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Top Deals

Today only, Amazon’s running a huge Gold Box deal on Tommy Hilfiger accessories, with all items available for $20 or less.


Inside, you’ll find dozens of wallets, belts, and ties in a variety of styles. At just $15-$20 per item, this is a great chance to stock up for both formal and casual situations, but just remember, these prices are only available today, or until sold out. [Tommy Hilfiger Gold Box]

Bonus: Amazon’s actually running a second Gold Box deal featuring suits, dress pants, blazers, and sport coats from a variety of designers. So if you have any job interviews or weddings on the horizon, I’d definitely give this a good look as well. [Suiting Gold Box]

The best toaster oven, which is also your favorite, and the #1 seller in the category, and rarely discounted, can be yours today for $212 with code SMARTSAVE.

If you’re ready to graduate from smartphone photography, Samsung’s NX3000 is a great entry-level shooter, and Amazon will sell you everything you need to get started for just $400 today.

This bundle includes the camera body, a compact 20-50mm lens, a 50-200mm telephoto, and a bag to hold it all. You’d have to spend over $800 to purchase all of those separately, so this bundle really does represent some huge savings. Just note that it’s a Gold Box deal, meaning the price is only available today, or until sold out. [Samsung NX3000 Bundle, $400]

For a limited time on Amazon, if you buy a $10 jerky sample box, you’ll get a $10 Amazon credit for a future jerky purchase. The contents of the sample box vary, but they include “six or more items from these participating brands: Epic, Perky Jerky, Krave, Ballpark, Golden Island, Chef’s Cut, and Old Wisconsin.”

Amazon’s Prime Pantry program is great for stocking up on household goods and non-perishable foods without actually having to visit a store, but the $5.99 per box shipping charge has always been a drag. This month though, if you buy five select items, you can get that fee waived.


They ran a similar promotion last month, but this time around, the eligible items are different, and include popular picks like soda, pasta, and a Gillette razor. Just add five of them to your box (plus anything else that will fit), and use code PANTRYMAR at checkout to get free shipping. [Free Prime Pantry shipping with five eligible purchases, promo code PANTRYMAR]

Bonus: If you already have a no-rush free shipping credit in your account, this deal actually appears to stack, netting you an extra $6 discount.

Let’s say you’ve already upgraded to a good toothbrush; what’s the next step for cleaner teeth? Judging by the user reviews, this 20-count box of Crest 3D Whitestrips is a great place to start. As an added bonus, you’ll even get a pair of express one-hour treatments, for when a whiter smile just can’t wait. [20-Count Crest 3D Whitestrips + Two 1-Hour Express Treatments, $37 after $7 coupon]

If you’ve tried an unamplified HDTV antenna (like this $15 Mohu Leaf), but can’t quite pull in every channel you want, this 1byone leaf-style model includes a USB-powered amp that should add a few miles of range. [1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna 50 Miles Range - White/Black, $23 with code GUH2LKYZ]

Every modem rental fee you pay to your ISP is padding for their bottom line, and a total rip-off for you. Fortunately, you can buy your own modem for a relatively small upfront cost, and knock a few bucks off your monthly bill.

There’s a general consensus that Motorola’s SB6141 is the best modem for most cable internet subscribers, but it usually runs in the $80-$90 range. Today only though, you can score a refurb from Woot for $45 shipped, the best price we’ve ever seen. It’ll pay for itself eventually no matter what it costs, but this is a great opportunity to save a decent chunk of change on this particular model. Refurb [Arris SB6141 SURFboard eXtreme DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, $45]


If you need faster maximum speeds (686 mbps downstream vs. 343 on the 6141), the step-up SB6183 is on sale for $65 as well. [Refurb Arris SB6183 SURFboard eXtreme DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, $65]

And if you you want to save a few extra bucks, the entry level SB6121 is available for $35, but honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it for that price over the 6141. [Refurb Arris SB6121 SURFboard eXtreme DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, $35]

Whether you’re packing lunches for your kids, or packing for yourself at work, these grab-and-go Frito-Lay chip bags are a steal at $13. The box comes with 50 bags in total, and includes Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, and two flavors of Lay’s. [Frito-Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack, $13 after 15% coupon]

Altoid mints are great, and Altoid tins are even better. Today on Amazon, you can get nine mini tins of cinnamon or wintergreen mints for just $8, after clipping the 20% coupon. [Pack of Nine Altoid Small Tins, $8 after 20% coupon]


Note: You can avoid the $25 Add-On Item minimum by purchasing through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. But, you’ll have a wait a little longer for shipping, and cancel your subscription after your first delivery.

If you’ve ever thought about pulling out your blender to make a smoothie, sauce, or dip, and then held off because you didn’t want to clean 3,000 different parts, this deal is for you. The popular KitchenAid 3-speed immersion blender is marked down to $35 right now on eBay, as long as you don’t mind buying a refurb.


