 250ml | $37 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

I’ve been doing this a long time, and this is the first time I can recall Amazon running a Gold Box deal on a bottle of balsamic vinegar. At $37, it’s still expensive, but it has great (if limited) reviews, it comes in a fancy bottle inside a fancy box, and it spent the last seven years being aged in Modena, Italy. I wish I had spent the last seven years being aged in Modena.

AmazonBasics Microwave With Alexa | $42 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Don’t buy the AmazonBasics microwave because it has Alexa support. Buy it because at today’s $42 (down from the original $60), it’s one of the cheapest microwaves you can buy, period.

But once you have it, the Alexa commands (fed to it via any Alexa speaker, not included) are actually pretty cool. Instead of punching in numbers, you can just tell Alexa what you’re cooking or reheating, and Amazon’s AI will program the microwave for you. Want to add 30 seconds to your cook time while your fingers are covered in raw chicken juice? You can do it with your voice. The microwave still has regular buttons, and obviously, Alexa support isn’t a true necessity in a microwave, but it’s undoubtedly pretty cool, especially when you aren’t really paying for the privilege.

Chef’s Star 14-Piece Cookware Set | $100 | Amazon | Promo code XFHBKRR5

There are pans you bought at Walmart for $10 in college, and there are pans that cost as much as a mortgage payment. Quality-wise, these Chef’s Star pans should be a lot closer to the latter, while costing not much more than the former.

Constructed from 18/8 stainless steel and encapsulating an aluminum base, these pans should heat quickly and evenly on any type of stove (including induction). They aren’t nonstick, but that’s usually a good thing, as the steel cooking surface will result in superior fond (browning). And when you’re done with them, you can just throw them straight in the dishwasher.


$100 is a great price for seven pans, plus a bunch of lids, and even some steel utensils. Just use promo code XFHBKRR5, and don’t let this deal overcook.

20% Off Toys | Chewy
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Playtime for your pet just got more exciting with this sale from Chewy. Take a bite out of 20% off hundreds of toys, from plushes and ropes, to dog bones to cat scratchers. But these prices won’t be making tails wag for long. Ready? Go get it, boy!


Women’s Cashmere Sweaters | $40 | Uniqlo
Men’s Cashmere Sweaters | $50 | Uniqlo
Image: Uniqlo

Cashmere is the height of winter luxury — and often has a price tag to match — but right now, Uniqlo wants to swathe you in the soft, warm material for less. The retailer marking down their range of cashmere sweaters styles for men and women to $50 and $40, respectively — some of the lowest prices we’ve seen. Each pullover comes in a range of colors, so true cashmere snobs couldn’t be blamed for taking advantage of this sale to start a full-on cashmere collection. You deserve only the best, after all.

Nivea Luxury Men’s Gift Box | $15 | Amazon | Clip the 40% coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Nivea’s gift set is back for 2018, and even if you don’t want to give anyone on your shopping list a box of men’s grooming supplies, you might want to buy it for yourself. Just $15 (after clipping the 40% coupon) gets you two types of body wash, body lotion, lip balm, and shaving cream. We’re talking full-size products here here too, the good stuff. One might call it...a soap box.

30% Off Sitewide | Jigsaw Massage | Promo code KINJAJIGSAW
Photo: Jigsaw Massage

Jigsaw Massage is the exception to the expensive trend of at home massage therapy. By attaching to almost all T and U shank jigsaws, they avoideded creating a single use item, and instead made a clever attachment for a common tool, opening the door for at-home recovery to more athletes and those in chronic pain. Take an exclusive 30% off all bundles and heads with code KINJAJIGSAW.


The discount brings each individual head (all-purpose, deep tissue, and pin-point) to just $35 each, the set of three to $102, or the complete bundle (with a Black and Decker cordless pro) to $182. The nearest competition is around $200, but most go for $399+. And against the backdrop of routine, on-site physical and massage therapy, it’s incredibly cost effective.

I use mine plenty after long runs and speed work, and I like it both as an addition to, or in place of, foam rolling. But the most pleasant surprise of came when I decided to start blasting my back and neck after hours of poor posture in front of the computer. Code should auto-apply at checkout.

