Instant Pot’s new sous-vide circulator, the smartest pet toy you’ve ever seen, and a ton of luggage for the holidays lead off Wednesday’s best deals.

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Top Deals

If you’re looking to round out your gift list, Amazon’s Fossil Gold Box is for you. Everything from bags, to wallets, to jewelry, even a smart watch (even for people who hate them). It’s basically as if Amazon picked out the perfect last-minute gifts and put them on sale.

Here are a few gift ideas, but head over to Amazon to see the rest.

You’ve probably solidified your holiday travel plans by now, but maybe haven’t thought about the status of your luggage that you shoved into the back of your closet. Why not get a new set that you won’t need to worry about falling apart before it hits the baggage claim? Amazon’s one-day luggage sale has a plethora of options so you can relax a little bit about your upcoming trip. Maybe.


Here are a few of the best-rated options, but there are plenty more over on Amazon.

Anker (operating under its home-focused brand Eufy) recently released the new RoboVac 11, which promptly sold out on Amazon. But, it’s back again and priced at $176, the same discounted price it was on launch day.


Compared to the popular RoboVac 10, the 11 is over twice as powerful, includes a larger dust bin, and boasts a tempered glass top case, rather than plastic. Pound for pound, it stacks up very well with mid-level Roombas, but at $176, it’s far less expensive.

Gonex 80L Duffle Bag, $18 with code EJGAWKAI

A big-ass duffle bag is something everyone should keep handy, and you can get one for $18 today in the color of your choice. Just be sure to use promo code EJGAWKAI at checkout.

Cabeau Evolution Cool Travel Pillow, $48 with code WSUDKC3V

The Cabeau Evolution was your favorite travel pillow (by a long shot), and following last weekend’s deal on the original model, you can now save 20% on the company’s “Cool” model as well.

Like the original Evolution, the Evolution Cool is made of memory foam, and wraps all the way around your neck to provide support if your head nods off to the side while you’re traveling. The key difference is the integrated vent running along the middle of the pillow, which should keep your neck from getting too sweaty.


If you have any long trips on the horizon, you can save 20% on all four colors today with promo code WSUDKC3V. Cabeau’s pillows almost never go on sale, so if you’ve had one on your wish list, this is a great opportunity.

DJI’s Phantom 4 camera drone changed the game with automatic obstacle avoidance and subject tracking, and you can get the quadcopter $899 today, the best price we’ve ever seen outside of a short-lived eBay Black Friday deal.

Instant Pot Sous-Vide Circulator, $100 with code KINJASV

A whole bunch of you have bought Anova’s excellent sous-vide circulators over the past few years, but today, you can get Instant Pot’s new take on the product category for $100 with the exclusive promo code KINJASV.

Lifehacker has a great explainer on sous-vide cooking for you to check out, but the basic idea is that you seal the food in plastic bags, and then cook it in precisely heated water over a longish period of time, resulting in meat that is heated all the way through to a very precise temperature. It sounds weird, but trust me when I say that it works like magic.

The Instant Pot circulator doesn’t actually require an Instant Pot to function, and won’t integrate with one in any special way either; it simply clamps to the side of any pot just like the Anova. It also lacks the Anova’s wireless connectivity, which is mostly useless on the Bluetooth model, but is somewhat helpful on the more expensive Wi-Fi version.


That said, if you’ve been meaning to buy one of these things, $100 is a great price for anyone that missed Anova’s $99 Black Friday deal. If they were the same price today, I’d probably buy the Anova, but for $50 less, the Instant Pot should still turn out some amazing steaks (and a whole lot more).

The Bonavita BV1500 is the 5-cup little brother of your favorite coffee maker, and Amazon’s serving it up for just $71 today. That’s an all-time low, and a solid $10-$15 less than usual.

Tivo’s commercial-obliterating Bolt DVR now has a version that supports 4K with six tuners, and the 3TB model is marked down to an all-time low $362 on Amazon today, down from its original $500. You’ll still have to swallow that monthly service fee, but this is absolutely the best DVR available on the market today.

Razer makes some of your favorite gaming peripherals, and two of their mice are on sale for $40 each today.

The Diamondback features an extremely precise 16,000 DPI sensor and Razer’s customizable RGB backlighting, while the Orochi is perfectly sized for travel, and can operate wired or over Bluetooth, but it still punches above its weight with a respectable 8200 DPI sensor.

If you picked up an Xbox One this holiday season, two of Microsoft’s best exclusive titles of 2016 are down to $30 today on Amazon.

