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An exclusive Anker deal, Greenworks tools, a Dell laptop and a Ninja air fryer lead off Wednesday’s best deals.

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If you want the durability and lifetime warranty of Anker’s PowerLine II charging cables, but you own a lot of different devices, this $11 microUSB cable includes Lightning and USB-C adapters attached to the end.

It’s a little awkward looking, but it’s nice to know you’ll always have the right cable handy. Use promo code KANJ8436 to save $7 on this super versatile Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable.

Ylife Indoor Outdoor Portable Movie Screen 100 Inch | $16 | Amazon | Promo code PSTB5ITC
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’re ready to make the switch to a projector-based home theater, or if you recently picked up a portable projector, you can make your picture look its best with this 100" projector screen.

Get it for just $16 today with promo code PSTB5ITC, and use the included grommets, rope, and hooks to hang it up wherever you’d like, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Surgu Rebel Tech Kit | $10 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Sugru is right up there with binder clips and the Raspberry Pi in Lifehacker’s pantheon of must-have gear, and you can pick up their Rebel Tech Kit for an all-time low $10 today. That includes four packs in four different colors, a remover tool, and a book with 14 projects to get you started.

Even if you don’t use your Sugru for the tech-specific projects mentioned in the kit, there’s no shortage of ways to deploy it around the house. You could use it to revive your old appliances, or get a grip on an old hose spigot, or anything that involves attaching one thing to another thing. It is moldable glue, after al.

4-Pack Zip-Up Cable Ties | $9 | Amazon | Clip the 5% coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Update: This code doesn’t seem to be working anymore, but the $10 list price is actually $1 less than usual, and a 5% coupon makes it a bit cheaper still.


We know you guys like Velcro cable ties, but if you’re interested in a different option for keeping your wires organized, these neoprene zip-up sleeves are another great option. $9 gets you four 19.5" sleeves (with promo code 5P7Y567X), which can either be used separately, or zipped together into the ultimate cable snake.

If these don’t seem quite right for your cable management needs, check out our round-up of other ideas to clean up your desk.

Anker makes a lot of gadgets, but noise canceling headphones were a notable gap in the company’s lineup until very recently. So if you want to block out the world with the new Soundcore Space wireless over-ears, you can save $20 right now, no promo code required.


The Wirecutter-recommended Soundcore Spaces run for 20 hours in wireless noise canceling mode, or you can use them wired for up to 50 hours with NC enabled, which are some of the best battery life specs we’ve seen in this market.

Dell 15.6" G5 Gaming Laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti | $700 | Walmart
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Someday gaming laptops won’t look designed by a 14-year-old edgelord. This utopian future is, unfortunately, still a few years away. For now, we’ll just have to settle for affordable, powerful and, yes, ugly machines like this Dell G5 Gaming Laptop.


The 15.6-inch PC packs a GTX 1050Ti graphics card, 8GB of RAM, Intel Core i7 processor, and 1TB HDD and 128GB SSD for storage. While these won’t wow most hardcore gamers, it’s more than capable at taking on 90 percent of the games out there, including Overwatch and Fortnite.

We saw this dip to $750 during the holidays, so at its current $700, it’s still an absolute steal.

Anker 5-in-1 USB-C Adapter | $21 | Amazon | Clip the 10% coupon and use code KINJA8334
Photo: Amazon

It’s not the biggest or most feature-packed USB-C hub out there, but Anker’s 5-in-1 dongle has the essentials in tow for an all-time low price today.


The adapter turns a single USB-C port into two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, a microSD card slot (which is arguably more useful than these days than the standard size), and a 4K HDMI port. And in true Anker fashion, it comes in a nice travel pouch too.

Today’s $24 list price would already be an all-time low, but the 10% coupon combined with promo code KINJA8334 brings it down to $21. If you have a computer or tablet with too many USB-C ports, and not enough of everything else, this is a great buy.


