Running shoes, Star Wars prints, and a popular electric smoker lead off Monday’s best deals from around the web.

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Top Tech Deals

Anker SoundCore, $29 with code ANKSPK77

Anker’s SoundCore blew away the competition to take the title of your favorite affordable Bluetooth speaker, and today, you can pick one up for $29, the best price we’ve seen since Black Friday.

In addition to solid sound quality and impressive Bluetooth range, the standout feature here is the SoundCore’s 24 hour battery life. I’ve owned one for over a year now, and while I’ll occasionally remember to plug it in when I pass by a spare microUSB cord, it’s never once given me a low battery warning, and I use it a lot.

HooToo TripMate Titan, $38 with code A7EKH25E

If you travel with any regularity, the HooToo TripMate Titan may just be your new best friend, because it’s actually three devices in one.

  • Travel Router: Turn any ethernet jack you find into a Wi-Fi hotspot, which can still come in handy at certain hotels and conventions.
  • 10,400mAh USB Battery Pack: Keep your phone and tablet charged during a long day away from any power outlets.
  • File Hub: Transfer files and wirelessly stream content from a hard drive or flash drive to all of your devices. Imagine loading a cheap thumb drive up with movies for a long trip, instead of, say, buying an expensive iPad with more local storage.

Today on Amazon, you can knock about $9 off the price of the TripMate with promo code A7EKH25E. We aren’t sure how many they have in stock, or how long the promo code will last, so I’d act fast if you’re interested.

Aukey 10000mAh Battery Pack, $15 with code AUKPBN51

This 10,000mAh USB battery pack doesn’t have Quick Charge, USB-C, or any other specialty focal points, but it does have the most important feature of all; a slim and portable body that can slide into most pockets.

You don’t need to sell a kidney to afford noise-cancelling Bluetooth earbuds; these 4 star-rated Cowin E-7s are just $39 right now, or $31 off with promo code AU2KA5OO.


They might not have the brand recognition of Sony or Bose, but these headphones pack in 30 hours of battery life, the ability to use them in wired mode if the battery dies, and yes, active noise cancellation that reviewers say works really well.

Top Home Deals

Anker’s home goods brand, Eufy, put its crazy-popular copper string lights back on sale today for one of the best prices we’ve seen lowest price ever, complete with adjustable brightness and multiple effects. Our readers have bought so many of these, that I assume we have the best decorated patios, on average, of any readership on the web. And yeah, I’m calling you out, Apartment Therapy.

Just in time for May the 4th, you can plan your own aerial assault with these discounted Star Wars screen prints from Inked and Screened. Today only, choose between the blueprints of a TIE Bomber or and infographic of the Death Star, for under $20. Now if only Jyn Erso had known that she could just buy the plans from Amazon.

Update: This price has continued to drop, now down to $168! Spend your savings on more meat.


This $195 $168 Char-Broil electric smoker makes cooking jerky, brisket, or (insert meat of your choice) as easy as dropping in some wood chips and hitting a few buttons. With precise temperature control and a large smoke box, you’ll have complete command over the finished product. Today’s price is an all-time low, which means you’ll have more money leftover to buy meat. Lots and lots of meat.

FitDesk 2.0, $175 after $25 coupon

I bought the FitDesk 2.0 on a whim a couple of years ago, and was surprised both by how viable it was to work at, and how compact it gets when folded up. It fits easily into a closet, or opens up for use while working, gaming, or marathoning Netflix, and is particularly nice out on the balcony.

Today’s price is the best we’ve seen, and it doesn’t go on sale often.

Update: Sold out

If you want to start collecting Eneloop batteries (and you should), the best place to start is the 4-pack of AAs with a charger, and you can get it for just $13 right now, the best price we’ve seen.

Refurb Dyson V6 Motorhead, $168 with code PERFECTSTART

Dyson dominated the nominations in our favorite vacuum Co-Op, and you can pick up a refurbished Dyson V6 Motorhead from Dyson’s own eBay store for a ridiculously low $168 today with promo code PERFECTSTART. You’d be hard pressed to find any Dyson vacuum for under $200, let alone a battery-powered one, so I’d take advantage of this deal before they’re all cleaned out.

Your car is probably disgusting, but you can go a long way towards fixing that today with this deeply discounted automotive vacuum.


This Black & Decker vacuum plug into your car’s 12V outlet, and includes both a pivoting nose to help you clean every vent, cup holder, and tiny crevice in your car. Normally, this would set you back $40 or more, but it’s currently marked down to $32 on Amazon, within a couple bucks of an all-time low.

Let’s be honest here, thin fabric koozies are mostly useful for decoration; they don’t really keep a can cold for very long. This vacuum-insulated RTIC contraption though? It’s the real deal. Over 13,000 Amazon reviewers have given this a 4.6 star review average, and you can get one (or more!) for just its best price ever right now.

IZZE 24 Pack Variety Pack, $12 after 25% coupon

If you’re hooked on IZZE soda sparkling juice, you can save an extra 25% on a 24-can variety pack today, courtesy of Amazon. The page shows it at $16, but the on-screen 25% coupon should bring it down to $12 at checkout. Drink up!

