Logitech computing gear, High Sierra bags and luggage, and early access Prime Day deals lead off Thursday’s best deals from around the web.

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Top Tech Deals

Mark your calendars, because Amazon’s third annual Prime Day is July 11, with the deals actually kicking off at 9PM ET the night before.


Of course, we’ll be sifting through the avalanche of deals to help you find the best stuff, but in the meantime, a few great digital discounts are already live on Amazon’s Prime Day hub page. The highlights here are six months of Audible for $9 each (rather than the usual $15), up to 40% off Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, and 15% off July 4 snacks. Again, these deals are available starting today, if you have a Prime subscription (sign up for a free 30 day trial here).

The best early access deal of them all though is undoubtedly four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for just $1. It’s only available for new members, but that’s the best deal we’ve seen on the service, which will still be less expensive than Spotify Premium ($8 vs. $10) after the promotional period expires.

Whether you’re in the market for a new keyboard, mouse, webcam, or gaming headset, Amazon’s got what you need in today’s Logitech Gold Box.


Inside, you’ll find a dozen deals on popular Logitech products to fit any budget, including the venerable Performance Mouse MX for $40, the solar-powered K750 keyboard, the $25 G230 headset, and the C922x webcam for an all-time low $50, which can dynamically remove the background of your room.

Just be sure to browse the virtual shelves ASAP, as these deals are only available today, and the best stuff could very well sell out early.

These USB batteries aren’t packed with the latest and greatest features, but they do have some of the best price-per-mAh ratios we’ve seen. The smaller of the two has an LCD screen that shows you your precise battery level remaining, while the larger Aukey includes a Lightning input for iPhone owners.

I know, I know, Uber is bad and evil. But some Uber cities don’t have Lyft coverage or reliable cab systems, so we won’t judge you if you buy this $100 gift card for $90. That’s money left over that you can use to tip your driver.

2-Pack Echo Shows, $360 with code SHOW2PACK | 2-Pack Echoes, $260 with code ECHO2PACK

Now that Amazon’s touchscreen-equipped Echo Show is out, and seems to be quite good, it bears repeating that you can buy two and save $100 with promo code SHOW2PACK. Owning two allows you to use them as videoconferencing intercoms, and even if you don’t need both yourself, maybe you could find a friend and go in together to save $50 each.



The same $100-off-two deal is also available for the audio-only Echo, if you missed it yesterday. Just add two to your cart and use code ECHO2PACK.

UGREEN Elastic Organizer Board, $8 with code YUVFNAO8

Grid organizers use a criss-crossing arrangement of elastic straps to secure your sundry power cables and gadgets in your bag, and you can pick one up for just $8 today with promo code YUVFNAO8. I’ve owned a similar product for years, and never leave town without it.

APC’s SurgeArrest is your favorite line of surge protectors, and the miniature six outlet version is down to $6 on Amazon right now, within a few cents of an all-time low. You can never go wrong with extra power outlets.

2-Pack Mpow Smartphone Dry Bags, $7 with code 2J4BMZI8

It’s officially beach season, and if you want to keep your phones protected from the surf and sand, you can get a two-pack of Mpow dry bags for just $7 today with promo code 2J4BMZI8.

6-Month PureVPN Subscription, $43 with code 6M31 | 2-Year PureVPN Subscription, $60 with code 2Y77

VPNs are in the news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re curious to sign up and start protecting your browsing history and personal data (or, you know, getting around websites’ geoblocks), PureVPN is running some pretty stellar discounts right now.



If you sign up for a six month membership and use promo code 6M31, you’ll get it for $7.20 per month rather than the listed $9, and if you commit to two years, your price will drop all the way to $2.51 per month with code 2Y77, down from $2.95. That’s less than you spend during a trip to Starbucks.

Sennheiser HD 6XX, $250 at 9AM ET. 7500 units available.

Update: MassDrop just dropped the price an extra $50 to $200, and if you already ordered, you’ll automatically get the discount!


Sennheiser’s HD 650 open back headphones are widely considered some of the best-sounding cans you can buy for under $1000, and the best chance to get them is when MassDrop drops a new shipment of the legendary HD 6XX.

The 6XX is basically exactly the same as the 650, but with a 6' cable rather than the original’s 10', which is actually a better length, in my opinion. The 650s are currently listed for $316 on Amazon, and have never been cheaper than $287, but MassDrop has 7500 units of the 6XX available for $250, while supplies last.

Anker’s take on truly wireless earbuds is finally here, and you can save a lot by preordering through Kickstarter.


Update: Anker added 3,000 additional $99 backer rewards to celebrate reaching $1,000,000, if you missed out last week.

Needless to say, we don’t make a habit of covering crowdfunding campaigns, but given that we’ve personally used almost every product Anker has ever made, and our readers have purchased more than 200,000 of their products without issue, we’ll make an exception. Especially for this huge preorder discount.


