Game of Thrones Monopoly, Breath of the Wild’s collector’s edition game guide, and smart thermostats lead off Thursday’s best deals.

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Top Tech Deals

The newest, big-screen Nest Learning Thermostat 3.0 is down to $220 today, a rare $30 discount. These go down to $199 once or twice per year, but if you have one on your wish list, this is a pretty good opportunity.

While Nest basically invented the smart thermostat market, many people (including myself) would tell you that the Ecobee3 thermostat is superior to the Nest, owing to its remote sensor that measure the air temperature at another point in your home. I also usually sells for $250, but it’s available for $199 this month.

Tablo DVR, $167

So you’re ready to cut out your cable subscription and start using an HDTV antenna, but you still want to be able to DVR your favorite network broadcasts. What do you do?

The obvious answer is to get a TiVo OTA, but it costs almost $350 with lifetime service, and only has 1TB of non-expandable storage. The Tablo DVR is a worthy competitor, and is only $167 right now, albeit with a few caveats.

The most obvious difference between the DVRs is that Tablo doesn’t actually plug into your TV over HDMI. Instead, it streams its contents over Wi-Fi to apps on your mobile devices or smart TV dongles. That’s a little bit fussy if you’re just trying to watch Jeopardy on your big screen TV, but awesome in that it basically turns your tablets and phones into portable live TVs themselves.


Unlike TiVo, Tablo also lacks built-in storage. You’ll need to plug in a USB hard drive to save your shows, but chances are you already have one laying in a drawer somewhere, and this setup makes it much easier to upgrade your DVR later on.

And while Tablo will provide some basic functionality for free, you will need to pony up $5/month, $50/year, or $150 for a lifetime data subscription, which is significantly less than TiVo, but still not nothing. That subscription unlocks features like automatic series recording, a more interactive programming guide, and crucially, the ability to stream content around the world, rather than just on your home Wi-Fi.

So in the end, Tablo isn’t actually that much cheaper than the TiVo OTA, but it’s probably better suited for the way most people watch TV these days, and today’s Amazon deal is about $30 less than usual.

This $9 Aukey car charger includes both Quick Charge 3.0 and a USB-C port, making it one of the most forward-looking car chargers out there. This would be an amazing price for a charger with just one of those features, so to get them both for under $10 is pretty remarkable.

Anker SoundBuds Slim, $22 with code BEST3235

Anker’s SoundBuds are our readers’ favorite affordable Bluetooth headphones, and the newest version is back down to its all-time low price.

The SoundBuds Slim are, as you might have gleaned from the name, far smaller than the originals. Heck, they look like a small set of wired earbuds; you might never guess there were batteries and Bluetooth radios in there. Despite the size, these buds are still rated for seven hours of battery life, and recharge fully in just 90 minutes.

Elago’s Macintosh-themed Apple Watch charging stand was the cutest thing at CES this year, and now you can say hello to it for $10 from Amazon, or $4 less than its launch price.

Mpow basically invented the sub-$20 Bluetooth earbud market, but it turns out they also make wireless over-ears, and you can get (or gift) a pair for just $21 today.

Since you named Anker’s kevlar-lined PowerLine cables as your favorite Lightning cables, the company has come out with the nylon-braided PowerLine+ collection, and the lifetime warrantied PowerLine IIs. But the originals are still way better than the crappy cable Apple includes in the box, and today, you can get three of them for the same price Apple charges for one.

TP-Link Multicolor Smart Bulb, $40 with code LB130

TP-Link has been quietly assembling an impressive coterie of smart home gadgets for awhile now, but their Philips Hue competitor might be their most impressive gadget yet.


While the TP-Link smart bulb lacks IFTTT support and Hue’s massive ecosystem of apps, you can still control it via the Kasa app, or with an Amazon Echo. And unlike Hue, you don’t need a hub to control them; they connect directly to your router.

Amazon today added the ability to control the bulbs’ color with your voice (rather than just its brightness level), and TP-Link’s celebrating the new functionality with a $10 discount. Just use promo code LB130 at checkout to get it for $40.

Anker’s PowerCore battery packs are your favorite portable chargers, and it’s not even close. And today, two of the most popular models are $4-$5 less than usual. These don’t include Quick Charge or USB-C like some newer models, but they’re compact workhorses that will reliably keep your devices powered on for days at a time.

Anker PowerTouch 5, $12 with code BEST2516 | Anker PowerTouch 10, $18 with code BEST2512

If your phone supports Qi wireless charging, it’s a great day to buy some new pads to scatter around your home and office, as Anker’s 5W and 10W PowerTouch pads are both on sale.


Other than the maximum charging speed and a few very minor design differences, these are functionally identical. The headlining feature is an LED light ring on the bottom (which you can turn off, thankfully) which pulses to indicate whether your device is charging. Just note that not all phones can accept 10W wireless charging, and that these don’t include power adapters, so you’ll need to plug them into a USB charging port somewhere.

