Philips’ entry-level Wake-Up Light, Casio watches, and unlocked phones lead off Tuesday’s best deals.

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Top Tech Deals

If your phone’s on its last legs, or if it’s perfectly fine, and you just want something new (more likely), Amazon’s running a limited time promotion on a number of unlocked Android phones.


The highlights here are the Sony Xperia XA line, LeEco’s Le Pro 3, and the Asus Zenfone Zoom, all of which are $60-$70 less than usual - and they were already pretty affordable to begin with. Head over here to find all of the deals, and dial up your favorite before these prices return to normal on Thursday.

If you take your Wi-Fi seriously, and can’t abide dead spots, NETGEAR’s Orbi mesh routers are some of the best you can buy according to Gizmodo and The Wirecutter, and Amazon’s running an insane deal on the 2-pack right now.

In addition to listing them for an all-time low $330, they’re also throwing in a free Echo Dot just for kicks. The previous $330 deal didn’t last very long at all, so I wouldn’t expect any different this time. For what it’s worth, my parents just bought this system, and it increased internet speeds around their house as much at 10x compared to a current generation Apple Time Capsule.

Beats sound quality has come a long way in recent years, and the new Powerbeats3 even include Apple’s easy-pairing W1 chip, making them a great option for iPhone-owning fitness buffs, or anyone whose ears aren’t compatible with AirPods. They’re still only a few months old, but for a limited time, Amazon’s taking $50 off every available color.

Vansky Transparent HDTV Antenna, $18 with code VQFDJTO2

We post our fair share of deals on amplified HDTV antennas, but this one from Vansky has one key advantage that others lack: It’s almost entirely transparent. That means it won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your wall, and won’t block your view if you attach it to a window.


Just be sure to check out Lifehacker’s guide first to see if this kind of antenna is likely to work where you live.

NVIDIA’s uber-popular GTX 1080 graphics cards are finally coming down in price, and you can score one from Gigabyte with 8GB of GDDR5X RAM for $420 from Newegg’s eBay storefront, or $69 less than Amazon.

If you’re sick of filling your lawn mower with fuel and changing its oil, Sun Joe’s 12A mower is one of the cheapest ways we’ve seen to make the jump to electric.


At $79, this obviously isn’t the most powerful mower out there, and it’ll require an extension cord, rather than a battery. But even so, it’s more than adequate for smaller lawns, and even has a detachable bag to collect all of your clippings.

Today’s price is $20 less than usual, and an all-time low, so just make sure to lock in your order before the price grows back.

Phone cameras will never have true interchangeable lenses, but you can still take fisheye, wide angle, and macro photos with this 3-in-1 clip-on lens kit from Anker. Be sure to check out the sample photos uploaded by customers to get an idea of what this kit is capable of.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (and to a lesser extent, the LG G6) are the new belles of the Android ball, and you can dress them up in the case of your choice for just $4. Check out the full list here, and be sure to note the promo codes.

Anker’s plastic-encased PowerCore battery packs certainly aren’t poorly designed, but the aluminum PowerCore+ models take build quality to a whole new level. For a limited time, get the Quick Charge 3.0-enabled PowerCore+ 10050 for $30, or about $5-$10 less than usual, no promo code required.

These Mackie reference monitors almost always sell for $100 on Amazon, and even at that price are the top-sellers in the “Studio Audio Monitors” category. So if you can get them for $20 off, you should jump at the chance.

As long as you don’t mind buying a certified refurb, this 38" VIZIO sound bar is fantastic value at $68.


Without a subwoofer, this might not be ideal for a main home theater sound system, but it’d be a massive upgrade to, say, your bedroom TV’s built-in speakers. And when your TV’s turned off, it’ll also work as a massive Bluetooth speaker for playing music from your phone. These sound bars typically sell for around $100, and today’s deal is only available today and tomorrow, or until sold out.

Aukey Dual Port Charger, $6 with code AUKWALLA

You know the little charging brick that came with your phone? Throw it out, and spend $6 on this replacement from Aukey (with code AUKWALLA). It’s only slightly bigger than Apple’s standard iPhone charger, but it includes two ports, folding prongs, and 2.4A of current (instead of 1A) to charge your devices faster.

Once again, Amazon’s offering big deals on a selection of its popular Fire Tablets. You can get a standard 7" Fire Tablet for $40, but I’d probably opt for the $70 Fire HD 8, which has double the storage, better Wi-Fi, five extra hours of battery life, and a larger, sharper screen.

And in case you missed it last week, Amazon’s Kindle lineup is still $30-$50 off, for Prime members only.

Top Home Deals

If you still haven’t upgraded your morning routine up a life-changing wake-up light, Philips’ entry level model just got a huge price drop.