Warehouse Sale | Levi’s
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

This sale will have you feeling blue — in a good way — and saving some green. For a limited time, Levi’s is taking up to 75% off their already-discounted closeout styles for their Warehouse Sale. You have to enter your email in a popup to gain access to the deals, but believe you me, it’s worth it. So now’s the time to swath yourself and everyone you know in denim.

40% Off Men’s and Women’s Apparel | Express
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

A brutal cold snap isn’t usually something to celebrate, but Express begs to differ. The apparel retailer is using the frigid temperatures as an excuse to take 40% off sitewide for men and women. But like this weather, the Polar Vortex Sale won’t last forever, so snag the styles you want now.

Today’s best GAMING deals

Xbox One X NBA 2K19 Bundle | $399 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

In terms of sheer power and graphical capability, nothing can top the Xbox One X. So if you want to experience modern games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in their full 4K HDR glory, you can save $100 today on a bundle that includes a copy of NBA 2K19, the best deal we’ve seen since Black Friday.





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Preorder Big Blanket | $135 | Big Blanket Co. | Promo code SAVE10-6XSMJW
Photo: Big Blanket Co.

If you can’t abide your toes sticking out from under your blanket when you’re trying to stay warm, it turns out the solution is as simple as buying a big-ass blanket. As in, a blanket you could literally get lost under for hours.


The Big Blanket Co. is set to release—wait for it—a big blanket. 10' x 10', to be precise. That means you never have to worry about which side is the long side, “stealing the covers” is a thing of the past, and there’s always room to share the warmth. Preorders are marked down to $150 (from $200) until the end of January, but you can save an extra 10% today with promo code SAVE10-6XSMJW. That seems like a lot to spend on a blanket, but maybe not when you consider that there’s more material here than four regular sized blankets.

Ninja Air Fryer | $69 | Walmart
Photo: Amazon

Fried food is delicious. Fried food is terrible for you. These are the immutable laws of the universe, cruel as they might be. But if you just can’t kick the craving for a crisp french fry, give this $69 Ninja air fryer a try, down from its usual $99. It uses hot air and convection, as opposed to oil, to achieve perfectly crispy results, and its 3.8 qt. capacity means you can cook enough french fries, fried pickles, or chicken wings for the entire family.

Just remember to clean it!

RAVPower 5-in-1 Pocket Knife | $15 | Amazon | Promo code SDRLYXWM + $1 clippable coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Why does RAVPower make a pocket knife? I have no idea. But as multi-tools go, it’s a pretty cool one. You get a knife, a bottle opener, a can opener, a set of pliers, and even a screwdriver with nine included interchangeable bits, all for just $15 by clipping the $1 coupon and using code SDRLYXWM at checkout.

NETGEAR Orbi Pro Added Ports Bundle | $400 | Amazon
NETGEAR Orbi Pro Indoor + Outdoor Bundle | $550 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

If you take your WiFi seriously, Netgear’s Orbi mesh routers are some of the best you can buy, and Amazon’s running an insane deal on the even more powerful Orbi Pro right now.

Both bundles include the Netgear Orbi Pro two-pack, which between $380-450. But you can add either an 8-port Netgear Networking Switch for $400, or an Orbi outdoor satellite extender, which retails for about $300 by itself, for $550.

Of course, this is a lot of money—more than most mesh routers. But if you want business-level networking without the hassle, this is the deal for you.

Anker PowerPort Cube | $19 | Amazon | Clip the $2 coupon and use code ANKERP27

We’ve seen power cubes with more ports and outlets from other manufacturers, but Anker’s take on the category has a few nice touches. While it leaves one side of the cube empty, it does come with adhesive pads that let you mount it on a wall or underneath a desk. It normally sells for $26, but you can get it for just $19 today by clipping the $2 coupon and using code ANKERP27 at checkout. That’s the cheapest it’s been.

Unless you really need to print in color, Brother makes some of the only printers worth buying, and their small office-friendly MFCL2685DW is on sale for a consumer-level price today.


Like Brother’s home printers, this model spits out about 24 pages per minute, includes Wi-Fi connectivity, uses inexpensive and long-lasting toner, and just generally works much more reliably than any inkjet printer out there. The biggest advantage of this model over a consumer-level HL-series printer is that it includes a document feeder for the scanner, meaning it can automatically scan 35 pages in a row with no user input. You might use that feature, like, once, but you’ll probably be really glad you have it.