TaoTronics makes a lot of popular Bluetooth earbuds, but their new wireless over-ears are also a great deal at $40. The best part is that if their 20 hour battery ever dies (unlikely), you can plug them in with an included 3.5mm cable, and enjoy them just like regular headphones.

Top Home Deals

If your mattress doesn’t leave you feeling as well-rested as you’d like, it’s a whole lot cheaper to upgrade it with a mattress pad than to buy a new one, especially today.


Amazon is offering highly-rated ExceptionalSheets bamboo pads for $67-$90 as part of a one-day Gold Box deal. ExceptionalSheets is the same company that makes the mattress pads for Marriott hotels, but a lot of reviewers are saying they like this model.

The standard full, queen, and king pads come in at $78, $86, and $90 respectively, which is seriously cheap for a product like this. They promise to soften up old mattresses, and cool down hot ones, which sounds awesome for the impending heat of summer.

Deals on standard LED light bulbs are pretty commonplace these days, but flood light discounts aren’t nearly as common. Today though, you can get four 65W equivalents for just $12 with promo code 4OXYBR30. At that price, they’re obviously not dimmable, but $3 per bulb is pretty damn good.

This microfiber towel is considered by many detailing aficionados to be the best for drying off your car after you wash it. In fact, I can personally confirm that it’s less a towel and more a towel-shaped sponge. It’s also down to one of the lowest prices Amazon’s ever listed.

X-Chef 30 oz. Tumbler, $8 with code 97HQ8ZJC

I know there have been a lot of deals on these YETI-style tumblers lately, but $8 for 30 oz. (with a lid!) is as cheap as we’ve seen.

Protip: Get these stainless steel straws to go with it. I use mine all the time, even in regular glasses.

Your favorite travel mug comes in a few different sizes, but 20 ounces is the sweet spot as far as I’m concerned, and you can pick one up from Amazon for $13 today.

The 20 oz. mugs typically sell for $15-$20, so this is a solid deal on something you’ll use almost every day.

Small Foldable Trunk Organizer, $21 with code MC3TRUNK | Large Foldable Trunk Organizer, $30 with code MC3TRUNK

What’s that noise the car’s making? It’s all the crap rolling around in your trunk. These pop-up organizers will keep everything in its place, from groceries to road trip supplies to tire changing equipment. You can choose from two different sizes today, both of which include a bonus car cooler for drinks. Just note that only the smaller model has the built-in reflective safety triangle.

Amazon’s taking 20% off Airheads for Easter, which doesn’t make a ton of sense since they’re too big to fit in eggs, but whatever. There are a ton of flavor options here, but the one you should choose is “White Mystery,” which isn’t actually a Big Little Lies tie-in.

Note: Discount shown at checkout

Bodum’s double walled drinking glasses keep your beverages hot or cold for longer, and look awesome while doing it. If you want to give them a try, Amazon’s selling 2-packs of 12 ounce tumblers for $17 right now, and a pair of espresso mugs for $7 (as an Add-On Item). I’ll drink to that.

Update: Now up to $16

Go to your nearest home goods store, and you’ll find dozens of airtight containers to keep food and coffee fresh. But the Friis coffe vault takes things one step further with a valve and filter that lets your roast beans vent off CO2 without opening the lid, which keeps them fresher for longer.

If your wiper blades have seen better days, Amazon will sell you two Michelin Stealth replacements today for $20. Just add any two to your cart (shipped and sold by, and the price will automatically be reduced to $20 at checkout. The deal even works if you buy two different sized blades, so you should have no trouble finding a combination that fits your car.

Dr. Meter Luggage Scale, $7 with code 9CFXCB7P

United employees probably won’t bludgeon you with battery-filled tube socks if your bag is too heavy, but I guess you never know. So if you’d rather be safe than sorry, this luggage scale is only $7 right now with code 9CFXCB7P.

Gonex Expandable Packing Cubes, $15 with code 9XHZNU94

You already know that packing cubes can make traveling slightly less terrible (though they won’t stop United from beating your ass), but Gonex’s take on the product category includes a second zipper and extra material, allowing them to expand while you’re packing, and compress when it’s time to stuff everything in to your carry-on. For a limited time, get a set of three in the color of your choice for $15 with promo code 9XHZNU94.

iClever Himbox Bluetooth Car Adapter, $10 with code 5PIKJ5H8

If you want to get Bluetooth audio streaming and handsfree calling in your old car, iClever’s Himbox makes it easy. Just plug it into a USB charger and your car’s AUX port, pair your phone, and it’ll be just like you bought a new car, except you only spent $10.

Everyone with a kitchen should own a Lodge cast iron skillet, but this grill pan certainly has its uses as well. $16's a pretty great price considering it should last the rest of your life, as long as you take good care of it.

