Smarter string lights, affordable luggage, and a Logitech Harmony remote lead off Friday’s best deals.

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Top Deals

Sugru is right up there with binder clips and the Raspberry Pi in Lifehacker’s pantheon of must-have gear, and you can stock up today with 8-packs from Amazon for just $16 each, or about $6 less than usual.

It’s a scientific fact that every outdoor space looks better with copper string lights, and while $15 isn’t a tremendous price for a 33' strand with 100 bulbs, this set does include a remote that can power them on and off, and even force them to dim, pulse, and strobe on demand.

2-Pack Lightning Cables, $8 with code HZ4AQL26

With a few rare exceptions, $4 is about as cheap as Lightning cables ever get, so stock up!

Alternatively, Anker’s 10' PowerLine Lightning cable, a Co-Op winner, is still marked down to $11.

While there’s no coupon on Diet Coke to go with them, this 30% off deal on 15-roll packs of Mentos is a solid mid-afternoon splurge. Just pick your favorite flavor, and you’ll see the 30% discount automatically at checkout.

Philips’ Norelco 6100 is a solid choice if you’re in the market for an entry-level electric shaver, and you can pick one up for just $60 today from Target’s eBay store. That’s $10 less than Amazon, where it boasts a 4.2 star average on over 1,500 reviews.

Fried foods are delicious. Fried foods will kill you. These are the laws of our cruel existence, and generally-speaking, there’s no avoiding them. I’m not going to tell you that cooking foods with the Philips Airfryer is healthy, but Philips claims that your french fries will have 70% less fat than those cooked in a deep fryer, and an entire batch will cook with just a tablespoon of oil. If you don’t mind buying a refurb, $85 is the best price we’ve ever seen, and less than half the price of buying it new.

If you still haven’t picked up Audio-Technica’s coveted ATH-M50x headphones, Groupon will sell you a pair for $100 today, one of the best prices we’ve seen. These were your favorite headphones over on Kinja Co-Op, and they’d usually set you back about $40 more.

At this point in Quick Charge 3.0's lifecycle, $16 is still a really good price for a wall charger. If that’s not enough to tempt you though, how about a free 3-pack of microUSB cables, including a 6' model? Just add both items below to your cart, and promo code 37JFCDS3 will give you the cables for free.

This is everything you could want in a $10 surge protector. Six outlets, two USB ports, and a swiveling design that minimizes the distance the whole setup will project out from your wall once everything’s plugged in.

VIZIO’s M-series of 4K TVs dominated the holiday shopping season in 2015, but if you held out this long, you can save big on the 60" model today, courtesy of Dell. $800 is the best price we’ve ever seen on this model, and that price gets you local dimming, smart apps, and a well-reviewed upscaling engine for 1080p content.

If you want to dip your toes into the world of electric toothbrushes, Philips’ entry level Sonicare Essence line is an amazing value at $20. I’ve been using this brush for years, and I still love it.


You’ll have a wait out a short backorder, but just clip the $5 coupon on the page to get the deal. This is easily the best price we’ve ever seen on any Sonicare brush.

Dropbox Pro, $70 + $15 Dell promo gift card

Well here’s something I didn’t expect to see today: Dell is offering a Cyber Monday sale on a year of Dropbox Pro. In addition to a $30 discount, you’ll get a bonus $15 Dell promo gift card (shows up in the cart). The only other time I’ve seen a Dropbox Pro discount was during Black Friday last year, so if you’ve been thinking about upgrading, this is a tremendous opportunity.


As always with these Dell gift card deals, make sure you see the gift card in your cart before checking out, and remember that it’s only valid for 90 days.

While the Logitech Harmony Touch doesn’t have as many physical buttons as its brethren, its integrated touchscreen can perform all of the same functions as you control up to 15 of your favorite devices, from a database of nearly a quarter million. $100 is a match for the best price we’ve seen, so pick one up before they’re all swallowed up in someone else’s couch cushions.

Update: Now up to $249

Earlier this week, Amazon ran a Prime Day deal on the GoPro HERO4 Session, which included a Wi-Fi remote, 32GB microSD card, and a carrying case for the price of the camera alone. If you don’t have Prime, or if you just missed out, today’s B&H deal trades the 32GB card for 16GB, and the carrying case for a floating handler, but is otherwise identical.

Donner Lapel Mic, $13 with code BGBSUA3L

You probably won’t need this smartphone-compatible lapel mic very often, but at $13, it might be a good tool to have handy for shooting videos or recording voice memos on your phone.


I actually used this exact mic to record better sound at my own wedding. We had a camera set up to the side, but we attached this to the officiant’s lapel, and hooked it up to an iPhone running the voice memos app in his pocket. Worked like a charm.

Update: Sold out

Organizing your phone booth-sized closet is one of the many joys of living in a big city. And by joys, I mean actual nightmares. Make it a little easier on yourself and get a 6-pack of Wonder Magic Hangers for $9 when you use the code HANGERW6. They hang up to six things and then drop down vertically to save space like...magic.

