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Target's taking $15 off the brand new Roku 3 today. That's the first deal we've seen on the new voice-controllable box, and I'd imagine it's the best deal we'll see for quite some time. Just note that the discount shows up in your cart. [New Roku 3, $85]

Every modem rental fee you pay to your ISP is padding for their bottom line, and a total rip-off for you. Fortunately, you can buy your own modem for a relatively small upfront cost, and knock a few bucks off your monthly bill.

There's a general consensus that Motorola's SB6141 is the best modem for most cable internet subscribers, but it usually runs in the $80-$90 range. Today only though, you can score a refurb from Woot for $58 shipped. It'll pay for itself eventually no matter what it costs, but this is a rare opportunity to save a decent chunk of change on this particular model. [Refurb Motorola Surfboard SB6141 Modem, $58]

If your phone can charge wirelessly with the Qi standard, you can stock up on highly-rated charging pads for $20 each today. These are actually thin enough that with a little elbow grease, you could probably even build them into some furniture. [RAVPower Wireless Qi Charging Pad, $20 with code JKSIH4QR]

It's not nearly as sexy or well-known as the Moto 360, but the Sony SmartWatch 3 might just be the best Android Wear watch on the market right now.

The experience of using it is going to be pretty similar to other Android Wear watches, but with three key differentiators:

  1. It's slightly more waterproof than most other smart watches
  2. Its transflective screen allows you to read it in bright sunlight without cranking up the backlight
  3. Built-in GPS makes it a capable fitness tracker without needing to carry your phone

If those sound appealing (and they should!), you can grab one for just $170 right now. [Sony SmartWatch 3, $170]

Update: Code seems to have expired

If you've already decided to pick up an Apple Watch, you'll want a charging dock worthy of your $350-$17,000 purchase. This slick aluminum stand holds the Watch's inductive charger, and elevates the watch on your night stand or desk while it powers up. It won't be available until next month, but you can save 50% if you order now. [Spigen Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand, $10 with code SKDEAL50]

Note: Ignore that stupid looking case on the watch in the photo. You don't need it to use this stand.

Before you work yourselves into a froth and unleash fury upon me in the comments, let me make one thing clear: I don't recommend cooking bacon in the microwave. An oven will be better, or a skillet, or hell, even a waffle iron. That being said, some mornings you just want some damn bacon, and you don't have time to cook it properly.


The Presto PowerCrisp can nuke up to 10 strips at once, and its design allows the grease to drain off, ostensibly leaving you with something resembling crispiness. It's only $10 right now, and has a shockingly great review average, so it might be worth trying out. [Presto PowerCrisp Microwave Bacon Cooker, $10]

If you've been waiting for a deal on the GoPro Hero4 Black, $100 off is about as good as you're going to do. The Hero4 Black can shoot 4K at 30FPS, and is pretty much indisputably the best action camera money can buy. [GoPro Hero4 Black, $400]

We've seen a fair number of these Bluetooth handsfree car kits, but even by Kinja Deals standards, $15 is really cheap. It even comes with a 3-port car charger, so you'll have two extra ports to charge phones. [SoundBot SB360 Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit w/ 10W Dual Port 2.1A USB Charger + Magnetic Mounts, $15]

Just note that your car will need an AUX jack for this to work. If your car is really old, and you wanted to get hacky, you could plug the adapter into a cassette tape adapter to achieve the same effect.

It's time for April showers, which means it's time to freshen up your wiper blades, and Amazon will sell you a pair of Anco Transforms for $22, which is a great price for two. Just pick the ones you need using Amazon's car part finder tool, and your discount will show up at checkout automatically.


Once you have your receipt though, you might be able to mail or upload it to Anco for a $10 rebate, bringing the total cost of two blades down to $12. The fine print of the rebate says it's not valid with any other promotions, but sometimes that's just legalese that they don't really enforce. I bought a pair and submitted for the rebate, and will update this post once they accept or reject it. If it works, it'll be by far the best deal we've ever seen on wiper blades, but if it doesn't, $22 is still a great deal. [Two Anco Wiper Blades, $22. Plus $10 YMMV Mail-In Rebate]

Update: My rebate was accepted as valid! That doesn't mean yours definitely will, but it's a great sign.

