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A Nike sale at Zappos, the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet, and a discounted deli slicer lead off Wednesday’s best deals from around the web.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

Three Years Private Internet Access | $99 | This Week Only
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Our readers’ favorite VPN recently raised prices for the first time ever, and the company’s best-value (and Kinja Deals-exclusive) three-year plan is going away at the end of the week, so this is your last chance to subscribe at the best per-month price available.

Three year plans aren’t available to the general public at all, but if you click this link, you can get three years for $99, which works out to just $2.75 per month. That’s only $9 more than it was cost to the price hike, and while shorter plan lengths are available, none come close to the per-month pricing of this three-year membership. For example, the publicly available two-year plan costs about $84, and a month-to-month plan will set you back $10 per month.


If you subscribe to the three-year plan today, you’ll be able to continue to renew it at the same price for the life of your subscription, so this is a great chance to lock in a a terrific deal.

Amazon Fire HD 10 | $100 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you want a tablet to basically use as a portable TV (that’s basically what my iPad is at this point), a big screen is important, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal right now than Amazon’s Fire HD 10 for $100 today, a $50 discount.


It’s not as fast as an iPad, it doesn’t have as many apps as a standard Android tablet, but its 1920x1200 IPS display is fantastic at this price, and that’s what matters most. But if you just want to binge on Westworld while you cook dinner, it’s tough to beat an internet-connected 10” screen for this price.

iClever Boostcube 40W 4-Port USB Charger | $16 | Amazon | Clip the 5% coupon and use code OYDN8UOL
Photo: Amazon

When you travel these days, one or two USB charging ports might not be enough. You’ve got to recharge your phone, your tablet, your smart watch, your headphones, your Fitbit, your portable battery. It can be a lot, and no, I don’t have a gadget problem, you have a problem!


Luckily, this four-port, 40W charger from iClever is small enough to slip into any travel bag, and it’s only $16 today after you clip the 5% coupon and add promo code OYDN8UOL. One particularly nice touch? The USB ports emit a subtle blue light so you can easily find them in your hotel room at night.

Nebula Capsule | $260 | Nebula | Promo code KINJANEBULA

Anker, as you probably know by now, makes a lot of products. But I don’t think any of them are as ambitious as the Nebula Capsule, a surprisingly good portable projector shrunk down to the size of a soda can.

At this size, the Capsule is obviously not as bright as a projector you’d permanently mount to your ceiling, and its standard definition resolution won’t dazzle, but it can run for hours on a charge, and has great audio built in, making it ideal for an impromptu outdoor movie night, or even as a replacement for your bedroom TV. I’ve played around with it, and you can see all of my thoughts here.

For a limited time, the Capsule is marked down to $260 on Nebula’s site with promo code KINJANEBULA, down from the usual $300.

Anker Powerhouse 200 | $300 | Amazon | Promo code ANKERPW7
Photo: Amazon

Anker’s newer, smaller Powerhouse 200 portable battery could be perfect for your upcoming spring camping trips, picnics, barbecues, and anything else outdoors, and you can get it for $50 off today with promo code ANKERPW7.

From our coverage of its release on The Inventory:

At six pounds, compared to the original’s nine, I could definitely see packing the Powerhouse 200 for an extended camping trip, something that you couldn’t realistically say about the old model. The tradeoff, though, is that its battery is only half as large, meaning it’ll only power your USB and AC-powered electronics for half as long. Even so, Anker claims it can run a mini-fridge for about four hours, and recharge a MacBook Pro five times over, so we’re still not talking about a small battery here.

The Powerhouse 200 launched at $400 in February, and is currently marked down to $350, making today’s additional $50 promo code discount the best deal we’ve ever seen.

Grenco 4/20 Sale
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The Grenco G Pen Elite was already one of the best ground material vaporizers for the money at its usual $120 according to both Gizmodo and The Wirecutter, but now, you can get it for just $72 right now during the company’s sitewide 4/20 sale, in addition to deep discounts on the company’s other vapes and accessories.


For an absurdly cheap $54, you can also opt for the smaller G Pen Pro, which should perform similarly, but with a smaller chamber capacity and less precise temperature adjustment. Hell, $25 will get you the G Pen Nova, which works with both ground material and concentrates despite being barely thicker than a cigarette. Either way, these deals aren’t available for long, so get in before they go up in a puff of smoke.

