PrivĂ© Revaux sunglasses and ugly holiday sweaters on Amazon, Real Techniques brushes at Target, H&M’s huge sale, and more lead Tuesday’s best lifestyle deals.

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Beauty Steals

Good makeup brushes don’t need to be more expensive that the makeup you’re using them for. Real Techniques makes some really great quality brushes and sponges, and Target has a bunch of them on sale. Pick up a full set of face brushes, sponges, or eyeshadow tools for 1/3 of what they normally cost, and way less than those expensive brushes you definitely don’t need.

December Beauty Box | $7 | Target

The Target Beauty Box comes out once a month and usually sells out quicker than you’d like. If you hurry, you can pick up six samples of some really impressive beauty goods for only $7. Plus, this month’s includes a coupong for $3 off your next $15+ order.

This month’s includes:

The Big Sales

Ah, ugly holiday sweaters. A tradition that never ceases to outdo itself. If you have one (or more) of these parties coming up, Amazon has a Gold Box full of some really great options. Truly, these are the pinnacle of ironic ugliness and they’re on sale, today only.

If you missed out on our exclusive PrivĂ© Revaux discount last month, here’s another chance to pick from over 50 different frames for just $20 each in today’s Gold Box, because you need sunglasses year ‘round. This price is for today only, so don’t let the sun set on your new pair.

Note: Some pairs have colors not included in the sale.

H&M’s fast-fashion is even faster and cheaper, with their huge sale going on right now. Get up to 60% off women’s, men’s, kids, and home goods, starting at just $5. It’s silly not to at least take a look.


Because H&M does tend to be on the buy now, throw out later track of fashion, look for the premium pieces, rather than the lower end ones. Go against your entire nature and change the drop down to show Price: Highest to Lowest. Trust me on this on. Basically everything is going to be under $100 anyway, but you’ll score suede or leather pieces at ungodly low prices.

HUDSON Jeans sale | Nordstrom Rack

Everyone needs jeans and Nordstrom Rack has a bunch of designer denim at non-designer prices. Pick up some HUDSON Jeans for under $100, which seems crazy, but these will last and look great at the same time.

Extra 30% off sale items | Urban Outfitters

Usually, Urban Outfitters’ sales are category specific, but for Black Friday, they’re going discounts on discounts. If there’s anything you’ve been eyeing, Urban is giving you an extra 30% off their entire sale section. Outerwear, denim, dresses, accessories, basically everything is an extra 30% off, no code needed.

Lou & Grey used to be a humble section of Ann Taylor that has now exploded into its own great brand. I’ve written about how much I love the brand, and right now they’re giving you 40% off select items, including sweaters and cozy pants.

The winter temperatures are ramping up, which means you’ll be spending less time deciding what to wear in the morning and more time piling sweaters on. ASOS wants to make that layering configuration even more stylish with 30% off winter styles, including outerwear, over-the-knee boots, velvet, and more.

Kate Spade sale at Nordstrom Rack

I wonder if Nordstrom Rack had some insider info on Kate Spade when they launched this sale, because there are literally three pages of bags, two pages of clothes, two pages of accessories, and a whole lot of shoes. These Kate Spade prices may not be feasible in the coming months now that Big Daddy Coach owns them, but for right now, this isn’t a sale to pass up.

Hiking can be fun, really, but only if you have the proper gear (which, a lot of times, no one has unless you’re really into hiking). These Ridgepass boots from Merrell are unoffensive, fully waterproof with removable footbeds, and they’re all 50% off. A quality hiking boot for under $65? Yeah, you’re welcome.

HOME Goods

NerdChef Steel Pizza Stones | $72-$99 | Amazon | 10% off with code BAKEMODO

Pizza stones help you quickly achieve crispier crusts (or crispier anything) in the oven, and the best one you can buy has a rare discount today, just for our readers.

Crispier crusts in half the time

While most stones are made of ceramic, NerdChefs are basically just solid 1/4" - 1/2" slabs of food-grade stainless steel. That means they’re heavy as hell (16-32 pounds), and absorb heat like a sponge to achieve crispy crust nirvana in half the time of a traditional pizza stone. As Shane notes over on Gear, you can even just leave one of these things in your oven to act as a heatsink to regulate its temperature.

By virtue of their weight, NerdChefs are expensive to ship, and basically never go on sale, but our readers can save 10% today on any of the three models with promo code BAKEMODO, plus free Amazon shipping. If you have anyone on your holiday shopping list that likes to cook pizza at home, this will be the best gift they receive this year.

60% off Cards | Amazon | Use code SEASONGREETINGS60

The count down has begun. If you plan on sending out holiday cards, you have less than three weeks left before Christmas. Amazon is helping you out by offering 60% off cards with code SEASONGREETINGS60.