If a kitchen remodel is on your 2015 to-do list, or if you just want a nice upgrade for your sink, Amazon's offering terrific one-day prices on select Moen kitchen faucets featuring MotionSense. They still come with traditional handles, but the ability to turn on the water by waving your hand is really appealing when you've been handling raw food. Just remember that this is a Gold Box deal, meaning the prices are only available today, or until sold out. [Moen Faucet Sale]

It's not quite clear if this is a temporary deal or a permanent price drop, but Philips Hue Lux bulbs are going for $20 right now, down from $30. Like the color-changing Hue bulbs that preceded them, these smart lights are packed with features and possibilities, though this time around you only get standard white light.

But you can still turn it on or off remotely, set rules and timers, or even tie it to IFTTT recipes, which opens up a world of possibilities. Note that you will need some kind of hub to control these things; either a Wink, a Zigbee, or Philips's own Hue bridge. [Philips Hue Lux A19 Bulb, $20]

If you need some fresh reading material, the Park Service trilogy seems awfully interesting:

In the distant future, a pristine Earth is protected by a worldwide park service. But there's one problem: no humans allowed. The Park Service trilogy follow's a fifteen-year old boy on his quest to uncover who's behind the mysterious park service and free his enslaved people.

The books have great reviews too, and all three are only $1 on Kindle today. [ Today Only - Kindle Books in the Popular Park Service Trilogy are Just $1 Each at Amazon]

If you've played Settlers of Catan, and maybe even Carcassonne, Agricola should be the next German-style board game you add to your collection. It's not a huge discount, but $36 is the lowest price Amazon's ever listed, so grab it before your next game night. [ Agricola, $36]

We see this sale from time to time, but it bears mentioning if you've missed out in the past. Outside of Black Friday sales, this is the best Wii U deal we've seen. No tax for most. [Wii U Deluxe Bundle with Mario 3D World and Nintendoland, $260]

There's not much to say about this knife-hiding key other than that it looks awesome, and only costs $8. Just don't forget to leave it at home before you head to the airport. [ SOG Specialty Knives & Tools KEY-101 Key Knife, $8]

It's a simple law of physics that no matter how many USB ports you have, you always need at least one more. These travel-friendly hubs will solve that problem for you, and one even comes with an ethernet jack that's perfect for ultrathin laptops that lack them.

If you have any old hard drives or SSDs lying around, don't let them go to waste; pop them into this cheap enclosure and turn them into external storage. We've seen a few similar products go a few bucks cheaper than this, but I love that this one doesn't require any tools. [Inateck 2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Tool-Free HDD/SSD Enclosure, $14 with code Z77BR3K4]

We've got ourselves another Timbuk2 deal! This time around, you can get the Timbuk2 Especial Claro cycling bag for $50 (which is a great price on its own), plus take home a FREE Timbuk2 laptop sleeve to boot. Once you add the cycling bag to your cart, the sleeve will be added automatically. [Timbuk 2 Especial Claro + Laptop Sleeve, $50]

It might not be mission-critical equipment for your home, but a good label maker is a nice gadget to keep around, and Amazon's top seller is only $10 today.

If you remember the old label makers that literally pressed the letters into a piece of tape, this is a bit more advanced than what you're picturing. The Dymo LabelManager 160 can print in eight fonts at six sizes, along with clipart and special characters, and you can even preview the entire label on its LCD screen before you print. The last time we posted this deal, it sold out quickly, so you'll want to grab yours fast.


Again, this might not be something you pull out every day, but at $10, why the hell not? [ Dymo LabelManager 160, $10]

One can never have too many Lightning Cables. [ RAVPower MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, $7 with code GS5VLUIG]

Nobody wants to see your nose hair, but it's easy to keep it at bay with this $10 trimmer from Panasonic.

The poetically-named Panasonic ER-GN30-K was one of the most popular items we posted in the early days of Kinja Deals, and today's deal matches its all-time low price. I'm not ashamed to admit that I use it probably once per week, and I couldn't be happier with it.


Even if your nose is under control, this is also perfect for ear hair, or even fine adjustments to your facial hair and eyebrows. And if its 4.3 star average on over 5,000 reviews is any indication, you should have no trouble finding a use for it during your morning shaving routine. [ Panasonic Nose/Ear/Facial Hair Trimmer, $10]

Sad that The Walking Dead TV series is done until the Fall? Catch up on the comics with great prices on The Walking Dead Compendium 1 and Compendium 2. Both books are within a few bucks of their all-time low prices, and they each contain 48 issues in one affordable package.


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