Eufy String Lights, $9 with code TPIIHLHB

Anker’s home goods brand, Eufy, put its uber-popular copper string lights back on sale today for $9 today with code TPIIHLHB. This particular set doesn’t include a remote, but at this price, it’s a fine option for indoor or outdoor decorating.

We post a lot of deals on solar-powered motion-sensing outdoor spotlights, but these Mr. Beams models trade in the solar panel for a sleeker look and the ability to mount them in shaded areas.


Three D batteries will power them for 1800 on/off cycles, and their built-in photocells ensure they won’t come on and waste power when it’s still light out. $29's by far the best price Amazon’s ever offered on a 3-pack, so lock in your order before the lights go out on this deal.

Withings Body, $69 after 30% coupon

If you’re starting to work off your winter blubber, the ever-popular Withings Body smart scale can help you monitor your progress. $69 (after you clip the 30% coupon on the page) is a match for the best deal we’ve seen.


The Withings Body syncs stats for up to eight different users to their phones, and integrates with MyFitnessPal to help you monitor calorie intake hit your weight goals. You can also save all of your stats to frameworks like Apple HealthKit and Google Fit to access them in an array of other apps.

Suaoki Air Compressor, $30 with code 3LW3KDWP

There are few things more irritating than noticing your tires are low on air, and then having to find a bunch of quarters, driving to the gas station, and cursing the heavens when the compressor shuts off before you’ve finished filling all four.


Instead, just buy this tiny $30 compressor, and fill up your own tires from anywhere. You can thank me later.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Every time there’s a sale at Madewell, it’s hard to resist putting 17 things into my cart. Right now, use the code DREAMBIG and you’ll get an extra 30% off all sale styles. There is a really great selection of spring staples, like dresses and top, and a decent amount of cooler weather styles as well if you want to stock up for next season.

I know this “tactical spork” is designed for camping, but if I owned one, I’d probably use it at home on a regular basis. The best part is undoubtedly the hidden knife that uses the spork handle as a sheath, but the $7 price tag is a close second. Just don’t try to bring it on an airplane.

It’s that time again. Nordstrom Rack has brought back their Clear the Rack sale and it’s full (and I mean FULL) of really incredible deals. Designer clothing, brands you’ve never heard of, everything an extra 25% off. Today’s the first day of the sale, and a ton of great styles are going fast. So what are you waiting for?

The sales at GAP are usually 40-50% off and happen fairly often. What doesn’t happen often is GAP marking down a ton of styles to 60% off and then giving you that sitewide 40% off on top with the code HAPPY. The exclusions for the sitewide discount unfortunately include denim, but there are a bunch of jeans in the 60% off section at really great prices.

Dorco Pace 6 + 2 Cartridges, $2 with code KINJA412

Cheap razors are kind of Dorco’s thing, but $2 for a handle and two six-blade cartridges, plus free shipping? You probably spent more on coffee this morning. Just use promo code KINJA412 at checkout to get the deal.

Top Media Deals

If you need a capable media editing suite for consumer-grade needs, Amazon will sell you a copy of Photoshop Elements 15 and Premiere Elements 15 for $75 today. That combo frequently costs over $100, and unlike Adobe Creative Cloud, comes with no monthly fees.


This package was available as a Gold Box deal for $70 a few weeks ago, but it sold out extremely quickly, and was only available as a disc, whereas you can download today’s deal to your Mac or PC.

What better way to celebrate one of the greatest games ever than with a gorgeous, full-color hardcover game guide? The official collector’s edition guide for Breath of the Wild includes a map poster, a 16-page art section, and yes, even a guide for getting through the game.

$24 is a match for the lowest price Amazon’s listed, and the same amount you would have paid if you preordered.

Next month will see the Blu-ray re-release of the Naked Gun trilogy—which I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with society’s new wave of O.J. Simpson hysteria—and you can preorder all three films for $15.

Top Gaming Deals

When you play Game of Thrones Monopoly, you win, or you get bored after 90 minutes and trade away all of your properties. Today’s deal is within $1 of an all-time low, so you won’t need a loan from the Iron Bank of Braavos.

Preorder Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, $48 for Prime Members

Prime members can preorder and save 20% on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for their Nintendo Switch, which isn’t unusual (that benefit applies to all preorder and new release games), but if recent history is any indication, they could very well sell out of copies prior to launch. As always, you won’t see the discount until checkout.

If you’re planning on hosting a Mario Kart party, you may want some extra Joy-Con or Pro Controllers to go with it.

The same 20% discount applies to Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, but we don’t yet know when those will be released.

It wasn’t that long ago that PS4 discounts were basically impossible to find, but my how times have changed. Not only is this Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS4 Slim bundle $30 off, it also comes with an extra DualShock 4. You were going to buy that extra gamepad regardless, so that’s basically a ~$75 discount on an already-affordable console.

Most gaming mice look like futuristic EMP grenades or snacks for Optimus Prime, but