If your PlayStation Plus membership is set to lapse soon, or (gasp) if you’ve never bought it before, you can save $10 on a year’s subscription today. If you own a Sony game console, this is a no-brainer. [PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership, $40]

Xbox owners can also grab a year of Gold for $39 today as well. Gold discounts are more common than PlayStation Plus deals, but this is still a good price if you need to re-up. [Xbox Live Gold, $39]

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Knock a few indie games off your to-do list this weekend with a great sale from GOG. You can choose from 20 popular indie games for 70% off, including Gone Home for $6, Botanicula for $3, and The Real Texas for $4.50. [ GOG.com has 20 Indie Games On Sale]

PlayStation owners can stock up on new games this weekend with Sony’s weekend flash sale. Head over to PSN to see the full list. [ PlayStation Network]


While you’re at it, pick up another year of PlayStation Plus for $40, while you still can.

If you somehow still haven’t played TellTale’s Walking Dead adventure, both seasons and the mid-season 400 Days DLC are all deeply discounted today on Green Man Gaming.

The same code will work on these games as well:

Fans of strategy games can pick up Frozen Synapse Prime, Skulls of the Shogun, Endless Space, and more from Humble’s latest weekly bundle. As always, you can name your own price, and a portion goes to charity, but certain games are locked behind specific price tiers. [Humble Strategy Bundle 2]

If you’ve enjoyed TellTale’s popular Walking Dead and Game of Thrones games, you might want to give The Wolf Among Us a look, especially at this price.

Amazon’s running another one of their signature Android app giveaways, highlighted this time around by the likes of Plants vs. Zombies, Wolfram|Alpha, Runtastic PRO, and Osmos HD. If you own an Android device, take a minute to check out the full list and download anything you might want before the deal ends. [Amazon Appstore]

The deal that just didn’t want to stay in stock is back, at least for now. These Velcro cable ties are one of the most popular items we’ve ever listed, and at $6 for a 100-pack, it’s easy to see why.


If the back of your home theater or your desk is a rat king of tangled wires, this is one of the easiest and most economical ways of wrangling them. The issue is that whenever we see them in stock at this price, they sell out within hours, so grab a pack while you can. [100 Velcro Cable Ties, $6]

Grave of the Fireflies is among the best anime and best war movies ever made. Powerful and essential. Get the Blu-ray today for $10. [Grave of the Fireflies, $10]


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