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If you can’t find the time to get to the gym every day, this under-desk elliptical lets you squeeze in some light exercise while you fill out your TPS reports.


This typically sells for about $70 more on Amazon, and today’s $100 deal is the best price we’ve ever seen. It is a Gold Box deal though, so the deal is only available today, or until sold out. [Under Desk Elliptical by FitDesk, $100]

The world is full of fitness trackers that can count your steps and estimate calories, but today only, we’ve found two deals on wearable devices that help you with your posture. Both options provide gentle haptic feedback whenever you slouch, and sync to your smartphone so you can track your habits over time. I know I could use one of these.

Lumo Lift Posture Coach and Activity Tracker ($50) | Amazon

UPRIGHT Posture Trainer ($100) | Amazon

If you’ve been in the market for a ~250GB SSD, you’ve already had two great deals to choose from this week. If you missed out though, here’s a third. [Crucial BX200 240GB SSD, $57]

The Nexus 5X is one of the best midrange phones you can buy, and you can pick one up for $312 unlocked today. That’s about $38 less than usual, and while it was slightly cheaper around the holidays, this is still a great bargain if you’re in the market for a new handset. [Nexus 5X, $312]

It might not be something you use often, but everybody should keep a power inverter in their glove box, just in case. If you don’t own one, this is a no-brainer at $20. [SNAN 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Inverter, $20 with code SNAN300W]

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party in a few weeks (or just, you know, like snacks), Amazon’s offering 20% off various chocolate products, and 25% off Cheez-Its and Pringles today. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any chicken wing coupons.

One thing I’ve learned in my extensive personal research into toaster ovens is that, with very few exceptions, you need to spend about $200 to get a good one. Sure, there are hundreds of cheap metal boxes with three knobs that will (inconsistently) brown your bread or heat up a slice of pizza, but when it comes to features, speed, and above all, consistency, you really do get what you pay for.


That logic certainly applies to the Cuisinart Chef’s Toaster Convection Oven, which is marked down to $220 today on Amazon. Instead of fiddly knobs, you get a digital screen with precise information. Rather than two small heating elements, you get five, plus convection fans to distribute that heat evenly. And while cheap toasters might hold two or four pieces of bread, this can easily accommodate up to six standard slices (or nine if they’re small), and customize the toast time to achieve your preferred level of doneness. Yes, it’s an investment, but as I said before, you get what you pay for. [Cuisinart Chef’s Toaster Convection Oven, $220]

Logitech’s UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker earned a Wirecutter recommendation as the best portable Bluetooth speaker, and you can score a refurb from eBay today for $37 shipped, the best price we’ve ever seen. [Refurb Logitech UE Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker, $37]

If you didn’t get a life-changing wake-up light for Christmas, the high-end model is down to $110 today, which is a match for the best price we’ve ever seen [Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light, $110]

No, nobody needs this ridiculous gesture-control armband. But dammit, I want to try it. Amazon’s knocking $40 off its usual $200 price tag, today only, so if you have a tax refund on the way, this could be a fun splurge. [Myo Gesture Control Armband, $160]

This seemingly-basic remote might not look like much at first blush, but it can actually control eight of your favorite home theater devices, and even turn your smartphone into a universal remote as well.


You’re probably used to seeing Logitech Harmony remotes with screens built-in, but it turns out that you already carry a much better screen in your pocket. So in addition to controlling your TV, cable box, game console, stereo, and more from the remote itself, the Logitech Harmony Smart Control can now do the same from your iPhone or Android from anywhere in the house. That’s especially handy when your favorite show is about to start and you can’t find the remote anywhere. Today’s $70 deal is the best is a match for the best we’ve ever seen, but I’d expect it to sell out quickly. [Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote, $70]

Motorola’s absurdly tiny, second generation Hint Bluetooth headset went on sale less than half a year ago for $130, but if you act fast, you can grab a set for $80. [Motorola Hint, $80]

I saw something like this on Shark Tank, and I remember thinking it looked like fun. You probably won’t be able to play it for a few months, but at this price, I’d be willing to wait. [Franklin Sports Spyderball Pro with Logo, $21]

We’ve seen a lot of motion-sensing night light deals, but this one can automatically turn on when it detects a power outage, and will even work as a flashlight for up to 90 minutes while untethered from the wall. [Etekcity LED Night Light, Flashlight: Rechargeable Emergency Light, $14 with code 8FZJEC8C]

In today’s edition of “Silly Things That Are Actually Kind of Useful,” we have a $16 beanie with tiny Bluetooth speakers built right in. I’m sure the sound quality isn’t amazing, but it should be adequate for listening to Serial, or even some summery songs to make you feel less cold and miserable. [DOB Bluetooth Beanie, $16 with code WZSKOFJS]

Most cheap kitchen scales have a small plate for weighing ingredients, but this one opts for an oversized, removable tray. If you’re cooking for a whole family, this can really improve the consistency of your meals, and even help with cleanup. [Freetoo Precision Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Tray, $14 with code 8TFQBHQS]


If you’ve been itching to upgrade to 4K, and you aren’t opposed to a refurb, this highly-rated Vizio M-series set is all the way down to $400 today on Woot. That’s $228 less than buying it new from Amazon, where it happens to have a 4.2 star review average. [Refurb VIZIO 50" 4K UHD Full-Array LED Smart TV, $400]

It’s a bit cold outside, especially for those of you on the east coast, so we rounded up some of the web’s best outerwear deals for men. Head over here to see the full list.

If you missed out on last summer’s surprise gaming sensation, Rocket League is down to $14 on PC today. [Rocket League, $14]

$.50 per tool is usually a good threshold when shopping for a deal on a mechanics tool set. This Husky set checks in at $.31 per tool. If you like to tinker with cars, you should absolutely give it a look. [Husky Mechanics Tool Set in Metal Box (200-Piece), $65]

Contigo’s Autoseal line ran away with our Kinja Co-Op for favorite travel mug, and the new Metra model, which features a non-slip grip sleeve and bottom pad, just got its first discount from $25 to $20. [Contigo Autoseal Metra Travel Mug, $20]

Whether you’re about to buried in snow, or just want to be prepared, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on a basic snow blower. [Snow Joe 10-Amp Electric Snow Shovel with Light, $63]

My favorite deal of 2016 is back in stock and ready to get you through to the spring. [Hanes Comfort Blend Sweatpants, $7]

Mpow’s excellent, minimalist, universal magnetic smartphone vent mountis back down to $5 today. [Mpow Grip Air Vent Mount, $5 with code HV8X67VR]

These ridiculously cheap mounts are among the most popular products we’ve ever listed, and carry both Lifehacker Editorial and Lifehacker Hive Five recommendations.

Love yours? Tell us why and we’ll include your story in future posts about the product!

If your closet looks anything like mine, you could definitely use this shoe organizer. It’s $10, has great reviews, and holds 12 pairs, so there’s not a lot to complain about here. [Ohuhu Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer / Shoe Storage, 24 Pockets, $10 with code 8Q664OI9]

Tide Pods are the easiest way to do laundry, and you can get an 81-count tub for just $15 today on Amazon. You’ll need to clip the $5 coupon, and order via Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, but you can always cancel that subscription once you receive your first delivery. [Tide PODS 81-Count, $15 after $5 coupon]





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