From Gizmodo’s review:

“Pleasant” has come to define much of my time with the Grenco G Pen Elite. It charges quickly via USB and has battery life that last for days of regular use. It also feels great in my tiny hands and fits easily in a coat pocket or a purse. The thing that takes it from “perfectly pleasant” to near outstanding is the price. It’s just $170. That’s damn cheap compared to it’s competitors. The Firefly 2 costs $329.95 and the Crafty retails for $339. Sure those products heat via convection instead of roasting a ceramic chamber, they’re much easier to pull on, and the clouds they produce are enough to fishbowl someone sitting with you, but for nearly half the price the Grenco G Pen Elite is a fantastic deal.

Micro-mobility is cool again, if you lend any credence to the overnight appearance of electric scooter fleets on the sidewalks of every major city. But why pay for some silicon valley type’s second yacht via an app when you can just buy your own tiny transportation?

Ninebot’s S hoverboard is essentially a rebranded Segway miniPRO. It’s the same weight, can go the same 10 mph for about 12 miles, and perhaps most importantly, it carries the same UL2272 certification, so you don’t have to worry about it exploding under your feet. The only real difference is that the knee steering bar isn’t adjustable, but that’s easily forgivable when you can ride away on this thing for an all-time low $365.

Just note that this is a Gold Box deal, so don’t let it scoot away.

2-Pack Nylon-Braided 90 Degree Lightning Cables | $9 | Amazon | Promo code CS64FHUT plus $2 clippable coupon

Given how many Lightning cables seem to wear out at the necks, it’s surprising that 90 degree cables aren’t more of a thing. You can grab two nylon braided cables for $11 from Aukey today with a $2 clippable coupon paired with promo code CS64FHUT, which would be a terrific price for two nylon-braided Lightning cables anyway, even without the unique connector.

Perlesmith Full Motion TV Wall Mount | $33 | Amazon | Promo code 2J72I2ZV
Graphic: Amazon

You’ve been thinking about hanging up your TV for years. Now, it’s time to actually hit that buy button and do it. This full-motion mount from Perlesmith can hold essentially any TV from 37"-70", and it’s only $33 today on Amazon with promo code 2J72I2ZV.


At that price, it even comes with all the hardware you need to hang it and a cable management system to help you deal with those unsightly wires.

VAVA USB-C Connectivity Hub | $15 | Amazon | Promo code KINJAVAHUB plus $15 clippable coupon.

Update: The $15 coupon is gone, but promo code KINJAVAHUB will still get you the hub for $30, which is a solid deal.


Turns out, having a laptop with only USB-C ports means you need to carry a dongle with you from time to time. Who knew? Luckily, these $15 hubs from VAVA ($15 clippable coupon + promo code KINJAVAHUB) are designed to perfectly match your MacBook, and turn one USB-C port into an ethernet port, an SD card reader, an HDMI output, and three USB 3.0 ports. There’s even pass-through USB-C charging, so you’re not even really using up one of your precious ports.

Note: Silver model only.

For comparison, the best previous deal we’ve seen on this hub was $27, which itself was pretty noteworthy. These things aren’t cheap! So if you have a USB-C-powered laptop (or even a phone or a tablet), and don’t already own something like this, I’d order it quickly before the deal goes kaput.

Anker 13,400mAh Nintendo Switch USB-C Battery | $50 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

There’s nothing particularly Switch-specific about Anker’s Nintendo Switch-branded battery packs—they’re basically just USB-C Power Delivery battery packs with a Nintendo seal of approval—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good. In fact, the smaller 13,400mAh model is a pretty unique size for a Power Delivery battery pack, and it’s cheaper than ever today on Amazon.

At 22.5W, the USB-C port on this battery pack is a little slower than the 30W port you’d find on some larger batteries, but it should still be fast enough to charge a Switch while you play it in handheld mode, as well as phones, tablets, and even some laptops. It’s also perfectly sized for keeping your stuff charged on a medium-length domestic flight. For comparison, Anker’s flagship 26,800mAh battery pack has power for days, but it takes up a lot of space in your personal item.

The battery has sold for $70 almost exclusively since it came out, but today, you can get it for just $50.

20% Off Select Amazon Warehouse Items | Amazon | Discount shown at checkout
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

If you’re cool with buying used products, it could pay off in a big way. To celebrate Earth Week, Amazon Warehouse is marking down thousands of used items for 20% off their already low prices. The discounts are hitting a ton of different categories, from video game consoles, clothes, headphones, monitors and more.


Chances are we could also use something from this sale. Just a heads up, pay attention to the condition details (stay away from just “good,”) you need to make sure it’s sold by Amazon Warehouse and the discount will be shown at checkout. But don’t wait too long, there’s a limited supply, so if you want something, think Ariana Grande (“I See It, I Like It, I Want It, I Got It, etc.”)