Does Samsonite make the best luggage you can buy? Of course not. But $85 is still a ridiculously good price for a complete 5-piece set. And with the company’s 10 year limited warranty, your investment should last for many trips to come.

Gonex Camping Hammock, $18 with code 84ISF3BD

This $18 camping hammock can fold up to fit in a bag, so you can take it to your favorite Pokémon gyms parks and enjoy the outdoors. It even comes with carabiners and ropes, but you’ll need a set of tree straps to connect it to trunks.

At-home microdermabrasion sounds like a trip to the ER but with kits like the MicrodermMD and RejuvadermMD, it doesn’t have to mean you’ll need to break out your insurance deductible. These two machines, on sale in Amazon’s Gold Box for $70-$130 off, are super popular and you’ll look really cool doing it. Just look at these two women:

While the machines look like something a kid would pretend to play doctor with, microdermabrasion has exploded in the skincare scene and one of these could be your solution to avoiding the esthetician visits.

Anker’s PowerCore 10000 is part of your favorite line of USB battery packs, and you can pick one up on Amazon today for just $19, an all-time low.

You also get Anker’s standard 18 month warranty and a nice travel pouch, but the real reason to buy the PowerCore 10000 is its size. If you’ve owned other ~10,000mAh battery packs, you’ll be shocked how small and light this thing is, which makes it ideal for carrying in your back pocket on Pokémon hunts.

If you’re willing to wait out a backorder, Ther-a-Rest’s folding Treo chair is on sale for $70 right now, an all-time low, and $30 less than usual. When you’re not using it, the entire thing somehow fits inside its own tripod base, which is only about four inches in diameter, and a foot long when folded up.

You’re never too old for gummy vitamins, and Amazon’s offering solid coupons on several varieties of Smartypants multivitamins for men, women, and children, for a limited time. Just make your selection from the list below, and be sure to clip the $5 or $6 coupon on the product page.

If you’re willing to wait out a backorder, Ther-a-Rest’s folding Treo chair is on sale for $70 right now, an all-time low, and $30 less than usual. When you’re not using it, the entire thing somehow fits inside its own tripod base, which is only about four inches in diameter, and a foot long when folded up.

Vega plant-based supplements are some of the best things you can put in your body, and Amazon’s taking an extra 20% off their protein powders, bars, and more today.

The 20% coupon is valid on dozens of different Vega items, and will stack with any existing discounts you see on the product pages. Just add your selections to your cart, and you’ll see the final price at checkout.


Vega has a great calorie-to-protein ratio, but the best thing about their shakes is that they aren’t just about protein. Vega’s shakes typically contain six grams of fiber, 3 servings of vegetables, and good amounts of Omega-3, probiotics, vitamins, and illusive potassium. It’s like a protein shake, a multivitamin, and a bunch of bonuses all in one convenient package.

Brother laser printers dominated the voting in our Kinja Co-Op for best printer, and it’s easy to see why: They basically never jam, toner is much cheaper than ink (and it never dries out if you don’t use it), and they print much faster than any other consumer-level printer; on the order of 25-30 pages per minute, even when printing duplex. The glaring trade-off is that they don’t print in color, but it’s easier to live without that than you might think.

In particular, you chose the HL-L2340DW as your favorite model, as it offers wireless networking (including AirPrint and Google Cloud Print), a small footprint, and can even use Amazon’s Dash replenishment service to automatically order toner when you’re running low. Today’s $86 deal isn’t the lowest we’ve seen, but it usually retails in the $100-$110 range, so it’s a solid discount if you’re running low on ink or patience with your current printer.

Need a flatbed scanner? The touchscreen-controlled 2380DW is also available for $130. Again, it’s been cheaper on several occasions, but $130 represents the bottom of its usual price range.

12 Flameless Remote Controlled Votives, $21 with code JAUK3A2B | 24 for $34 with code EZPI5GHY

Everyone likes a little candlelight every now and then, but if you don’t want to keep buying new candles (or houses after you burn yours down), and you can score a dozen flameless votives for $21 today (with code JAUK3A2B), or two dozen for $34 (with code EZPI5GHY).


Each one runs on an included CR2450 battery for up to 200 hours, and you can find replacement batteries for less than $1 each, which is a lot less than an actual replacement candle. You also get a remote to control them all, assuming it hasn’t been sacrificed to R’hllor in the photo above.

Inateck SSD/HDD Enclosure, $8 with code IXSB8PW8

If you have any old hard drives laying around, or if you just want to build a super-fast external SSD to store your files, this 2.5" enclosure can convert a bare storage device into a portable external drive in seconds. Plus, $8 is a match for the best price we’ve ever seen on a model that supports UASP, which enables faster transfer speeds when using an SSD.

We basically see this deal weekly at this point, but it bears mentioning if your membership is due to expire in the near future.

One of the only downsides of cast iron pans is that they can be a nightmare to clean, but this 4.7 star-rated chainmail scrubber can scrape away caked-on food without hurting your seasoning, or resorting to soap. No wonder it’s one of the newest members of our bestsellers club. Today’s $12 deal also happens to be within $1 of an all-time low.





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