The most popular robotic vacuum, an affordable 4K monitor, and discounted cookware lead off Tuesday’s best deals from around the web.

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Top Tech Deals

Anker SoundBuds Lite, $26 with code ANKER271 | Anker SoundBuds Life, $42 with code ANKER270

Neckbud-style Bluetooth headphones certainly aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but some people swear by them for their battery life and exercise-friendly design, and both of Anker’s models are on sale today.

As you probably know by now, Anker’s original SoundBuds are our readers’ favorite Bluetooth earbuds, so the SoundBuds Lite and Life have a good pedigree. The SoundBuds Lite run for 10 hours on a charge, while the Lifes have upgraded drivers and a whopping 20 hours of battery. Just be sure to note the appropriate promo codes below before you buy.

Cowin Bluetooth Floating Speaker, $35 with code Z43YQMXK

We see deals on water-resistant Bluetooth speakers all the time, but not many of them are actually buoyant. Cowin’s IPX7-rated speaker can bob along with you in the pool or baththub, all while blasting your tunes from a 10W driver and displaying an LED light show on the top.


Note: At the time of this posting, there’s a $39 Lightning deal running on the speaker, but opt to add the regular price model to your cart and use code Z43YQMXK to get it for $35.

Assuming your computer can handle it, a 4K monitor is one of the best upgrades you can make to your computing experience, and it’s never been cheaper than it is today on Amazon.

For one day only (or until sold out), you can get a refurbished Samsung 28" 4K display for just $270. That’s one of the first times we’ve seen a 60Hz 4K display drop below $300. The same monitor is currently listed for $400 new, and while the refurb only includes a 90 day warranty, you can add three years of protection for about $20 (look above the buy button on Amazon).

So you’re ready to cut out your cable subscription and start using an HDTV antenna, but you still want to be able to DVR your favorite network broadcasts. What do you do?

The obvious answer is to get a TiVo OTA, but it costs about $350 with lifetime service, and only has 1TB of non-expandable storage. The Tablo DVR is a worthy competitor, and is only $188 right now for a four-tuner box, albeit with a few caveats.


The most obvious difference between the DVRs is that Tablo doesn’t actually plug into your TV over HDMI. Instead, it streams its contents over Wi-Fi to apps on your mobile devices or smart TV dongles. That’s a little bit fussy if you’re just trying to watch Jeopardy on your big screen TV, but awesome in that it basically turns your tablets and phones into portable live TVs themselves.

Unlike TiVo, Tablo also lacks built-in storage. You’ll need to plug in a USB hard drive to save your shows, but chances are you already have one laying in a drawer somewhere, and this setup makes it much easier to upgrade your DVR later on.

And while Tablo will provide some basic functionality for free, you will need to pony up $5/month, $50/year, or $150 for a lifetime data subscription, which is significantly less than TiVo, but still not nothing. That subscription unlocks features like automatic series recording, a more interactive programming guide, and crucially, the ability to stream content around the world, rather than just on your home Wi-Fi.


So in the end, Tablo isn’t actually that much cheaper than the TiVo OTA, but it’s probably better suited for the way most people watch TV these days, and today’s Amazon deal is the best price we’ve seen on the 4-tuner model.

Any number of remote controls more than one remote control is too many, and this $35 Logitech Harmony can combine all of your disparate remotes into one.


The Harmony 650 can control up to eight of your favorite home theater devices (from a database of nearly 250,000), and programmable macros like “watch a Blu-ray” can turn on all of the necessary devices, and switch a TV to the correct input with just a single button press.

2x Amazon Echoes, $260 with code ECHO2PACK

If you missed out on yesterday’s $130 Amazon Echo deal, you can still get it, but with one big catch: You’ll have to buy two of them. Just add two to your cart and use code ECHO2PACK to save $100. Now that all Echo devices work as in-home intercom systems, owning two might make more sense than it used to.

