Humble's latest weekly bundle includes several PC-reincarnations of popular board games, but this time there's a special twist. If you pay $32 or more, you'll also get an honest-to-goodness meatspace box sent to you in the mail. Inside the felt-lined (for dice rolls!) box, you'll find limited edition Humble dice, a Humble deck of cards, "Robber" and "Drifter" humble Meeples, and four metal Monopoly tokens representing popular indie games. That's just too cool. [Humble Tabletop Bundle]

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It's Nintendo's turn to have a Spring Sale! Inside, you'll find a ton of discounts on Wii U and 3DS titles, including a few first party deals like Captain Toad for $28 and Mario Kart 7 for $21. [Nintendo eShop Spring Sale]

Not only does the PS Vita come with a $30 discount today, it also ships with a copy of Borderlands 2. Can't beat that. [PS Vita Borderlands Bundle, $170]

In case you missed it yesterday, you can whet your appetite for Mortal Kombat X with 2013's Mortal Kombat Komplete, just $5 today. [Mortal Kombat Komplete, $5]

If your Minecraft creations never und up looking like the marvelous castles from your favorite YouTube videos, Mojang's official handbooks can help. Plus, they'll look great on your shelf.

Switching to an SSD is the best upgrade you can make for your computer, and the Samsung 850 EVO is the best SSD for most people. The spacious 500GB model is down to $180 today on eBay, with no sales tax for most. That's a match for the best price we've ever seen. [Samsung 850 EVO 500GB, $180]

Telltale's Game of Thrones adventure is halfway through its first season, but Android owners can get the first episode for free today through the Amazon Appstore. It's definitely worth your time!

Update: iOS owners can get it free through IGN as well.

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