A discounted Xbox Live Gold membership, athleticwear on Amazon, a Hoover SteamVac, and more lead Thursday’s best deals.

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Top Deals

Update: Sold out.

Xbox Live Gold is basically a requisite add-on for your new Xbox One, but don’t get suckered into paying the full $60. While supplies last, here’s an entire year for $45.

Need an extra controller for your Xbox One? eBay has one for only $30 right now if you hurry. Just a head’s up: it’s the old model, but for $30, it’s totally worth it to have an extra controller hanging around.

PS4 Pro, $370

PS4 Pro deals have been few and far between, Black Friday notwithstanding, but right now, you can pick up a 1TB PS4 Pro for $370.

Athleisure is an mystery to a lot of people, but in my opinion, it’s really just an excuse to not wear real pants. So today only, Amazon is marking down athleisure styles, with some actual workout clothes mixed in, from brands like Adidas, PUMA, Lacoste, and more.

Here are a few things to mull over, but head over to Amazon to see everything.

If you’ve never steam-cleaned a carpet, get ready for an eyeopening experience when you see just how much crap a person can track into a home. At $74 (its best price ever), this discounted Hoover SteamVac is perfect for keeping your carpets actually clean as opposed to just looking clean. This being a Gold Box though, this price will get sucked up for good at the end of the day.

Eneloops are the best rechargeable batteries, and since you can never have enough of them, here are eight AAs for $18, the best price ever.

eBay Flash Sale: Promo code CJANUARY15OFF

From now until 8PM PT (11PM ET), eBay is taking $15 off any $75 order (with a few exclusions) when you check out with Paypal and use code CJANUARY15OFF at checkout. This time around, it doesn’t include gift cards but there are tons of awesome options, like say, a new Ps4 Pro?

Expand your skin care regimen and get $5 back from Target. Pick up three select Neutrogena products and get a $5 Target gift card. I swear by the Hydro Boost Water Gel with SPF and the fragrance-free makeup remover towelettes. Stock up on one of the best drugstore skin care brands out there.

Uniqlo HEATTECH is probably one of the best, and most affordable, technologies for staying warm out right now. Usually, you think of their t-shirts and layering pieces, but they also put that tech into gloves. And right now, their HEATTECH gloves are only $4.

These microfiber mitts are great for washing your car or dusting around the house, but they could also come in handy on Halloween for terrifying children as you hand out candy. They’re worth $7 either way, in my opinion.

When it comes to having a corner on the market, nothing really compares to Nike. And right now, they’re having a flash sale on both men’s and women’s styles. Check out a bunch of items, from sneakers to running gear, to sweatpants, and hop on that sportswear bandwagon.

Gonex 80L Duffle Bag, $17 with code ULWMGJ8R

A big-ass duffle bag is something everyone should keep handy, and you can get one for $17 today in the color of your choice. Just be sure to use promo code ULWMGJ8R at checkout.

Or, grab a more reasonably sized one for $15 with the code V77R85VZ:

If you’re one of those people that only decides to clean out the fridge when something smells (check the vegetable drawer. It’s always that bag of lettuce you forgot about), maybe you should invest in these storage bins. Pick up a set of 6 for only $31.

Looking into corporate authoritarianism hasn’t been this relevant since the ‘90s. Pick up a ebook copy of Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America for only $2 and really go for it when it comes to understanding our slow creep into despotism.

If you haven’t replaced your metal spring mattress with a giant block of foam that you bought on the internet, what are you even doing with your life? Today only, Amazon is marking down the PuraSleep SynerGel Luxury Cool Comfort Memory Foam Mattress. Grab a full for $400, a queen for $450, or a king (or California king) for $500.

It’s a pretty good idea to keep a couple extra pairs of cheap Bluetooth headphones around, just in case. Grab a pair of Aukey ones for only $8 with the code 6MHX7EOV, in either blue or black.

Right now, Amazon is knocking off $18 from their Fire Essentials Bundle, which includes the tablet, a cover, and screen protector. Use the code FIREBUNDLE at checkout and grab the 8GB bundle for $50 or the 16GB bundle for $70.

Amazon added 50+ new Dash buttons to their lineup this morning, and while you probably don’t need most of them (except the Brownie Brittle one, you definitely need that), there may be a few in there that could come in handy around your house. The buttons still cost $5 each, but as an added incentive, you’ll get that $5 back in the form of an Amazon credit when you press it for the first time.


Hook up a Dash button for basically anything you need now. Here are a few standouts:

Waterpik is an easier (and they would argue more effective) way to “floss” between your teeth, and Amazon is taking 15% off select Waterpik products. Just remember to clip the coupon, and note that the discount isn’t shown until checkout.