Aukey 5-Pack MicroUSB Cables, $7 with code AUKEYCB5 | 5-Pack USB-C Cables, $14 with code FGHO3V96 | 6-Port QC 3.0 Charger, $25 with code POWERAUA

Multi-port USB charging hubs belong on every desk and nightstand, and you can get a Quick Charge 3.0-compatible 6-port model for just $25 on Amazon today.

Of course, you’ll need some cables to go with that, and we’ve got you covered with microUSB and USB-C 5-pack deals.

6" USB Desk Fan, $11 with code 8PDIR5M3 | 4" USB Desk Fan, $9 with code MRJZZ4QV

If they don’t keep your office cool enough in the summer, you can at least ease your own suffering a bit with a desk fan. These two models from SIMBR are small, adjustable, and most importantly, USB-powered. Just plug it into your computer, and enjoy the breeze.

6-Month PureVPN Subscription, $43 with code 6M31 | 2-Year PureVPN Subscription, $60 with code 2Y77

VPNs are in the news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re curious to sign up and start protecting your browsing history and personal data (or, you know, getting around websites’ geoblocks), PureVPN is running some pretty stellar discounts right now.

If you sign up for a six month membership and use promo code 6M31, you’ll get it for $7.20 per month rather than the listed $9, and if you commit to two years, your price will drop all the way to $2.51 per month with code 2Y77, down from $2.95. That’s less than you spend during a trip to Starbucks.

Anker PowerPort Speed 1, $19 with code ANKR7214

Anker’s PowerPort Speed 1 is basically Anker’s take on Apple’s 29W USB-C charger that comes bundled with the 12" MacBook. They’re both small bricks with a single USB-C port, power throughput is almost identical (the Anker ekes out one extra watt), and they’ll both (obviously) charge that 12" MacBook at full speed.


You probably see where I’m going with this, but there is one big difference: Price! The Apple charger will set you back $49, while the Anker is on sale for just $19 with code ANKR7214. If you own a 12" MacBook, this is a great chance to pick up an extra charger for your travel bag, or to keep plugged in full-time at your desk, so you don’t have to keep constantly moving it.

Anker’s PowerLine+ USB-C cable is also on sale, if you need an spare.

TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh Router 3-Pack, $180 with code 50RADIO and $20 clippable coupon

Update 6/26: This code is still valid, but an on-screen clippable $20 coupon will bring it down to $180. That’s just $60 per router!


TP-Link just came out with their answer to the mesh networking trend, and you can get three Deco M5 routers for just $200 today with promo code 50RADIO.

By virtue of being new, these don’t have as many reviews as, say, Eero routers, but $200 for a 3-pack (enough to cover a 4500 square foot home, according to TP-Link) is a pretty stunning price compared to similar products on the market. I was actually sent a demo unit of the three-pack to try out, and while I couldn’t really test the range in my 700 square foot apartment, I found them to be very easy to set up.

Sennheiser HD 6XX, $250 at 9AM ET. 7500 units available.

Sennheiser’s HD 650 open back headphones are widely considered some of the best-sounding cans you can buy for under $1000, and the best chance to get them is when MassDrop drops a new shipment of the legendary HD 6XX.

The 6XX is basically exactly the same as the 650, but with a 6' cable rather than the original’s 10', which is actually a better length, in my opinion. The 650s are currently listed for $316 on Amazon, and have never been cheaper than $287, but MassDrop has 7500 units of the 6XX available for $250, while supplies last.

iClever Smart Power Strip, $19 with code ICSTRIP2

You probably own as many things that charge over USB as you do that plug into AC outlets, so this power strip is happy to oblige you with six of each.

Fitbit’s Alta is one of the first fitness trackers that actually looks nice on your wrist, owing largely to its fashionable interchangeable bands, and you can pick one up on Amazon for $70 brand new right now. That’s by far the best price ever; it’s actually $15 cheaper than it was on Black Friday.

