If you aren’t wholly satisfied with your current mop or vacuum, we’ve spotted four separate deals that can keep your floors spotless, with minimal effort.

First, let’s talk about steam mops. When it comes to cleaning hard floors, you’ve basically got three options to choose from, if you don’t want to get down on your hands and knees:

  • A regular old mop, which can leave your floors wet for hours.
  • A Swiffer WetJet, or any similar product that uses chemical spray that can leave a residue and disposable (i.e. expensive) cleaning pads.
  • A steam mop, which cleans using regular old water that dries within seconds.

Shark is the hottest name in steam, and Amazon’s marked their basic Steam Pocket Mop down to $44, the best price we’ve ever seen. I own this thing, and absolutely love it.


Update: The Shark Pocket Mop is sold out at $44, but the Blast & Scrub deal for $60 is still available.

For bigger messes, you can also opt for the Shark Blast & Scrub, which can fire concentrated bursts of steam to break up grime on your floors. It normally sells for around $100, but you can pick it up for $60 today from Best Buy’s eBay store.

Of course, you need a vacuum cleaner as well, and if your current model still uses a cord, I’d say it’s officially time to embrace the battery-powered future. The highly maneuverable Hoover Linx features an 18-volt battery, a motorized brush that you can turn on and off, and an easy-to-empty receptacle. It normally retails for $130-$160, but today, you can grab one for $99 as part of Amazon’s Gold Box. I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold out early.

And finally, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, Anker’s RoboVac robotic vacuum is currently on sale for just $200. It was $10 less last week during a Gold Box deal, but otherwise, this is the best price we’ve seen. My parents just got one, and they’ve been really impressed.

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