15 Pound 48"x 72" Weighted Blanket | $45 | Amazon | Promo code LQXUGKPY
15 Pound 60"x 80" Weighted Blanket | $52 | Amazon | Promo code VXGONLYT
20 Pound 60"x 80" Weighted Blanket | $60 | Amazon | Promo code S96RVOLL
20 Pound 60"x 80" Weighted Blanket (Dark Gray) | $58 | Amazon | Promo code Y2HG8QOB

It’s not cold outside anymore, but anxiety is always in season. In addition to keeping you warm, a weighted blanket can work wonders for your anxiety, and several different models are on sale for Mother’s Day, if you still haven’t picked out a gift.

Options include a beefy 20 pounder for just $58 (with code Y2HG8QOB, the best price we’ve ever seen for a blanket that heavy. Just be sure to note the promo codes above or below. Prices start at $45 for a 15 pounder as well (with code LQXUGKPY), which with the exception of last week’s short-lived $35 deal is the best we’ve seen.

Personally, I want my weighted blankets to be capable of breaking ribs (I own a 25 pounder myself), but the general recommendation is 10% of your body weight. Not to stress you out, but we wouldn’t expect this deal to last for long.

If you’re a homeowner, Amazon’s marked down a ton of Greenworks equipment for a limited time, including pressure washers and lawn care tools, as well as compatible accessories.


Pressure washers make easy work out of tough outdoor cleaning jobs. And Amazon has two models to choose from, one $84 1700-PSI unit and a 2000-PSI model for $168.

Additionally, Amazon’s got discounts on trimmers, saws, and even a full-sized mower to trim your grass and beat back hedges.


Just note that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, or until sold out. So make sure to check out both deal pages to see all of the discounts here and here.

Sun Joe Convertible 6A Chainsaw/Pole Saw | $73 | Daily Steals | Promo code KJSUNJ
Photo: Amazon

You should probably deal with that rotting tree branch before it falls on top of your car, and it’ll be cheaper than you might expect to cut down with this exclusive deal on a Sun Joe convertible electric saw. An 8.9' telescoping arm transforms it from a standard chainsaw into a pole saw, making it easy to reach overhead branches without a ladder.


Needless to say, the 6A motor isn’t going to but cutting down any redwoods, but Sun Joe says it has enough power to take down branches up to 7.5" thick. Just use promo code KJSUNJ at checkout to get it for $73. Just please, be careful, Kinja Deals assumes no liability.

Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Maker | $940 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you take your coffee seriously, have a lot of counter space, and a lot of money...hi, hello, welcome. If any of the other three don’t apply to you, there are plenty of other great deals today.

Still with us? Okay. This Breville Barista Touch has a freakin’ touchscreen to help you select your favorite drink and walk you through any necessary prep work. It’s basically a coffee shop that lives on your counter, and it costs $940, which is actually an all-time low.


A built-in grinder grinds the necessary amount of coffee with the appropriate coarseness on-demand for whatever you want to make, and an auto-steam wand lets you adjust your milk temperature and froth it into Instagram-ready foam. It’s ridiculous and extravagant and expensive and, yes, awesome.

Umbra Decor Sale | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Any (amateur) interior decorator knows that it all comes down to the details. If your home could use a few new accents, or you just need some non-ugly jewelry organizers, check out this under $25 decor from Umbra. Save on everything from picture frames and hanging planters, to ring holders and tiered storage pieces, all in sleek-yet-neutral chrome, copper, gold, or white. I personally have this tray, and it is the pièce de résistance of the top of my dresser.

40% Off One Regular Priced Item | Yankee Candle | Promo Code 40FROM1
Photo: Yankee Candle

If you’re looking for a good last-minute Mother’s Day gift, Yankee Candle has you covered. Today is the last day that you can get 40% off one regular-priced item, if you use the promo code 40FROM1. You can get mom new large classic jar scents like Turquoise Glass or Seaside Woods for $18, instead of the regular $30.

CASDON Toy Vacuum | $45 | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Kids make a giant mess, so why not make them help clean up? This toy vacuum might look like it is just for fun, but it actually works. It’s not a high-powered vacuum that an adult can use to clean the entire house, but it is the right size for a child who wants to “pretend” clean. The CASDON Toy Vacuum is modeled after the Dyson Ball vacuums. It has working suction that picks up dirt and other small items and it even has a removable debris drawer that can be emptied out.