Here’s a few I found interesting:

TaoTronics Bluetooth USB Computer Sound Bar | $33 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA18K plus $5 coupon
Photo: Amazon

Sound bars are usually associated with home theaters, but this miniature, USB-powered one will be right at home on your desk, underneath your computer monitor. It’s only $33 today with promo code KINJA18K plus a $5 clippable coupon on the product page, which is a no brainer if you ever listen to audio through your computer’s terrible built-in speakers.


We’ve seen slightly cheaper versions of this sound bar in the past, but this newer model includes Bluetooth, allowing you to either connect to your computer wisely, or connect your phone as a secondary audio source to play music. Inside, the two 5W drivers won’t exactly blow anyone away, but they’ll still be miles better than whatever’s built into your computer.

Today’s Best Home Deals

Chef’sChoice Deli Slicer | $99 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Let me start off by saying that we accept no responsibility or liability if you chop off the tip of your finger with this deli slicer. I didn’t run that by our lawyers, but I’m pretty sure we’re good.


Okay, with that out of the way, if you’ve got the space for it, $99 is the best price ever on this Chef’sChoice slicer by $69, and while it definitely takes up its fair share of space, you might get more use out of it than you’d expect. In addition to slicing meats as thick as you’d like, you can pull it out to use on cheese, veggies, and even bread. But again, please be careful.

DEWALT Tools & Accessories Sale | Home Depot | Discount Applied in Checkout
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Having tools in your household is pretty important, even if you’re not that savvy at home repairs and construction. At a minimum, a screwdriver and tape measure are always good to have on hand. If you require a lot more tools than the absolute basics, Home Depot is having a huge sale on DEWALT tools and accessories today. You can scoop up savings of up to 45% on some power tools sets.


DEWALT’s 10-Tool Cordless Combo Kit is 40% off through the end of the day. The product retails for $999, so this is one of the best savings in the sale. If you’re not on the market to drop hundreds of dollars at Home Depot, some less expensive DEWALT products are also discounted, like this Maxfit Screwdriving and Drill Bit Set, which is $30. For those who are doing some really heavy duty lifting at home or work, DEWALT’s Axle Men’s Boots are 45% off right now.

Modern Wall Shelf | $19 | Urban Outfitters
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Apartment living can be tough. There is always a limited amount of space, especially if you live in/near a city. If you feel like you don’t have enough room to store books, beloved family photos, and your favorite succulent, fear not. While standard bookshelves can eat up floor space, wall shelves do not. They can easily turn that boring blank wall into a thing of art (and practical use). You can work wall shelves into just about any room, like your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and hell, even your bathroom.

You don’t have to compromise your modern aesthetic either if you were to choose this modern wall shelf from Urban Outfitters. The shelf is currently $10 off on Urban Outfitter’s website. It comes in four colors gray, turquoise, black, and white.

If you’re concerned about allergens such as pollen, mold, or dander, this discounted Coway Air Purifier offers a lot of benefits for not very much money. This HEPA unit is effective at removing contamination from small to medium sized rooms, and right now you can get it for $162, or about $40 less than average.


And if you’re like me and your room is constantly dusty because you live in an old apartment, this air purifier could help with that too.

Thermacell Products Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Ward off pesky mosquitoes with these discounted Thermacell options. Place these portable Thermacell mosquito repellers next to you when you’re outside, or throw in your hiking backpack and they’ll keep away flying insects (most notably, mosquitoes) as far as 15 feet away for up to 12 hours.


You’ve got a few options here, including an invisible one, a lantern-style, and one for the patio. (Oh, and don’t forget the refills.)

Just note that this is a Gold Box, so the prices will only stick around for a day or until it buggers off. So don’t wait, if you plan on being adventurous in the coming months.

Magdalene Floral Headboard | $249 | Urban Outfitters
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Am I the only person who didn’t feel like a real “adult” until I bought a bed with a headboard? There is just something offputting about a solo bed that is pushed up against a wall. It feels too much like we’re still in college, where your bed is in the corner of the room with your nest of blankets after a long study session. I could be alone in this belief, but if you’re also Team Headboard, you know that they don’t exactly come cheap.


Discount shop headboards can be as low as $150, which still isn’t low if you’re adjusting after your college budget. Custom-crafted headboards can run you a whopping $10,000. Thankfully, Urban Outfitters has a real steal on one of their headboards right now. The Magdalene Floral Headboard, which looks like an actual piece of wall art, is $249. That is $80 off the retail price. This is available in two different colors, white and brown, so it could easily fit in with a variety of bedroom color schemes.