Even better, I checked out two engineering samples of the Liberty+ on a recent trip to Seattle. They were comfortable (using the only size of ear tips available with the samples), and sounded great both when streaming Spotify and playing a few minutes of some podcasts.


As you’d expect from Anker, the headline spec here is battery life. Liberty+ gets a competitive 3.5 hours of playtime from the earbuds, but a whopping 48 hours out of the charging case. They also have some waterproofing, use Bluetooth 5.0, and work with your favorite voice assistants. Just don’t expect to wear them underwater or find any built-in fitness tracking.

I’ve been using wireless earbuds most days since mid-2016, and between our team we’ve tested more than ten different pairs. Anker’s Liberty+ are a steal at $89 (or $99 if you miss the early bird special), and while they will of course get discounted many times in the future from their $149 MSRP, we wouldn’t expect this price point again any time soon.

Expected shipping in October 2017.

Top Home Deals

Whether you’re filling tires or firing pneumatic tools, this 4.5 star-rated Bostitch electric pancake compressor is a great addition to any garage, and you can pick it up for $99 in today’s Gold Box. That’s $70 less than usual, and the best price Amazon’s ever listed.

Nothing stresses me out more than finding the right bag or luggage for my trips. But today only, Amazon is marking down High Sierra backpacks to under $60 and rolling luggage to under $100. So, if you’ve been using that duffel bag since college and you have a flight to catch soon, you should get on this one. Like any Gold Box, these prices are taking off at the end of the day.

Select 3-wick candles, $10 | $10 off $30 orders with code INEEDTHESE

Bath & Body Works just dropped a whole bunch of summer scents to help keep your thoughts carefree, and they’re marking them down to just $10. No code is needed to enjoy the markdown, but if you pick up $30 worth of stuff and use the code INEEDTHESE, you’ll get $10 taken off. You could end up with three 3-wick candles for just $7 each.

You’re probably familiar with the color-changing Hue lights that screw into your existing lamps and light fixtures, but if you really want to paint your rooms with color, you’ll want to pick up a few Hue Bloom accent lights as well.


These lights used to sell for around $80, and have sold for $60 for the last few months, but today’s $46 deal on Amazon is the best we’ve ever seen. If you’re already invested in the Hue ecosystem, you should absolutely pick up at least one.

If you haven’t replaced your metal spring mattress with a giant block of foam that you bought on the internet, what are you even doing with your life? Today only, Amazon’s marking Zinus 12" foam mattresses down to just $120 for a twin, $160 for a full, or $190 for a queen, all of which are all-time low prices, beating even one-day Gold Box deals.


It’s certainly a little scary buying a mattress sight unseen, but the Zinus boasts a 4.5 star review average from over 7,000 Amazon customers, so it might be worth the risk, at least for a guest room.

20 LED Spotlight, $16 with code ES7UM9DV | 2-Pack 20 LED Spotlights, $29 with code JTSH6LMI | 4-Pack 20 LED Spotlights, $57 with code JTSH6LMI

Without any wiring to futz with, Mpow’s solar-powered, motion-sensing spotlights are the easiest way to illuminate your front porch or lawn, and you can stock up on 20 LED models on the cheap. All of the promo codes are below, just note that the more lights you buy, the more you’ll save.

Contigo, purveyor of your longtime favorite travel mug, now makes a vacuum insulated water bottle as well, and you can grab a 24 oz. model for an all-time low $16 today. It’ll keep your drinks cold for up to 28 hours straight, which doesn’t seem like it should be possible, but here we are.

I’m not saying you need a machete, but this one has a fine blade on one side and a saw blade on the other, and is only $9 on Amazon. So...why not?

Update 6/29 - There are only a couple days left to get this deal.

Anova dominates the sales charts, but in many ways (raw heating power, looks, size, software quality), the Joule sous-vide circulator is actually the superior product, and Amazon’s running a rare $20 discount on it, for a limited time.

Promo code SOUSVIDETIME will take $20 off the original Joule White/Stainless Steel and the new Joule White. The White model is $20 cheaper to begin with, the only difference being the absence of steel accents; performance should be identical.

If you don’t have any idea what the hell I’m talking about or why you might want to buy this, Lifehacker has a great sous-vide explainer here. Spoiler alert: It’s incredibly simple, and the results are fantastic.

The newest, big-screen Nest Learning Thermostat 3.0 is down to $198 today, which is a match for the best discount we’ve ever seen. These don’t go on sale all that often, so if you have one on your wishlist, I wouldn’t hesitate.


For a limited time, if you purchase a Prime Pantry box with $60 worth of stuff in it, Amazon will throw in a free stainless steel or aluminum water bottle, because why not?


Chances are, you have one of those $5 Prime Pantry credits in your account anyway from choosing no-rush shipping, and it’s easy to get free Prime Pantry shipping by including any five of these eligible items. I’ve found that in most cases, Prime Pantry prices are comparable to what you’d see at the store, so between the water bottle, the $5 discounts, and the convenience factor, why not load up a box?

Note: You’ll need to add one of the water bottles to your box manually, but you should see a corresponding $9 discount at checkout.