Refurbished Ninja Air Fryer | $67 | Woot
Photo: Amazon

Fried food is delicious. Fried food is terrible for you. These are the immutable laws of the universe, cruel as they might be. But if you just can’t kick the craving for a crisp french fry, give this refurbished $67 Ninja air fryer a try, down from its usual $99. It uses hot air and convection, as opposed to oil, to achieve perfectly crispy results, and its 3.8 qt. capacity means you can cook enough french fries, fried pickles, or chicken wings for the entire family.

Just remember to clean it!

Bosch Power Tools Combo Set | $130 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

If you have any big DIY projects on the horizon, or just want to upgrade the old, underpowered tools you bought years ago, today’s a really great day to buy a new Bosch tool set.


This particular combo includes a pocket reciprocating saw, an LED worklight, and Bosch’s famous PS31 12V drill, which packs a ton of power into a shockingly small and maneuverable package. Of course, you’ll also get two batteries that work with any of the tools, and a bag to keep them organized too.

So what’s so great about this deal? Not only is the $150 list price marked down from the usual $200, but you’ll also save an extra $20 at checkout automatically. That brings the kit down to within a few bucks of the best price ever, so don’t get screwed by missing out.

Cascade Complete ActionPacs | $9 | Amazon | Clip the $3.47 coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You need dishwasher detergent anyway, so you might as well buy it on sale. While supplies last, Amazon’s offering a $3.47 coupon on this 78-pack container of Cascade Complete ActionPacs, a nice discount over what was already a great price.


That works out to just over 11 cents per dishwasher load, which is great when you consider that Cascade Complete carries a 4.5 star review average from over 1,400 Amazon customers.

The coupon will work whether you use Subscribe & Save or a regular Prime order, but obviously, you’ll get the best price by subscribing, and you can always cancel after your first shipment.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Bands - Italian Leather Apple Watch Straps 3-Pack | $59 | Indiegogo
Photo: Indiegogo

Last month, we covered the Kickstarter campaign of a popular wallet designer’s first foray into leather Apple Watch bands, and we came away impressed. Now that the campaign is over, they’re offering our readers an exclusive preorder deal through Indiegogo OnDemand.

For a limited time, you can get one each of all three strap colors for just $59. Less than $20 per band is a steal for full grain, vegetable tanned Italian leather, and especially tempting considering Kickstarter preorders started at $27 for a single band. Obviously, you don’t need all three, but they’re easy to swap out so you can match whatever outfit you’re wearing.

$30 Off Orders of $150 or More | Nike | Promo code SPORT30
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Nike is one of the most desirable workout-wear brands, though quality gear often comes at a price. But thanks to a deal Nike’s running through May 12, don’t sweat the cost of a new Nike wardrobe. Now, take $30 off orders of $150 or more with promo code SPORT30, and treat yourself to a new pair of cool sneakers, or just some new athletic apparel to make hitting the gym that much more exciting.

Extra 25% Off Sale Items | Anthropologie
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

The only thing better than wandering through the boho fantasy land that is Anthropologie IRL, is getting sucked into one of their sales online. Right now, everything in the sale section at Anthro, from unique apparel and accessories to creatively designed homewares, is an additional 25% off. To top it off, there’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of this deal; just add to cart, and the discount will be automatically applied. Oh, and by the way, there are currently over 1,600 items under Anthropologie’s sale section. Happy browsing!

Herschel Supply Co. Fourteen Belt Bag | $17 | Nordstrom
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

You might feel like a dad on vacation with this Herschel Supply Co. Fanny Pack, but that’s okay. Fanny packs might be a little unsightly unless you’re going to a retro-themed party, but they are extremely functional. If you don’t want to lug around a big bag and your pockets just won’t cut it, a fanny pack comes in handy. The Herschel Supply Co. Fourteen Belt Bag is currently 30% off at Nordstrom.