Anker’s take on truly wireless earbuds is finally here, and you can save a lot by preordering through Kickstarter.


Update: Anker added 3,000 additional $99 backer rewards to celebrate reaching $1,000,000, if you missed out last week.

Needless to say, we don’t make a habit of covering crowdfunding campaigns, but given that we’ve personally used almost every product Anker has ever made, and our readers have purchased more than 200,000 of their products without issue, we’ll make an exception. Especially for this huge preorder discount.

Even better, I checked out two engineering samples of the Liberty+ on a recent trip to Seattle. They were comfortable (using the only size of ear tips available with the samples), and sounded great both when streaming Spotify and playing a few minutes of some podcasts.


As you’d expect from Anker, the headline spec here is battery life. Liberty+ gets a competitive 3.5 hours of playtime from the earbuds, but a whopping 48 hours out of the charging case. They also have some waterproofing, use Bluetooth 5.0, and work with your favorite voice assistants. Just don’t expect to wear them underwater or find any built-in fitness tracking.

I’ve been using wireless earbuds most days since mid-2016, and between our team we’ve tested more than ten different pairs. Anker’s Liberty+ are a steal at $89 (or $99 if you miss the early bird special), and while they will of course get discounted many times in the future from their $149 MSRP, we wouldn’t expect this price point again any time soon.

Expected shipping in October 2017.

Top Home Deals

Eufy RoboVac 11, $200 with code KINJA627

The RoboVac 11 from Eufy (a division of Anker) is one of your favorite robotic vacuums, and in my own testing, it’s every bit as good—and far quieter—than my Roomba. So if it’s been on your radar, our readers can save $20 today with promo code KINJA627.

The final price of $200 isn’t the best deal we’ve seen on this (it went down to $150 for a few glorious hours in May), but it’s still $75 less than the comparable Roomba, so if it’s been on your shopping list for awhile, this is a solid chance to save.

These days, you probably charge as many things over USB as you do over standard AC outlets, so it only makes sense to add some semi-permanent USB ports to your home. Get a top-selling receptable from TopGreener today for just $16 with code VQIIDUIL, one of the best deals we’ve seen.

The two best things you can add to your outdoor space are string lights and a fire pit, and while we see deals all the time on the former, the latter is a bit harder to find. Today though, Amazon has one for $33, complete with folding legs and a carrying case so you can put it in your trunk without making a mess.

Gerber is one of the most trusted names in multitools, and Amazon’s bundling a few of their popular products into one (relatively) affordable deal.


Today only, $100 gets you the highly rated Center-Drive multitool, the Impromptu tactical pen and glass breaker, and a sheath that holds them both. The multitool’s headlining feature is an interchangeable screwdriver head that’s positioned in the middle of the handle when deployed, meaning it’ll be balanced just like a “real” screwdriver.

Purchased separately, the three items would set you back about $165, including $90 for the multitool alone, but today only, you can get them all for $100.

Amazon wants to help you toss those gross non-stick pots and pans you’ve been hoarding since your college days with a pair of deals from T-fal and TECHEF.


First, take advantage of options from T-fal, including a 12-piece set with $60 Thermo-Spot heat indication and a $19 12-inch cast iron skillet.

Or, if you only needs a couple new additions to your cookware repertoire, grab a TECHEF 7-piece set for $96, or an 8-piece set for $130.

While you can’t control these Schlage deadbolts with your smartphone, the ability to unlock your front door with a passcode is perfect for house sitters or overnight guests, or for just unlocking the door while you’re carrying groceries.


$64 is the best price Amazon’s ever listed, but it’s only available on the satin nickel finish, unfortunately.

This 58-piece screwdriver set is marketed as an electronic repair kit, but with a snake attachment and tons of bits (including pentalobes for Apple products), it could come in handy for all sorts of repairs in hard-to-reach places.