Firstleaf Wine Club | Free shipping for your first year (normally $10 per box)
Photo: Kelsey Knight

Firstleaf is an online wine club that learns your preferences, offers tons of great wines from around the world, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store. It’s a solid deal any time, but it’s even better for our readers right now in preparation for Mother’s Day.

Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with six bottles of wine for just $40 with free shipping, and every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping. But if you use this link when you sign up, you’ll get FREE shipping on every box for your entire first year. That’ll save you over $100 if you get a new box every month. At the very least, you should send Mom the trial box for less than $7 per bottle. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove | $10 | Amazon | Clip the 30% coupon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Having a pet makes life more exciting and honestly, I’d say better. But as much as I love my cats, I do not love their fur. I find little fur tufts all around my home every single day. For my cat who is half Maine Coon, standard brushing doesn’t always work out in either of our favors. This best-selling grooming glove from Amazon might just do the trick though!


The Pet Grooming Glove from DELOMO has over 3,800 reviews and 4 stars. It is a gentle alternative to brushing that feels more like your cat or dog is getting a back rub and not having bristles scraped down their fur. Your furry friend might even consider this a spa-like massage! Right now, Amazon Prime users can select a coupon at checkout for an additional 30% off of this grooming glove.

You don’t need to own a guitar if you want to enjoy a Marshall speaker. This model still acts as a throwback to the old days of rock music, but now it works with Bluetooth. So, in theory, you can connect this speaker to your smartphone and play “Baby Shark” if you really wanted to. I won’t judge you for your music tastes. Urban Outfitters is selling the Marshall Stanmore Wireless Speaker in cream for $275, which is $75 off the retail price.


This speaker is more unique than your average Bluetooth compatible model. Aside from the nostalgia factor, you can hook your record player up to this using the RCA input. This will give your music the clearest and most precise sound as possible. The speaker has analog interaction knobs that allow the user to adjust the bass, volume, and treble. This gives you the opportunity to give your music a sound customized to your taste.

If you don’t mind buying a refurbished model, you can also snag this on Amazon for even cheaper. You can buy this speaker in black for $170.

Tacklife HD40 Laser Measure | $21 | Amazon | Promo code UX3FOR8F

Only luddites use tape measures anymore. This laser distance measurer takes instant distance readings of up to 131', and includes several built-in area calculation functions, in case you’re a little rusty on your middle school geometry. And on either side, it even has built-in bubble levels, so you can be sure that you’re lined up accurately before you take any measurements.


Just use promo code UX3FOR8F to get it for $21, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on one of these things.

Foxborough 3-Piece Patio Set | $374 | Target | Coupon Code APRIL
15% off Target Outdoor Living Items | Promo code APRIL
Photo: Target

It doesn’t feel like summer until I get to sit outside on a warm night. Sure, I run the risk of getting 30 mosquito bites, but if I have a good book and there is a nice breeze, it is all worth it. If you’re like me and equate summer with eating watermelon on your patio set, you’re in luck. Target is currently running a sale through Sunday, April 21, 2019, on select outdoor living items, including patio furniture sets. You can get 15% off these outdoor items using the promo code APRIL.


With Target furniture, the pricing can vary pretty drastically between brands. If an item isn’t very expensive, 15% off might not seem like a lot. However, this Foxborough 3-Piece Patio Chat Set is originally $440, but you can snag it for $374, thanks to this sale! Not all wicker chairs are visually appealing, but this set would be a great addition to your backyard aesthetic. It comes in three color options: gray, gray/white, and linen. The accent table is included, but the decorative pillows are not. Don’t stress too much, some outdoor pillows actually fall under this sale umbrella as well, like this Opalhouse Sunshine Lumbar Pillow.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Game of Thrones merchandise sale | ThinkGeek | Use the promo code WINTERISHERE
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Valar morghulis, ThinkGeek is taking 20% off of your purchase of Game of Thrones gear with the code WINTERISHERE. Grab your very own Needle, or the Hound’s helmet, or even the Dragonstone Gate bookends.

Just be warned, what’s dead may never die, but these deals won’t last. So, don’t sit and stare too long (*cough* Bran *cough*).

Nike Sale | Zappos
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Zappos is kicking off spring by discounting over 2,000 items from Nike—and it’s not just shoes. Tons of shorts, tees, sports bras, tanks, and more are on sale, along with loads of sneakers and sandals you’ll need this season. So run over to the retailer to take advantage of this sale now; it will only last through Sunday.