The Philips HF3500 is currently marked down to $50, almost $20 less than usual, and the best price we’ve seen in months. While there are higher end models with color-shifting light and multiple wake-up sounds, this model still offers a reasonably convincing facsimile of a sunrise, which helps ease you out of REM cycles before the alarm sounds. I’ve been using it for years, and absolutely love it.

25' Globe String Light Strand, $14 with code VSYT2XHZ

We see deals all the time on copper string lights, but if you prefer the look of “globe” style incandescents, you can get a 25' strand with 25 bulbs for $13 today. It’s already warm outside, so string these up on your patio and enjoy the outdoors.

Who loves free pizza? Everyone loves free pizza. And this $50 Domino’s gift card is only $40 today, which is basically equivalent to $10 worth of free pizza. And since this is just a gift card, rather than a specific offer, you can stack it with any other promotions Domino’s happens to be running.

One of the best investments you can make in your own happiness is upgrading the crappy shower head that came with your house or apartment. Delta makes your favorite models, and we’ve spotted deals on three different options today.

First up is the top-selling Delta 75152, now down to an all-time low $16. Aside from a single switch that toggles between 1.75 and 1 gallons per minute, this showerhead doesn’t have any notable features to speak of. But I can tell you from years of experience that its water coverage is beyond excellent. Each of the four spray holes uses Delta’s H2Okinetic system to agitate the water and create a full, perfectly dispersed wall of water, rather than four individual streams. It’s a difficult sensation to describe, but I absolutely recommend you try it for yourself.

If you need a wand-style shower head, we’re not hanging you out to dry. You can choose from the 58467 In2ition with four settings for $73, or the 58480-PK In2ition with five settings for $92. The latter includes the same H2Okinetic spray holes as the 75152 (but a lot more of them), so that’s what I’d go for, personally.

Aukey Wireless Doorbell, $10 with code AUKEYDB2

Just because your house or apartment doesn’t have a doorbell doesn’t mean you’ll have to rely on knocking like a caveman. This $10 kit has everything you need to install one, no wiring required. You can even choose from 36 different chimes!

Ghost Paper Notebook, $20 with code KINJA999

Even (or perhaps, especially) in the age of laptops and tablets, many people prefer the tactile experience of jotting down notes with an actual pen and paper, and the most tactile experience of all comes from the Ghost Paper Notebook.

Rather than simply printing lines on the sheet to keep your letters straight, Ghost Paper’s lines are very slightly embossed, giving your pen an actual base from which to start each character. Shane tried one of these out last month and loved it, and you can get your own notebook for $5 off today with promo code KINJA999.

It’s been over a month since the last time we posted a deal on Haribo Gold Bears, so you’ve finished your last bag and you’re ready for a resupply, Amazon’s marked it back down to $10 with Subscribe & Save, or $11 with standard shipping.


Also, fear not, these aren’t the sugar free ones that famously do horrible things to you body.

Periodically cleaning your fuel system can increase your car’s gas mileage and horsepower, and you can do it yourself for $10 today with this 20 ounce can of Royal Purple. Just pour it into a nearly empty gas tank before you fill up, and you’ll be good to go for 10,000 miles.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Amazon is marking down a bunch of styles from Casio’s Protrek line. With styles that are water resistant up to 100M and powered by solar energy, there’s basically a timepiece for everyone, at up to 60% off. There’s a few different styles, with a decent selection sub-$100, but time will run out on this one-day sale, so don’t delay.

The Target Beauty Box comes out once a month and usually sells out quicker than you’d like. If you hurry, you can choose between the April Beauty Box and the April Naturals Beauty Box (which includes green brands and all-natual ingredients), just $7 for seven samples each.

LifeStraws are great backpack staples for hiking, or nice gifts for the outdoorsmen in your life. And right now, they’re at an all time low of just $13. If you aren’t familiar, these allow you to sip directly from basically any source of fresh water you find in nature. Hopefully you never need one, but if you like to spend time outdoors, it’s worth keeping one in your bag.

Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massager, $67with code KINJA321

This neck massager may look like a torture device, but in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The weird arm things help you regulate the pressure (there’s also velcro if you want to keep your arms free), the massaging nodes can operate at three speeds in four different modes, and it even heats up.


At $67, it’s not the cheapest product we’ve seen in this category, but that owes to the fact that it includes a two hour battery pack (in addition to wall and car chargers), so you can relieve stress in your backyard, on a plane, or anywhere else without a convenient power outlet.

If that’s more than you’re looking to spend, there’s also a handheld massager on sale for $24 with code PC5030FF.