2-Pack OxyLED T-02 Touch, $15 with code KINJAOXY

Our readers have bought thousands of OxyLED’s motion-sensing T-02 lights, but the newest model ditches the motion detection for an on/off touch sensor, and we have an exclusive deal on them today.

$15 (with code KINJAOXY) gets you two of the just-released lights, down from $23. I could see these being useful in cabinets or closets that get enough ambient light to disable the motion-sensing models, but they’re also just less expensive, if you want to stock up on affordable lighting.

If your tires are about due for a replacement, Discount Tire Direct is offering up to $100 in Visa gift card rebates (in addition to any manufacturer rebates) when you order four new tires, plus an additional $100 if you order wheels as well, plus an extra $60 on each if you use a Discount Tire credit card. Just enter your make and model, click the options to see tires on promotion, and you’ll see the rebate amount (either $25, $75, or $100) on the right hand side.

If you own one of those popular essential oil diffusers, you can try out eight different oil scents with this $13 gift set.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Let’s say you’ve already upgraded to a good toothbrush; what’s the next step for cleaner teeth? Judging by the excellent user reviews, this 14-count box of Crest 3D Whitestrips is a great place to start. Just be sure to clip the $15 coupon before you check out to get the best price we’ve ever seen.

H2oflossTravel Water Flosser, $24 with code 9S6ABSJY

It might not have the brand recognition of Waterpik, but this H2ofloss water flosser still boasts a 4.3 star review average, and you can get it for just $24 right now with promo code 9S6ABSJY. The best part? It’s tiny! It even comes with a travel case so you can throw it into you luggage.

Extra 30% off sale styles with code 30EXTRA

Levi’s is a classic American denim brand, and they make your favorite pair of men’s jeans (no surprise there). Right now, they’re giving you an extra 30% off their entire sale section, from denim to outerwear and beyond, with the code 30EXTRA. With prices like these, a Canadian tuxedo may even start to look appealing.

Smartwool may be best known for their socks (since they’re also your favorite), but they make a plethora of clothing options that you should take advantage off. Right now, take 25% off men’s and women’s clothing, which unfortunately doesn’t include socks, no code needed. Pick up merino layering pieces that will take you season-to-season.

Amazon sample boxes are one of the only good things to come out of 2016, and they’re back at it again with a $10 box full of men’s grooming gear, plus a $10 credit to spend on over 130 select men’s grooming products on your next order. Assuming you use the credit, that basically means you got eight or more name-brand products for free.

You deserve a massage. No, you deserve massages any time you damn well please. So do yourself a solid and score a deal on one of Naipo’s top-selling electric massage products. Just note the promo codes below, and take a load off (your wallet).

Bar none, Sport-Brella is the ultimate beach umbrella, and Amazon’s discounting the blue model for just $40 today, if you’re willing to wait out a backorder.

Unlike a regular umbrella, Sport-Brella leans backwards and attaches to the sand with stakes, creating a kind of semi-private cocoon with enough space for a couple of chairs and a cooler. Best of all, it sets up in about five minutes (once you know what you’re doing), and can provide a full day’s worth of privacy and sun protection. Today’s price isn’t the best we’ve ever seen, but it’s a solid deal if you have a beach trip on the horizon.

Top Media Deals

Want to jog your memory about the Jason Bourne series? The Ultimate Collection Blu-ray is down to $35 today on Amazon, which gets you three great films, a disc full of special features, and also Jason Bourne and The Bourne Legacy spin-off.

Get Out, $10

Even if you aren’t a horror movie person, you should watch Get Out. Buy it digitally for $10 from Amazon, for a limited time.

Top Gaming Deals

If your PlayStation Plus membership is due to expire soon (or not), grab another year for $48 today, which is about as low as it gets since Sony jacked up the price by $10.

The 2017 Steam Summer Sale is live, with deals on hundreds of titles including Hollow Knight, Rocket League, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and a lot (a lot!) more.





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