Fitbit Alta HR (Large, Black) | $75 | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

It is time to start tracking your steps! If you haven’t gotten a Fitbit yet, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. The popular fitness trackers count steps, monitor your heart rate, track your sleep, and can do so much more, depending on which model you choose. Right now, the Fitbit Alta HR (black, large) is available for an all-time low of $75.


The Alta HR operates with Bluetooth technology and automatically syncs all of your information as you work out/walk/sleep when wearing it. Other colors and sizes of the Alta are also on sale, though not nearly as cheap as the large black wristband.

Chico’s Apparel for Women Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Today only, Amazon is discounting a bunch of women’s Chico’s apparel. Prices start at $18 and go up to $48. And while I can’t say I’m an expert at women’s clothing, I think these look fine? The women wearing these pieces look comfortable.


I dunno, man. I’ve been wearing non-stop black shirts and sweaters for the past 3 months. But, hey, these tops and pants are cheaper today. So, I’m almost certain that’s a positive. 

These prices will only stick around for the day or until sold out.

This Lodge cast iron Dutch oven is just $41 today, an all-time low. If you’ve got a big camping trip coming up, this would be a perfect companion. The large 5 qt. capacity makes it great for cooking stews, boiling water for pasta, and of course, frying chicken. Better still, the lid inverts for use as griddle. If you have a fire pit in the backyard, this would also work really for that.

BlenderBottle Pro Series Shaker Bottle | $10 | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Whether your an avid protein shake drinker or just need to get your daily water intake, a BlenderBottle comes in handy. The bottles come with a leak-proof lid and wire whisk, so your protein powder won’t be a disgusting, chalky mess. Right now, you can get a 32 oz. BlenderBottle Pro Series Bottle in Pebble Gray for $10 (which is $5 off the normal price).

Cuisinart 6-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set | $30 | Best Buy via eBay
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Best Buy’s eBay store is offering a 6-piece stainless steel knife set for just $30, right now. That’s a great deal if you’re moving in to a new place or replacing some old rusted ones you’ve had since college.


This classy looking set includes a chef’s knife, bread knife, slicing knife, santoku knife, paring knife and serrated knife plus a sheath for each.

To be clear, I don’t think these knives will last as long or stay as sharp as our favorite knives. But for the burgeoning home chef or someone on a budget, this is a perfect starting set.

CamelBak Kids Mini M.U.L.E. and CamelBak HydroBak | $37, $35 respectively | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

The family that hydrates together, stays together. Now you can outfit yourself and your outdoorsmen-in-training with CamelBaks, the most efficient, hands-free water bottle in the wild. The CamelBak HydroBak is on sale for $35 in blue on Amazon, while its kids’ counterpart, the CamelBak Kids Mini M.U.L.E., is $37 in five different colors. Get your packs before these prices are hiked up again.

Today’s Best Media Deals

1980s Marvel Comics Sale | Comixology
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

The 1980s produced some of the best and worst events and storylines in Marvel Comic’s storied history. And right now you can save up to 67% off titles from that era through Comixology. Relive The Secret Wars, Dark Phoenix Saga, Daredevil: Born Again, and more for super cheap. Be warned, you only have a few days to take advantage of this sale so act fast.

Bushcraft 101 [Kindle] | $2 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Just in case things go way downhill soon, you might want to download Bushcraft 101 to your Kindle for $2 today. And of course, if you’ve got any of those No Rush Shipping credits floating around in your account, it could be even cheaper.


The New York Times Bestseller carries a 4.5 star Amazon rating from over 1,500 readers, and promises to teach you essential backcountry survival tips “based on the 5Cs of Survivability—cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages.”I don’t know about you guys, but I’m skipping straight to the cordage chapters.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

Resident Evil 2 [PS4] | $39 | Amazon
Resident Evil 2 [Xbox One] | $39 | Amazon
Screenshot: Kotaku

Whether you played the original or not, the recent remake of Resident Evil 2 is worth picking up if you don’t mind feeling terrified. Today on Amazon, it’s marked down to $40 on both PS4 and Xbox One, an all-time low. Just be sure to get the deal before Mr. X grabs it.





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