Cooking eggs isn’t exactly rocket science, but I’d say the ability to make soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, plus omelettes and poached eggs at the touch of a button is worth $14. The Dash Go is Amazon’s top-selling egg cooker, and carries a truly stellar 4.5 star review average from nearly 3,000 customers, so get the red model while it’s on sale for several bucks less than the other colors.

If your tires are about due for a replacement, Discount Tire Direct is offering up to $100 in Visa gift card rebates (in addition to any manufacturer rebates) when you order four new tires, plus an additional $100 if you order wheels as well, plus an extra $60 on each if you use a Discount Tire credit card. Just enter your make and model, click the options to see tires on promotion, and you’ll see the rebate amount (either $25, $75, or $100) on the right hand side.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Update: This was available to Prime members for $40 earlier this week, but now it’s down to $36 for all Amazon shoppers, today only.


Bar none, Sport-Brella is the ultimate beach umbrella, and Amazon’s discounting the blue model for just $36 today, one of the best prices we’ve seen.


Unlike a regular umbrella, Sport-Brella leans backwards and attaches to the sand with stakes, creating a kind of semi-private cocoon with enough space for a couple of chairs and a cooler. Best of all, it sets up in about five minutes (once you know what you’re doing), and can provide a full day’s worth of privacy and sun protection.

Whether you’re washing your dog or rinsing sand off your feet, there are times where you could really use a hose, but don’t have one available. For just $26 though, this battery-powered portable shower turns any bucket of water into an easily-controlled stream of water. It even recharges over USB!

Dorco Pace 6 + 10 Cartridges, $11 with code KINJA6CSF

Great razors for low prices are kind of Dorco’s thing, but $11 for a handle and ten six-blade cartridges, plus free shipping? You’ll probably spend more on lunch today, and this should last you months. Just use promo code KINJA6CSF at checkout to get the deal.

While it lacks the brand recognition of the Fitbit Aria, this $30 smart scale can still sync your weight, body fat, and other stats to your phone over Bluetooth so you can track your measurements over time. And if you own an iPhone, it’ll even sync to the Health app, so you can integrate the stats with tons of other fitness apps.

Luxury Beauty Box, $20 with $20 credit

Get beautiful and get free stuff at the same time. Pick up a $20 Amazon luxury beauty box, which is a little more fancy-schmancy than the typical beauty box, and receive equivalent credit to use on a number of featured products. It’s basically free money that you can use to further your beauty obsession.

Get your exercise on with up to 50% off select styles during New Balance’s Semi-Annual Sale. Everything you need to look like you care about working out is marked down, with over 1,000 styles included. From sneakers to t-shirts to bags to hold all your stuff, with prices as low as $8.

If you haven’t found that new favorite pair of jeans by now, American Eagle is marking down all their clearance jeans to just $20 for both men and women. A lot of them come pre-ripped and faded, but there are some hidden gems in there (like the Vintage Hi-Rise Jean for women and the Slim Selvedge Jean for the guys).

H2oflossTravel Water Flosser, $24 with code 9S6ABSJY

It might not have the brand recognition of Waterpik, but this H2ofloss water flosser still boasts a 4.3 star review average, and you can get it for just $24 right now with promo code 9S6ABSJY. The best part? It’s tiny! It even comes with a travel case so you can throw it into you luggage.

Top Media Deals

If you’ve never used Amazon Prime to stream video, doing so today will get you a $10 Amazon credit to spend by Prime Day. All you have to do is sign up for a 30 day free Prime trial if you aren’t a member, open up the Amazon Video app on your smart TV, streaming box, or game console, and watch any free movie or TV show included with your Prime membership.


Assuming you’ve never done this before on the same Amazon account, you’ll receive a $10 credit in your account within 3-4 days, which will expire at midnight on Prime Day.

In addition to yesterday’s deal on The Wrath of Khan, you can also get all three rebooted Trek movies for just $18 today, including the best Star Trek movie of all time, Star Trek (2009).

The second best Star Trek movie ever made has a director’s cut Blu-ray, and you can get it for an all-time low $10 today on Amazon.

Top Gaming Deals

Just in time for tomorrow’s first Breath of the Wild DLC release, eBay’s taking 10% off this $50 Nintendo eShop gift card.

littleBits kits are fun ways to learn about electronics, but the cloudBit kit ups the ante with internet connectivity.


The kit comes to six snap-together modules, including a Wi-Fi one that allows your various sensors to connect to the internet and trigger IFTTT recipes. The video above should give you a better idea of what the kid can accomplish, but if it seems like something you might want to give as a gift (or to play with yourself), $63 is as low as it’s gotten on Amazon.

If your PlayStation Plus membership is due to expire soon (or not), grab another year for $48 today, which is about as low as it gets since Sony jacked up the price by $10.

The 2017 Steam Summer Sale is live, with deals on hundreds of titles including Hollow Knight, Rocket League, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and a lot (a lot!) more.





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