If dry winter air is wreaking havoc on your sinuses, you can fight back with this Eufy (Anker’s home division) humidifier. The Humos Air 1.0 can run 20 hours with its one gallon tank, and can humidify a room with hot or cool mist, depending on the season. $36 is the best price we’ve ever seen on this model, and about $6 less than usual.

Update: Sold out

Rock N Roller’s Multicart R2 can transform into eight different shapes to lug furniture, boxes, or pretty much anything else with ease. Today’s Prime-only $57 deal is an all-time low, and as someone who’s about to move, I might actually pick one up myself.

A giant inflatable pool swan might be the silliest deal we’ve ever posted, but hey, it’s never been cheaper. Just don’t end up like Johnny Football.

Here’s a stupid little thing that’ll make your life just a little bit easier. Joseph Joseph’s Double Dish is a clever little invention for eating edamame, olives, pistachios, or any other finger foods that leave behind scraps, and it’s just $12 on Amazon right now.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, you just fill the top bowl with the food of your choice, and drop the remains through one of three chutes into the bottom bowl. At the end of the day, it’s still two dishes to clean up, but it takes up less space on your table, it looks cool, and most importantly, you don’t have to stare at those disgusting olive pits during your meal. Today’s price is within about a few cents of an all-time low, so get cracking.

A good step stool is something everyone should own, and this highly-rated model from Greenco can hold up to 300 pounds, then fold up to nearly nothing when you’re done using it.


2x OxyLED T-02 Night Lights, $22 with code 2KINJA2U

OxyLED’s T02-U is my favorite motion-sensing night light in the uber-popular T-02 line, and the popular lighting company is offering our readers the best deal ever on it today. Just add two to your cart and use code 2KINJA2U at checkout to get them both for $22.

Note: Just to be clear, you’ll need to add two one-packs to your cart. If you use this code on the 2-pack, it won’t work.


Unlike most stick-anywhere motion lights (including most other T-02 models), the T-02U includes a built-in rechargeable battery, an always-on mode, and two rows of LEDs to put out more light.

Weber’s Kettle charcoal grill is iconic, versatile, and basically perfect, and Amazon’s running a $20 discount on it today, the best deal we’ve ever seen. Discounts of any size on this grill are so rare, they’re still bloody, so place your order before it burns itself out.

A lot of people are reflexively appalled by the idea of a bidet, which makes no sense, because they’re amazing. Today on Amazon, you can score one Greenco for $19, the best price it’s ever been.

That’s basically nothing for a product you’ll use (hopefully) every day, but this deal could sell out any time though, so purchase or get off the pot.

Top Lifestyle Deals

You’ve probably been running outside for a few weeks now, but if you were looking for an excuse to pick up new running shoes, here it is. Amazon is marking down four styles (two men’s and two women’s) of Saucony running shoes to under $60. But you’d better pick up the pace, because these prices only last for today.

AHA is the perfect aggregator basically any gift you could need for an upcoming holiday/birthday/etc. They have an insane amount of unique gifts from tons of indie brands, and right now, use the code ILYMOM and get 15% off plus free shipping. Be the cool kid for Mother’s Day and rub it in your siblings’ faces.

Fitbit hit a homerun with their Alta HR, combining form and function to create a smaller, easier-to-wear tracker. And now it’s getting its first discount, down to just $130. The Alta HR has everything the Alta does, but now includes a heart rate monitor and Fitbit’s Sleep Stages app in the same small package.

Fitbit’s Alta is one of the first fitness trackers that actually looks nice on your wrist, owing largely to its fashionable interchangeable bands, and you can pick one up for $100 on Amazon right now.

Or, if slimmer and smaller is your bag when it comes to fitness trackers, the FitBit Flex 2 is down to within a dollar of an all-time low.

Top Media Deals

I want this complete The Office box set so badly.

If I start watching it, I’ll go all night long.

The show always left me satisfied and smiling.

Just note that it’s a DVD, not a Blu-ray <sarcastic look at the camera>.

Top Gaming Deals

Update: Sold out

Air Hogs’ Starship Enterprise drone would be the ultimate gift for the Star Trek fan in your life this holiday season, so go to warp factor 8 and get over to Amazon while it’s just $30, easily an all-time low.

If you’ve been waiting half a year for a discount on the PlayStation VR, this $50 discount is the best we’ve seen to date.

Just note that this deal is only on the headset. You’ll also need a PlayStation Camera for head tracking, plus a pair of motion controllers for certain games.

Watch Dogs 2 represents a dramatic improvement over the original, and Amazon’s marked it down to $30 today on both PS4 and Xbox One, matching a Gold Box deal from a few weeks ago for an all-time low price.

Whether you’ve played all the Bioshock games, or somehow missed out during the last console generation, the remastered Bioshock Collection is a fantastic deal at $30. That gets you three excellent games, plus all of their DLC, including the essential Minerva’s Den.





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