Didn’t buy a console yet? Best Buy’s discounting a ton of bundles by $50 right now, and throwing in an extra controller for good measure.

Whether you have kids yourself, or just want to knock out holiday shopping early for your nieces and nephews, Amazon’s discounting dozens of fun and educational STEM toys, today only. With these toys, they can design their own robot, learn about electronics, dip their toes into programming, and a whole lot more.

Today on Amazon, $19 gets you nine popular Mel Brooks films on Blu-ray, including Blazing Saddles, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and Spaceballs, plus a ton of special features. That’s about $5-$10 less than usual, and the best price Amazon’s ever seen.

Finally, someone made the Glow Bowl, but for everywhere else in your home. This motion-sensing light strip is billed as an under-bed night light, but you could just as easily attach it under your bathroom counter, along a railing, beneath your baby’s crib, or anywhere else you might need to venture in the middle of the night. For a limited time, you can get one for just $18 with code SJMFQK08.

If you’ve come home after work to one too many destroyed pillows or overturned trashcans, this ingenious little gadget can help you keep an eye on your pets from anywhere.


Petcube is a Wi-Fi camera, intercom system, and laser toy all wrapped into one sleek package, and Amazon is selling it today for $79, an all-time low, and roughly half its usual price. The video above does a better job of explaining this thing than I ever could, and if you own a pet and spend a lot of time away from home, it certainly seems like it could be a great investment.

My dog burped in my face the other day, and in turn, I nearly threw up on his, so I’ll probably be buying some of these Greenies dental treats in today’s Amazon Gold Box. And while at-home oral care won’t totally replace professional veterinary dental work, it can at least mean fewer expensive appointments. Just remember that these prices are only available today, or until sold out.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1, $110 with code JINGLEBELLS

Klipsch’s ProMedia 2.1 speaker system is the only three-time winner in Kinja Co-Op history, and BuyDig’s taking $40 off the set today with promo code JINGLEBELLS. If you’re still using, say, your laptop’s built-in speakers, I can’t express how huge this upgrade will be.

Who doesn’t want to roll their grill up to a BBQ like a great piece of luggage? This portable grill by Coleman is literally called the Road Trip and it’s only $119, the best price in months. Even with its cast iron cooktop, it collapses into a super portable, rolling party machine.

USB battery packs are the perfect lazy gift for nearly everyone—who doesn’t suffer from battery anxiety?—and a pair of Quick Charge 3.0 models from Aukey are both on sale today. The larger model even includes a Lightning input, meaning iPhone owners won’t have to carry around an extra microUSB cable just to recharge it.

USB-C is eating the world, but until it totally replaces the old USB port, you’ll want a collection of USB-A to USB-C cables to ease the transition. A 2-pack for $7 is just about the best deal we’ve seen, so grab yours before they sell out.

Mpow Thor Wireless Headphones, $19 with code SDURQZ2O

Mpow basically invented the sub-$20 Bluetooth earbud market, but it turns out they also make wireless on-ears, and you can get (or gift) a pair for just $19 today.

Mpow Bike Phone Mount, $11 with code IPETZ6HE | Kmashi Bike Speaker/Battery Pack/Headlight, $17 with code SQ2ENHLT

Your phone can add fitness tracking, media playback, and GPS capabilities to any bicycle, as long as you have the right tools. Today on Amazon, $11 gets you a handlebar mount to keep your smartphone visible, and a combo headlight/Bluetooth speaker/battery pack will only set you back $17. Just be sure to note the promo codes, and keep your eyes on the road ahead.

iClever BoostCube, $4 with code ICLEVER0

iClever’s BoostCube line is The Wirecutter’s pick for best travel-friendly USB charger, and for a limited time, you can get one for just $4 with code ICLEVER0, in either black or white. Needless to say, these would make great little stocking stuffers.

Stock up on some undies (or give some awkward gifts) with $3 Uniqlo skivvies. Basic bikini or boyshort for the women and briefs, boxer breifs, and boxers for the dudes. Seriously, $3 underwear is not something to pass up.

There’s a pretty large snow storm moving its way across the country, so it’s spot-on timing for this Merrell shoe sale. Waterproof winter boots will be a lifesaver in the coming days, so why not grab a new pair of some heavy-duty boots or a good pair of waterproof slip ons for the car, just in case?

Everything you need to upgrade to true 5.1 surround sound is on sale for just $300 today. That gets you five speakers, a subwoofer, and a receiver from Onkyo to power them all.