10 Pairs of Select Underwear for $35 | Aerie
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is no such thing as too much underwear. Aerie apparently agrees. Right now, you can choose 10 pairs from a spectrum of select styles, from boybriefs to thongs, for just $35, which, yes, essentially means you’re getting underwear for $3.50 per pair. Pretty good considering they usually go for somewhere between $9 and $12.50 each. The discount should be automatically applied at checkout (plus, the rest of the Aerie collection is 40% off, too), so stock up now.

30% Off Sitewide, Plus an Extra 10% Off | Perry Ellis | Promo code AFFILIATE10 (use code FREESHIPPING for free shipping)
Image: Perry Ellis

Guys, it’s time to stock up on new styles for spring from Perry Ellis’ Friends & Family Sale event. Right now, everything on their site—from suits to casuals tees and pants—are 30% off, and you can snag an extra 10% off with promo code AFFILIATE10 for a total of 40% off savings. Don’t forget to throw in code FREESHIPPING to snag free shipping (the codes should stack). You look more stylish already.

No7 Ulta Sale | 30% Off Applied at Checkout
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Now that Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty sale is over, you probably haven’t been scouring for deals on their website. But just because that sale is finished, that does not mean that the discounts from Ulta have vanished. Right now, if you’re looking to up your skincare regimen, you’re going to want to check out the sale on No7 products.


You can buy a variety of No7 skin care products for 30% off. The No7 Lift & Luminate Serum is $14 right now and is the perfect product to combat pesky dark spots. Did you know how important it is to hydrate all of your skin, not just your face? The neck is always forgotten about, but No7's Restore & Renew Serum should help you from slacking on neck moisturization. shoppers can get an additional bonus when shopping online. If you spend $40 on No7 products, you will get a Deluxe Booster Serum for free, and Ulta has free shipping on all orders over $50.

Extra 30% Off Sale | Converse | Promo code SPRING30
Image: Converse

There’s never been a better time to upgrade that old pair of Chucks. Converse is taking an extra 30% off sale items with promo code SPRING30, so get brand new pair of classic sneakers and then proceed to wear them out until they’re literally falling apart at the seams, as one does. This sale will only last through Friday, so be sure to tie up the deal before it walks out for good.

40% Off All Purchases | LOFT | Promo code FRIENDS
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

LOFT wants to revamp your spring wardrobe via their Friends & Family sale, with 40% off your entire purchase using promo code FRIENDS. All your wear-to-work essentials are up for grabs, including sweaters, blouses, and pants, plus a slew of accessories and jewelry. Thousands of items are included in the promotion, so outfit yourself in a bunch of new stuff now.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is one of the most popular mechanical gaming keyboards out there, and you can pick one up for $50 today, which is the best price Amazon’s ever listed. For that price, you’re getting five lighting options, genuine (and extremely loud) Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches rated to 80,000,000 keystrokes, and fully programmable keys.

CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset | $70 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Right now, Corsair’s Void PRO wireless gaming headset will cost just $70. This is the best price we’ve seen on this particular unit since the holidays.

This 7.1 surround sound model can last up to 16 hours on a single charge and has a working distance of about 40 feet. It connects via USB and is designed for use on PC.


It often hovers around $80-$100 normally, so this is a solid bargain on a very capable wireless gaming headset.

Wolfenstein II [Switch] | $30 | Amazon
Screenshot: Kotaku

Wolfenstein II is a depressingly relevant game at this moment in history, but it’s also a fun as hell run-and-gun shooter, as Wolfenstein games should be. If you want to take it with you on the go, the Switch version is down to an all-time low $30 on Amazon right now.

I’ve been playing this on my Switch over the last few weeks, and while the graphics definitely take a hit compared to an Xbox One or PS4, the frame rate holds up well, and all of the cutscenes are pre-rendered, so they still look great.





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12.9" iPad Pro (64GB-512GB) | $850-$1150 | Amazon
11" iPad Pro (64GB - 512GB) | $675-$950 | Amazon
9.7" iPad | $280-$355 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Whether you require the raw power, advanced screen, and superior camera, and USB-C connectivity of the latest and greatest iPad Pros, or if the standard 9.7 iPad can fulfill your tablet needs, Amazon’s offering all of Apple’s latest tablets for some of the best prices we’ve seen.


Depending on capacity and color, the mammoth 12.9" iPad Pro is $150-$1200 off, the 11" Pro is $125-$200 off, and the 32GB standard iPad is $50-$75 off, though in its case, we’ve seen better deals in the past. If you need help deciding which one’s right for you, Apple has a handy comparison chart here.