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Aukey’s Bluetooth earbuds look virtually identical to the Mpow’s ultra-popular Swift line, but they’re even cheaper today at $18.


If you own a smart watch and want to use it to listen to music without a phone nearby, these are a must, but they’re also great for jogging, mowing the lawn, or any other activity where you don’t want to get tangled up in wires. [Aukey EP-B4 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Sport Headphones, $18 with code GD3NRDSX]

Every modem rental fee you pay to your ISP is padding for their bottom line, and a total rip-off for you. Fortunately, you can buy your own modem for a small upfront cost in today’s Amazon Gold Box, and recoup the cost in savings on your monthly bill. [Motorola Modem Gold Box]

There’s a general consensus that Motorola’s SB6141 is the best modem for most cable internet subscribers, but it usually runs in the $80-$90 range. Today only though, you can score a refurb from Amazon for $50 shipped, the best price we’ve ever seen. [Refurb Motorola SB6141 Modem, $50]

You can also opt to save $10 with the lower-end SB6121, which maxes out at 172mbps downstream vs. 343. Personally, I’d just spend the ten extra dollars and hope that your ISP increases their speeds some day. [Refurb Motorola SB6121 Modem, $50]

And if you just want one box to act as your modem and your wireless router, this $70 option is basically an SB6141 with an 802.11n router built in. That’s probably fine for a small apartment, but I’d probably recommend a discrete, more powerful router for anything larger. [Refurb Motorola SBG6580 Modem/Router, $70]

No matter which one you choose, just remember that these prices are only available today, but they’re likely to sell out early. [Amazon]

If you want to boost the volume and audio quality of your secondary TVs, you won’t find a better cheap option than this $55 VIZIO Bluetooth sound bar. It’s probably too small for your main home theater, but it’d be perfect for a bedroom TV. [Refurb VIZIO S2920w-C0 29-inch 2.0 High Definition Sound Bar with Bluetooth, $55]

Summer might be winding down, but it’s not too late for some ice cream. This Cuisinart 1.5 quart ice cream & frozen yogurt maker is down to $30 right now for a refurb, which is a whopping $24 less than Amazon’s price for a new one. [Refurb Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, $30]

You know the old TV gag where they look at a hotel room under a blacklight and you see all of the filth and bodily fluids the characters have been sleeping in? Well, now you can do that yourself with this $8 blacklight flashlight. That’s a fantastic price, unless you subscribe to the notion that ignorance is bliss. [Vansky Pets Urine Detectors Dogs Stains Detector Cats Odor Detector, UV Flashlight Blacklight, $8 with code BR5APL4J]

We’ve seen cheaper kitchen scales, but this one features a tempered glass plate, and looks considerably nicer than most ~$10-$12 options. [Smart Weigh Professional Tempered Glass Digital Kitchen Scale, $20]

While you should probably have a large battery pack like an Anker Astro for long trips, a lipstick-sized charger can fit in your pocket, and give your phone enough juice to make it through a long day. Today, you can get one for $6, or add a 3-port car charger for just $4 more.

Many newer Android smartphones support a technology called Qualcomm Quick Charge, which allows them to charge up to 75% faster than usual when plugged into a certified high-power charger. If you phone is compatible, this 10,400mAh battery pack includes a Quick Charging port so you can make the most of your recharging time. [Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 10400mAh Portable External Battery, $20 with code 7RF5Z67E]

If you can’t quite finish a bottle of wine, this $4 preserver will form an airtight seal to keep it fresh, or even bubbly in the case of champagne. Just place it on the neck of the bottle, and twist to seal. [Metrokane Champagne and Wine Sealer, $4]

The greatest work in the history of filmmaking to include a killer rabbit is getting a re-release for its 40th anniversary, and you can preorder and save on two different versions. As always, if the price drops any further prior to release, you’ll automatically get the best deal.


Preorder Monty Python and the Holy Grail Limited Edition Castle Catapult Gift Set ($50) | Amazon

Preorder Monty Python and the Holy Grail 40th Anniversary Edition ($18) | Amazon

With Tile Lock Scrabble, your game won’t be ruined when your friend flips the board in disgust after you play QUIZZIFY on a triple word score. [Tile Lock Scrabble, $8]

If Madden’s insane commercial has convinced you to preorder, Prime members can save $10 on a copy for PS4 or Xbox One. Just remember that your discount is shown at checkout. [Preorder Madden NFL 16, $50 for Prime members only. Discount shown at checkout.]

The 38” model of one of your favorite sound bars is only $150 right now, if you don’t mind a refurb. The VIZIO 3851w normally sells for $220 refurbished, or $280 new, and has great reviews no matter where you look.


In addition to the actual “bar,” which includes the left, right, and center front channels, this system includes a wireless subwoofer that sits in the back of your viewing room, plus a pair of satellite speakers that hook into it to give you 5.1 channel surround sound, no receiver required. It’s not entirely wireless, but it eliminates the need to run a wire from your TV to the back of the room, which is usually more than half the battle.

I bought this exact system a few months ago to replace my receiver and bookshelf speakers, and I absolutely love it [VIZIO 3851w-D4 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Rear Satellite Speakers, $150]

A few days ago, the high-end model of Apple’s drool-worthy new 12” MacBook went on sale for $15o off. If you were waiting for a similar deal on the cheaper 256GB model though, today’s your lucky day. Plus, most of you won’t have to pay sales tax, which potentially represents even more savings. [Apple MacBook 256GB, $1150]

KMASHI’s cheap battery packs are some of the most popular items we’ve ever posted, and their well-reviewed 15,000mAh model is down to just $14 today, matching all-time low. This beefy battery is perfect for long camping trips, flights, and power outages, or for sharing with others during a long day away from an outlet. [KMASHI 15000mAh External Battery Pack, $14 with code Q29OJRQH]





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