It’s true that Vizio 5.1 sound bars are cheaper and simpler to set up, but if you’re willing to make room for a receiver and run some wires, you’ll be able to get much more separation on the front channels by using separate speakers. Today’s price is within a dollar of an all-time low, so it’s a great chance to give your home theater a huge boost.

Umbra’s Twilight Rod takes your curtains from the windows to the wall, and you can save $5 on yours today. If it helps you sleep in just once, I’d say it paid for itself.

If you ever buy tickets to sporting events or concerts from StubHub, this gift card can save you $10 on your next night out, which might be just enough for a stadium Bud Light.

The new GoPro is about two months old now, which means it’s high time for the deals to roll out.


The full-sized GoPro HERO5 Black will still set you back its usual $400, but you’ll get a $60 in Amazon gift card to use on anything you want thrown in for free. You can read Gizmodo’s full review here, but you’ll be getting the Cadillac of action cameras, including optical stabilization, 4K recording, and even voice control.

We’ve seen a handful of $89 deals on the reader-favorite Blue Yeti USB microphone over the last several weeks, but for just $10 more today, you’ll get the microphone and a PC download of Watch Dogs 2.

YOSH Smartphone Dry Bag, $5 with code I9YDJD9U

Sure, it’s a little bit out of season, but at $5, this smartphone dry bag (with nearly 3,000 reviews!) would make a great stocking stuffer.

By now, most of you probably have a USB battery pack or two to keep your phones charged, and that’s great! But I’m willing to bet most of them won’t start your car if its battery dies.


The $59 Anker compact car jump starter has your standard pair of USB ports and a 10,000mAh built-in battery, but it also ships with a set of removable jumper cables to jolt your car’s engine to life in a pinch. Once you’re up and running, it’ll even recharge itself via an included 15V car charger, so it never even has to leave your glove box. Plus, it makes a really easy gift for the car people in your life.

Hopefully you don’t need to use this often, but it’s one of those things you’ll be really glad you bought when the time comes. This particular model has been a little cheaper during a couple of Amazon Gold Boxes, but today’s price is still well below its usual $70-$80.

The Expanse was io9's favorite TV show of 2016, and the book on which the first season is based is just $3 on Kindle right now.

To celebrate the holidays, Amazon’s offering a pretty spectacular deal on a few dozen grocery and household essentials: Buy $75, save $25 at checkout. So if you need Red Bull, trash bags, San Pellegrino, or over-the-counter medications that are included in this promotion, $25 is a pretty spectacular discount, and you won’t even have to drive to the store.

Yi makes our readers’ favorite budget action cam, and now, they’ve brought that expertise to an eminently affordable dash cam.

$50 gets you the Yi Dash Cam in gold today, down from its usual $70. The key feature here is 1080p/60 recording, compared to the 1080/30 you normally see in this price range. That means you have twice as many frames to get a clear shot of a license plate. Its f/1.8 aperture, 165 degree FOV, and 2.7" screen are nothing to sneeze at either.

A good label maker is something everyone should own, and the highly rated Brother P-Touch is down to just $10 today, its best price in months.


If you remember the old label makers that literally pressed the letters into a piece of tape, this is a bit more advanced than what you’re picturing. The P-Touch can print in nine fonts across two lines, along with clipart and special characters, and can even print on multiple label widths, including special iron-on labels.

Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t a perfect game, but it’s pretty tempting at $10 on PS4 and Xbox One, the lowest price we’ve seen. If nothing else, it’ll give you something to do while you wait for Rogue One to come out.

Not content to let the holiday season pass by without selling you two dozen products, Anker’s back with another batch of awesome promo codes. Stock up for yourself, or turn them all into gifts; you can’t go wrong with anything here.

There are too many new deals to list them all here, but you can find all of the links and promo codes on this post.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, $20

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was available for $25 around Black Friday. But if that wasn’t enough to convince you, how’s $20 sound? If you’re still on the fence, be sure to check out Kotaku’s review.

Mpow 2-Pack Lightning Cables, $10 with code 83RVBQBH

iPhone and iPad owners can never own enough Lightning cables, especially when you can get two for $10. As an aside, Apple still charges $19 for a single cable.

In case you missed out during Deals Week, several of Amazon’s most popular gadgets are back on sale for one last push during the holiday shopping season.

The Echoes and Paperwhite are back down to the same prices at Black Friday, while the $40 Fire Tablet deal is $7 higher than it was before. Interestingly, the Fire HD 10 actually didn’t get a Black Friday discount, so today’s $200 deal is your first chance to save on that model in quite some time.