If you need to catch up on The Witcher series before Wild Hunt comes out, GameStop is practically giving away the first two games on PC right now.

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We’ve uncovered yet another awesome Xbox One deal today. $350 at Target gets you the Xbox One Master Chief bundle, along with a bonus $50 Target gift card. Plus, if you have a Target REDcard, your price will only be $333. [Xbox One Halo MCC Bundle, $350 plus $50 gift card]

Depending on the games you want, Amazon’s Assassin’s Creed bundle with 12 months of Gold and NBA 2K15 might still be a better deal, but you can’t go wrong either way.

Newegg has great listed prices on a pair of Radeon R9 graphics cards today, and bonus rebates available to sweeten the deals even further.

Whether you need a little bit of extra space, or a lot, you can get a great price on Seagate’s new line of Expansion drives.

Alien Isolation was one of the best games of 2014, and almost certainly the scariest. If you still haven’t escaped the Sevastopol, it’s down to a new record low price today on PC. Just keep the lights on. [Alien Isolation, $12]


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