The big advantage here is that unlike a traditional blender, you can dip an immersion blender into whatever container you were already using to hold your ingredients; be it a single-serve cup or a huge mixing bowl. That saves you time, and means fewer dishes to clean up once you’re done. Reviewers on Amazon also say it chops through everything from fruit to ice cubes with no trouble, so it really can be a full blender replacement for most use cases. [Refurb KitchenAid 3-Speed Immersion Blender, $35]

You guys love these multi-port USB chargers, and this model from Tronsmart actually includes a Quick Charge 3.0 port, which can charge compatible phones from 0 to 80% in just 35 minutes. [Tronsmart 54W 5-Port USB Charger with Quick Charge 3.0, $22 with code M95HY7QR]

Need some cables to go with it? [Aukey [5-Pack] Premium Micro USB Cables, $4 with code 4XZKGO8M]

Silicone bottles are great for carrying lotions, soaps, and sunscreen while you travel, and this three-pack is just $7 right now. [3-Pack Silicone Travel Bottles, $7 with code 2YUW6J8J]

If you’re spending an sizable chunk of your paycheck on overpriced greek yogurt every month, you can make your own at home with this $30 contraption. Just add milk, and a small amount of normal, cheap yogurt, and enjoy. [Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, $30]

If it won’t bother you too much to see James Bond as an overt racist, several of Ian Fleming’s original novels are on sale for just $2 on Kindle today. [Several James Bond Books on Kindle are Just $1.99 Each Today at Amazon]

You might not need it at this time of year, but a good, cordless leaf blower is something everyone should keep in their garage, and this refurbished Black & Decker model is on sale for just $35 today. [Black + Decker 20V MAX* Cordless Lithium Single Speed Sweeper, $35]

Dell’s P2415Q 4K monitor has always been the most affordable 4K IPS display on the market, but today, it’s all the way down to $390 on Amazon, the best price we’ve ever seen.


To be clear, there have been arguably better deals on this monitor from Dell, but those all involved Dell promo gift cards; this is the best cash price we’ve ever seen.

If you aren’t familiar, IPS displays boast superior color accuracy and viewing angles compared to the TN panels you’ll find in most cheap 4K monitors, and with this deal, you’re basically getting IPS for “free” compared to the going rate for similar 4K displays. I happen to own this exact monitor, and I absolutely love it. [Dell P2415Q 24” 4K IPS Display, $390]

If you were planning on spending part of your tax refund on a treadmill, this highly-rated Sunny Health model is marked down to an all-time low $290, today only on Amazon.


Even at that low price, you get three different incline levels, a large LCD display, nine workout programs, and yes, two cupholders. Most critically though, it can fold up easily to save space, and features a soft-drop system so you can deploy it safely on your own. [Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill, $290]

If you’re still listening to any of your TVs through their built-in speakers, here’s an easy fix for $150.


This Vizio Sound Stand pumps out up to 101 dB of crisp stereo sound, and includes a built-in subwoofer for extra bass. Plus, you won’t even need to find a place to put it, because your TV sits right on top. This might not be ideal for for your main home theater setup (personally, we’d recommend this 5.1 channel Vizio system), but it’s a perfect little integrated system for your other TVs around the house. I might just get one for my bedroom.[VIZIO S2521w-D0 2.1 Channel Sound Stand with Integrated Subwoofer, $150]

If you can’t start your day without a morning cup of coffee, but you’re still using an electric drip coffee maker, or even (gasp) a Keurig, you might want to try out a flavor-extracting french press. This inexpensive X-Chef model looks nearly identical to the excellent Bodum Chambord, but is significantly cheaper at $15.


If you’re not convinced, know that french press took the #1 spot in Lifehacker’s coffee-making Hive Five, and many coffee aficionados swear by it. And with no disposable filters or pods to buy, this machine could pay for itself over time.

Today’s Amazon deal is a match for the best price we’ve ever seen this model, but we don’t know how long it will last, so perk up and lock in your order while you can. [Heat Resistant Glass Coffee French Press Tea Maker Pot, $15]

The slightly smaller sibling of your favorite headphones is on sale for $65 today from Adorama, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen. [Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Headphones, $65]

The UE Boom Bluetooth speaker is the best you can buy, according to Gizmodo, and it’s available again refurbished for just $85 right now, the best price we’ve ever seen. [Refurb UE Boom, $85]

Vent-mounted magnets might be the hot new thing in smartphone car holders, but if your CD slot is lying dormant, or if you just don’t want to block a vent, this would also be a great option. [Mpow Grip Pro 2 Universal CD Slot Car Mount, $9 with code NMDR2VWW]

If you’re pressed for kitchen space, Cuisinart’s popular Griddler is actually a griddle, a contact grill, and a panini press all rolled into one compact package. It normally sells for about $85-$100 new, but today on eBay, you can get a refurb for just $50. I bought one for $85 last year, and I love the thing. [Refurb Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, $50]

Plus, you can pick up some waffle iron plates to give it even more versatility.

You know all of those little Apple USB charging bricks sitting in your drawer? The clever NomadPlus USB charger can transform one into a travel-friendly portable battery pack, and it’s back down to just $15 today.


While undoubtedly clever, the NomadPlus has always been a tough sell at its usual $40, but you can grab one on Amazon right now for $15 shipped. That’s still a decent price premium over a standalone battery pack, but if you appreciate good design, and only want to carry around a single charging solution, it’s a fantastic deal. It would also make a great gift for your less tech-savvy friends who would never remember to charge a standalone battery pack. [NomadPlus iPhone Charger, $15]

You only really reap the benefits of Qi wireless charging if you scatter the pads all around your home and office for quick charges throughout the day. Luckily, you can afford to do just that with this deal. [TechMatte PowerPod 2 Qi Wireless Charging Pad, $10]

With a few rare exceptions, $4 is about as cheap as Lightning cables ever get, so stock up before these sell out. [RAVPower 3' Lightning Cable, $4 with code VSLDMVJH]

You guys buy boatloads of IR thermometers whenever we post a deal, and it’s easy to see why. They’re a ton of fun to mess around with, and can come in handy for everything from cooking to home energy savings.

If you still don’t own one, you can rectify that for just $12 today! [Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer MAX Display & EMS Adjustable, $12 with code NUB8500H]





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