You’re probably in need of new workwear staples. Brooks Brothers may be the gold standard for business attire, the prices can be daunting. Right now, though, get up to 70% off a ton of styles, no code needed. Get all the work-appropriate garb you could need, from sheath dresses and blazer for women, to slacks and button downs for guys.

Fill your kids’ your toy box with new LEGO sets for less, thanks to Amazon’s BOGO sale. Right now, buy one LEGO City set, and get a second one for 40% off when you add qualifying sets to your cart. Build your own police station or cargo plane, or get both with this deal.


FYI: The only way to tell if the set is part of the promotion is to click into the product page, scroll to the bottom, and see this:

25% off one item with code YOUR25

West Elm may seem unattainable in terms of pricing, even with this 25% off one item code, but there’s a lot to choose from. Use the code YOUR25 and take 25% off that one piece you’ve been keeping an eye on. Just an FYI, there are a couple different exclusions (here’s the list). Finally get some real, adult furniture.

LifeStraws are great backpack staples for hiking, or nice gifts for the outdoorsmen in your life. And right now, they’re at an all time low of just $13. If you aren’t familiar, these allow you to sip directly from basically any source of fresh water you find in nature. Hopefully you never need one, but if you like to spend time outdoors, it’s worth keeping one in your bag.

You voted Eye Buy Direct one of your five favorite online glasses stores, and right now, pick up any pair of sunglasses (for $15 or more) and get another pair free. Stay shade by using the code SUNBOGO at checkout and stock up, because this deal won’t last. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have six pairs of sunglasses in my cart that I need to decide on.

Dorco Pace Frugal Dude Pack, $24 with code KINJA43

$48 for a year’s-supply of razor blades is a great deal, especially from Dorco. $24 for the same pack (with code KINJA43) is downright unbelievable.

That price includes a mishmash of products, but basically, it boils down to 28 cartridges, including a mix of three, four, and six-blade models. Obviously, it depends on how often you shave, but for many of you, that should last at least a year. It would probably last me like three.

Ohuhu Camping Hammock + FREE Hanging Kit, $15 with code BY86D5KF

It’s hammock season once again, and you can pick up a nylon camping hammock from Ohuhu for $15 today, and get a free hanging kit to boot. $15 is a good price for one of these hammocks on its own, and the hanging kit allows you to install secure hooks on walls, posts, and more. Just add both to your cart, and use promo code BY86D5KF.

ExOfficio underwear are not only one of your favorite underwear by an incredible margin, they’re also a Bestseller. While they had their own 25% off sale on their site, right now on Amazon, you stock up with a BOGO 50% off sale (shipped and sold by Amazon directly). Some styles and colors are cheaper on Amazon and some aren’t, so it may take some comparing to get the best deal.

Top Media Deals

Even if your personal Miyazaki collection is comprehensive, I bet you have some friends and family members who would appreciate his films. Several of his best are down to $13 on Blu-ray on Amazon right now, which is just about as cheap as they ever get.

For a limited time, you can own seasons 1-7 of Archer on Amazon Instant Video for $10 each. I’ve never seen it, so I can’t cleverly work in a catchphrase here. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments!

Top Gaming Deals

Joy-Con, $68

Nintendo can’t make enough Nintendo Switch consoles, but Joy-Con don’t seem to be an issue. You can already pick up an extra set for $68, or $12 less than retail.

Double Fine is hosting a game jam, and you can help pick what they make (and even play the finished products) by contributing to a new Humble Bundle.


$1 is all it takes to vote on what games the developers work on, and download the prototypes. If you contribute $5 or more, you’ll also get the prototypes from Double Fine’s 2012 and 2014 game jams. And for $15 or more, you’ll also a collection of Double Fine games, including Starbase DF-9. As always, a portion of the proceeds go to charity,

Fill your kids’ your toy box with new LEGO sets for less, thanks to Amazon’s BOGO sale. Right now, buy one LEGO City set, and get a second one for 40% off when you add qualifying sets to your cart. Build your own police station or cargo plane, or get both with this deal.


FYI: The only way to tell if the set is part of the promotion is to click into the product page, scroll to the bottom, and see this:

LEGO Dimensions, $45 - PS4 | Xbox One

LEGO Dimensions is the only game that brings together characters from Batman, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Simpsons, just to name a few, and the result is just as fun and absurd as you’d imagine.

While supplies last, you can get the starter kit is on sale for $45 from Amazon, the best price we’ve seen since the holiday season. That includes Batman, a Wizard, and Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie, but there are a ton of expansions you can purchase to bring more characters into the game.

Logitech’s G602 is more than enough gaming mouse for most people—we’re talking 250 hour battery life, 11 programmable buttons, and per-user programmable DPI settings—and it can be yours for $40 today, matching a deal we saw last month.




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