Although this deal is set up to benefit holiday-card senders, anyone who plans ahead can take advantage since their entire selection (not just holiday cards) are eligible for the discount. So if you know of any event in the future that you might to need order cards for like, baby shower invites, thanks you cards, or save the dates, stock up now. They have pre-made templates to select from or you can upload your own design. This deal lasts through December 10th.

Tacklife Electric Arc Lighter | $12 | Amazon | Promo code C2YFTPRG
Power Practical Sparkr Mini Arc Lighter | $24 | Amazon

It’s 2017, and your lighter doesn’t need fuel anymore, it just needs to recharge over USB. This flexible neck model is just $12 with code C2YFTPRG, is perfectly designed for lighting candles, and can spark 400 times on a charge from its 220mAh battery.

And if you missed it over the weekend, the pocketable Sparkr Mini (which includes a built-in flashlight) is still on sale for $24, down from its usual $30.

So what’s so great about these? Compared to regular lighters, there are three main advantages.

  1. Fuel - This lighter doesn’t need fuel; you recharge it over USB. How cool is that?
  2. Wind - Since it’s using tiny electrical coils to create heat rather than an open flame, it can’t be blown out.
  3. Orientation - You can use a plasma lighter upside down without burning your fingers, which makes lighting candles a lot easier.

Bonus, #4 - they’re cool as hell. Nobody denies this.

Slice into this deal on a well-reviewed 18-piece knife set from Chicago Cutlery. Normally priced at around $95, today’s $76 price tag is the lowest it’s been in months. Plus, it has a very impressive 4.4-star rating with 1,700 reviews, so chop, chop!

Eufy Lumi 3-Pack Motion-Sensing Night Lights | $11 | Amazon | Promo code NIGHT999

Anker makes night lights, and they don’t even have to be plugged into a wall. You just stick them anywhere, they turn on when it’s dark enough and they detect motion, and you can get three of them for $11 today with promo code NIGHT999.

Just note that they run for up to a year on three AAA batteries each (not included), so you’ll want to pick up some rechargeables.

It doesn’t include the latest season, but $70 is an all-time low price for the seasons 1-6 box set of Game of Thrones. At less than $12 per season, you won’t need to take out a loan from the Iron Bank of Braavos to afford this.

If you need a luggage upgrade before heading home for the holidays, a couple of Amazon’s new AmazonBasics spinner suitcases are on sale right now.


This $41 softside carry-on is within a few cents of its best price ever, and at 21", it should fit comfortably in almost any overhead bin. If you’re checking a bag, their 24" hardside spinner is down to an all-time low $52 as well. These are still fairly new products, but their early reviews are great.

If excessive noise (or utter silence) makes it difficult for you to doze off, this feature-packed white noise machine might be the key to a better night’s sleep.


LectroFan can pump out 10 white noise sounds and 10 fan sounds, all of which are generated dynamically, without any jarring looping. Today’s $35 price tag is an all-time low, and $25 less than usual, but it’s only available today as part of an Amazon Gold Box deal.


Zolo by Anker Liberty Wireless Headphones | $80 | Amazon | Clip the 20% coupon

Update: Back in stock for $80, no coupon clipping required.

Anker’s first set of truly wireless earbuds is finally here (under its new ZOLO audio umbrella), and you can get them for half the price of AirPods today with a 20% clippable coupon.


The ZOLO Liberties run for 3.5 hours on a single charge, but include a charging case that packs an extra 24 hours of listening time. You also get on-board buttons for audio control, one-tap access to your phone’s virtual assistant, and unlike AirPods, a bunch of different tips to customize your fit.

2-Pack Amazon Echo Shows | $310 | Amazon | Add two to cart. Also add TP-Link Smart Plugs to your order for $5 each.

Amazon has long offered a buy two, save $100 offer on the touchscreen-enabled Echo Show, but they just bumped that up to $150, if you want to buy a couple for the holidays. That brings the effective price of each down to $155, easily besting Amazon’s $180 Black Friday offer, as long as you’re willing to buy two. All you have to do is add two to your cart, and you’ll see the discount automatically.

While you’re at it, toss a couple TP-Link Smart Plugs into your cart to get them for $5 each.

There are still deals running on the audio-only Echo and Echo Dot as well, so don’t miss those.

If you missed your chance over the holiday weekend, Amazon’s once again marked the brand new Echo down to $80, an all-time low. The same $20 discount also applies to its high-end wood finishes, but personally, I think the fabric options look great.

You can also bundle it with a four-bulb Philips Hue starter kit for $250, which effectively acts as a $30 discount on the Hue kit. That’s not as good a deal as we saw on Black Friday, but it’s not bad if you missed out.

And don’t forget, you can still add a TP-Link Smart Plug for $5 to any Echo order, meaning you could get both items for just $85 right now. You’ll have to go to this page to see all of the color options.

You can also save on Echo Shows today, and the Echo Dot is still on sale for $30, if you missed it earlier in the week.