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Sennheiser's Momentum Headphones sound as good as they look, and Amazon has them available for an all-time low $91 today. Music to your ears. [Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones, $91]

USB battery packs are must-own accessories in this day and age, but they're kind of...boring. Luckily, we've found two deals today on chargers that have a few tricks under their sleeves.


First off, this 5,000mAh charger has a Qi wireless charging pad built right in. That means you can charge your compatible phone anywhere in the world without carrying a single wire. The idea is so obvious in hindsight that I'm surprised we haven't seen more like it. Think about it; you're most likely to need one of these things when you're out and about, so one less wire to carry is a real convenience. Naturally, there's also a USB port to charge a second phone simultaneously, and you can even keep it plugged in at home to use as a standard Qi charging pad. [RAVPower 5,000mAh Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger, $40 with code JBW9WIE3]

Next up is one of our old favorites: The RAVPower FileHub. This little gadget is actually three devices in one:

  • Travel Router: Turn any ethernet jack you find into a Wi-Fi hotspot, which can still come in handy at certain hotels and conventions.
  • 6,000mAh USB Battery Pack: Keep your phone and tablet charged during a long day away from any power outlets.
  • File Hub: Transfer files and wirelessly stream content from an microSD card, hard drive, or flash drive to all of your devices. Imagine loading a cheap microSD card up with movies for a long trip, instead of, say, buying an expensive iPad with more local storage.

If you travel frequently, there's no doubt you'll make great use of this, and today's price is the lowest we've ever seen by a good margin. [ RAVPower FileHub, $32 with code 7HOPCXWG]

The Wire isn't just one of the best TV shows ever made, it's probably one of the greatest works of art produced in the last century. The whole series has been remastered in HD, and you can preorder it today (with low price guarantee) for $110. It was $160 or more until today, and we don't know if it'll shoot back up. [Preorder The Wire: The Complete Series, $110]

Update 2: Looks like it's back!

Update: Sold out for now, but Amazon occasionally comes back in stock quickly. Keep checking back.


I use a Swiffer WetJet to clean my kitchen and bathroom floors every weekend, and it works well given how dead-simple and convenient it is. If you don't own one, for $10, why not? [Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit, $10 after $5 coupon]

If you still listen to any of your TVs through their built-in speakers, a decent sound bar is the best upgrade you can make. This refurbished Vizio model includes Bluetooth to stream music from your phone as well, and is only $70 today on eBay. The same model (also refurbished) goes for $90 on Amazon with solid reviews. [Refurb Vizio S3820w-C0 38" 2.0 Bluetooth Home Theater Sound, $70]

The Canon EOS 70D is a fantastic mid-range DSLR, particularly if you plan to shoot some video, and you can grab one with a kit lens for just $799 today. Incredibly, that's a full $350 less than Amazon's current going rate of $1149, which is itself the lowest price they've ever listed. [Canon EOS 70D with 18-55mm Lens, $799]

We've found a couple of solid deals on creative lighting solutions for your home. First up, these TaoTronics copper wire string lights are more decorative than functional, but they'd be great for lighting up a patio or some outdoor furniture. Plus, their 4.7 star review average is stellar. [TaoTronics Led String Starry Light Copper Wire Lights, $13 with code YIGTGMAC]

Next up, we have an old favorite returning. The OxyLED T-01 touch light sticks on any surface, and turns on and off with a light touch of your finger. It's not motion sensing like some similar night lights we've posted in the past, but I love using these under cabinets and in dark closets. Today on Amazon, you can buy two and save, or buy three and save even more. [ OxyLED T-01 DIY Stick-on Anywhere 4-LED Touch Tap Light, get two for $14 with code 2T011399 or three for $19 with code 3T011899]

Amazon's offering a 20% off coupon on a nice collection of snacks and cookies today. Your choices include Ritz Chips, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and more, so you should have no trouble finding something you'll like. Note that many of the products are sold in bulk, so be sure you have room to store them for awhile. [Amazon Snack Sale]


Note: The coupon is an additional 20% off the listed price. Your discount won't show up until the final checkout screen.

We don't see discounted gas station gift cards very often, but when we do, they usually sell out quickly. At today's prices, this works out to roughly four gallons of regular unleaded basically for free. [$100 ExxonMobil Gift Card, $90]

Depending on who you ask, Pixelmator might just be the best image editor you can get for your Mac (yes, including Photoshop). And given everything it can do, it's is an incredible value at its normal price of $30 up front, and an absolute steal at 50% off. [Pixelmator, $15]

It's a law of the universe that the standard 3' cable your iPhone comes with is going to be a few inches shorter than you need it to be. Today though, you can get not one, but two double-length Lightning cables for the price of one of Apple's. [2x iClever 6' Lightning Cables, $19. Add two to cart and use code YXMIO47M]

Anker is getting into the smartphone dash mount game with their newly-released air vent mount, and you can grab one for $10, complete with a free 4' AUX cable to connect your phone to your speakers. This doesn't have many reviews yet, but we've had nothing but good experiences with Anker products in the past, so I imagine it'll be of good quality. [Anker Smartphone Air Vent Mount + 4' AUX Cable, $10. Add both to cart and use code MMAREACZ]

Want to add Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calling to the mix? This inexpensive kit has everything you need. [SoundBot SB360 Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit Hands-Free Wireless Talking & Music Streaming Dongle, $15]

This microfiber towel is considered by many detailing aficionados to be the best for drying off your car. I own it, and can confirm that it's less a towel as much as a towel-shaped sponge. [Meguiar's X2000 Microfiber Drying Towel, $7]


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