Don’t botch your Super Bowl (or Overwatch League) viewing party with bad sound. Consider picking up a sound bar, like the Sony HT-MT300/B Powerful Mini Sound bar, to pair with your 4K TV.


Regardless of your home theater setup, this sound bar is compact enough to fit in most situations, and it’s got a wireless subwoofer to provide all-important bass. Better still, $198 is the best price we’ve seen on this particular model.

A good VPN is an essential tool for protecting your anonymity online, especially when you’re using public Wi-Fi, and can also potentially unlock other countries’ streaming services. (Hint hint: watch Love Island on Netflix by routing through a British VPN).

Private Internet Access is our readers’ favorite VPN, and to celebrate the official launch of their fancy new app, they’re offering the best deal we’ve ever seen, exclusively to our readers.

Just sign up for a year of the service at $40 through this link, and you’ll get five months added to your membership for free, compared to the three months they’re offering the general public. That’s only about $2.35 per month!

SanDisk Extreme 128GB MicroSD | $26 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

While it’s not the cheapest 128GB microSD card we’ve ever seen, SanDisk’s Extreme 128GB card blows most competitors away with read speeds up to 160mbps, compared to 90-100 on most competitors. Not every device will be able to take full advantage, but for things like high-end action cams that shoot 4K, it could come in handy. It’s also, needless to say, as future-proof as flash storage can be.

Anker Powerline+ Lightning Cable 6ft | $12 | Amazon | Promo code CABLE8122. Works on all colors
Anker Powerline+ Lightning Cable 3ft | $10 | Amazon | Promo code CABLE8121. Works on all colors
Photo: Amazon

These Anker PowerLine+ Lightning cables (3' | 6') are wrapped in nylon, are rated for 6,000 bends, and come with an 18 month warranty, all of which are improvements over Apple’s own Lightning cable, and that’s not even accounting for how much nicer they feel to use, or the included pouch that keeps them organized.


Oh yeah, and at $10 or $12 each, they cost about as much as what you’d pay at the Apple Store for an inferior product.

Amplified HDTV Antenna | $9 | Amazon | Promo code Y6EU7TZO
Photo: Amazon

I’m not sure if you heard, but there’s a rather large sporting event happening next weekend, and if you have a TV, but don’t pay for cable, all you need to watch it for free is an over the air HDTV antenna.


This one includes an amplifier to boost your range, and is only $9 today with promo code Y6EU7TZO. Just ignore the ESPN logo on the product photo; antennas can’t pull in ESPN. But that game you’re thinking of? It’s on CBS.

Anker USB C Hub, 4-in-1 Type C Hub | $20 | Amazon | Clip coupon on page and promo code AKCUB23
Anker USB C Hub, 5-in-1 USB C Adapter | $22| Clip coupon on page and the promo code AKCHUB44

USB-C will be truly ubiquitous one of these days, but for the next few years at least, owners of USB-C laptops will probably want to carry a dongle or two. A couple of Anker’s highly rated adapters are on sale right now, so just be sure to use the correct code for each and clip the coupon code on the page to maximize your discount.

35% off all Nimble Battery Packs and Qi Chargers | Amazon | Promo code 30KINJASHOP
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Founded by former Mophie employees, Nimble’s novel idea was to build a charging accessory company that was good for the environment, featuring recycled aluminum, plant-based plastics, and a prepaid e-waste recycling bag in every package.

And oh yeah, the chargers are really good too.

This week only, our readers can take an exclusive 30% off all of Nimble’s battery packs and wireless chargers with promo code 30KINJASHOP. The Qi chargers are gorgeous, include a Quick Charge wall adapter, and charge iPhones at 7.5W. There’s even one that can charge two devices at once.

The battery packs range in size from 10,000mAh to 26,000mAh, and they all include USB-C Power Delivery (though only 18W), and an included, short charging cable that snaps to the top of the battery magnetically. They’re all very good, and today’s deals are among the best they’ve ever offered.

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones | $40 | Amazon | Clip the coupon code and use the promo code 2SI6REVL
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the benefits of noise canceling headphones: TaoTronics’ latest noise canceling over-ears are down to just $40 today with promo code 2SI6REVL when you also clip the coupon on the page.


The ANC won’t match Sony or Bose, but it’ll definitely do well, especially against consistent noises like fans or airplane engines. They’ll last 30 hours on a single charge, are extremely comfortable, and fold up for easy storage.