The Amopé is an electric foot file that literally files down the gross calluses on your feet until they slightly resemble that of a modern human. Clip the coupon and get your foot shaver for $10 off, bringing it down to its best price ever. Pick one up in either blue or pink and start taking better care of your treads.

Grabbing a new cooler while you look forward to the warmer weather is a great way to spend your day. Pick up your choice of RTIC coolers, 20 qt, 45 qt, or 65 qt, for the best price they’ve ever been.

Without any wiring to futz with, this solar-powered, motion-sensing spotlight is the easiest way to illuminate your front porch or lawn, and you can get one for $10 today, more than half its usual price, and an all-time low.

AUKEY Power Strip with 4 USB Ports, $16 with code 3VKGEHIQ

Nobody ever has enough power outlets or USB charging ports around their house, and this Aukey surge protector can solve both problems at once.

Anker’s marking down a select batch of products this month only. Grab a Powerline+ USB-C cable or a 6-port Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger and get 25% off when you use the promo codes listed below.

What’s better than one set of string lights for $5? Two sets of string lights for $5. Use the code BP526S4Y and get two strands of copper string lights, in any color. Now that’s a bright deal (sorry).

There’s not much to say about this, as it’s pretty self-explanatory. This bag is filled with everything good about MARS chocolate candies...and 3 Musketeers.

If you’re gonna eat boxed mac & cheese, Annie’s Homegrown is the way to go. The Classic is fantastic but I highly recommend the White Cheddar. Stock up on boxes (and cups) of the good stuff, plus their oddly-addictive fruit snacks and Cheddar Bunnies, for 20% off when you clip the coupon. Don’t forget, you’ll save more if you do Subscribe & Save too (you can always cancel).

MaidMAX Hanging Closet Organizer, $9 with code 9FWTE4AZ

If your closet doesn’t have quite enough shelf space, this $9 item from MaidMAX hangs from your closet bar via two velcro straps, and gives you five shelves to store shoes, socks, underwear, towels, and more. Just use code 9FWTE4AZ at checkout to get the discount.

You can never have enough cotton swabs around the house, so why not stock up? Get a 4-pack of 500 Q-tips for only $9 when you clip the coupon and sign up for Subscribe & Save. But please, for the love of God, do not stick them in your ears, even if it feels good.

If you’re still wrestling with a terrible inkjet printer at home, do yourself a solid and pick up the reliable Brother HL-2380DW monochrome laser printer today for just $100 today.

While it doesn’t print in color, it more than makes up for that with the ability to spit out 32 pages per minute, duplex printing, and inexpensive toner cartridges that can last for years without being replaced. We’ve posted a lot of Brother deals in the past, and we’ve heard nothing but good things from readers about them. Plus, this particular model has a sterling 4.4 star review average on Amazon, a built-in scanner, and AirPrint and Google Cloud Print support, so it should serve you well for years.

Aukey Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger, $9 with code OHBVOTE9

Most Quick Charge 3.0 car chargers include one QC port, and then one or more standard charging ports. That might not seem like that big a deal on its face, but if you keep cables plugged into both ports at all times, it can be tough to tell at a glance which one will give you the fastest charging speed during your commute. With this $9 charger from Aukey though, that won’t be an issue.

If dry winter air is wreaking havoc on your sinuses, you can fight back with 20% off Vicks humidifiers, courtesy of Amazon.


Inside, you’ll find three different countertop humidifiers (some in multiple colors) starting at $26 after the coupon is applied. Just note that you won’t see the final price until checkout.

Raising a kid is expensive enough as it is, but Amazon’s throwing parents a lifeline with an extra 30% off Plum Organics baby and toddler food. Over 20 varieties are available, but just note that you won’t see the final price until checkout. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, do your parent friends a solid and send this deal along.

This discounted flash drive doesn’t look like anything special at first blush, but hit one button, and it transforms into tiny wireless media server, allowing you to pull up files on any of your devices, including phones and tablets.


That means next time you travel, you can stream movies to your tablet or store photos from your phone without filling up your device’s precious onboard storage. Today’s $30 price tag is a match for the 64GB model’s all-time low.

While supplies last (which, if history is any indication, won’t be long), you can get a 17 cup and 2.5 cup RubberMaid FreshWorks container for $17. We saw a few lower prices around Black Friday last year, but this set usually sells for $20.

Last year, these became one of the fastest products to ever reach our Bestseller pantheon, and we’ve heard nothing but good things from our readers.