A cordless Dremel, a new Clear the Rack sale, and a $24 wake-up light lead off Friday’s best deals from around the web.

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Top Tech Deals

Update: Sold out on Amazon. It should also be available from Best Buy, but their site is currently not working for me. We’ll add a link when we can.


When I was in school (which really wasn’t that long ago), a 256 megabyte flash drive was considered massive, and would have cost over $50. Now, you can get literally 1,000x the storage for just $35, an all-time low.

Jackery Bolt, $29 with code 4IQOAPJQ

USB battery packs are basically expensive paperweights if you don’t have a cable handy to actually plug them into your phone, but that’ll never be an issue with the Jackery Bolt, which includes built-in Lightning and microUSB cables, in addition to a USB port.

2-Pack Anker iPhone 7 Screen Protectors, $4 with code BEST7471 | iPhone 7 Plus, $4 with code BEST7472

If you want to keep your iPhone looking pristine, Anker’s selling 2-packs of tempered glass screen protectors for the 7 and 7 Plus for just $4 today. Just be sure to buy the right size for your phone, and don’t forget the promo codes below.

Anker PowerPort 10, $28 with code BEST2133

Anker’s PowerPort line is your favorite brand of USB charging hubs, and while the 10-port model might be overkill for most people, it might be worth considering at an all-time low $28 with promo code BEST2133. Personally, I could see installing this between several office desks as a shared charging hub.

DJI’s Mavic Pro quadcopter packs intelligent flight features and an amazing camera into an incredibly portable package, and BuyDig is throwing in a $50 Visa gift card, a 1-year extended warranty, and some other bonus accessories for free when you buy one today. That’s one of the best (and only) deals we’ve seen on the Mavic, which you were lucky to find in stock until recently, let alone with all of these bonuses.

Vizio’s 2016 M-series TVs include basically every feature you could possibly want, including 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR (the good one), Google Cast, local dimming, and even a tablet remote. Do I have your attention? The 50" model is on sale for just $489 right now, the best price we’ve ever seen.

$25 for a four-port HDMI switcher would be a bargain on its own—most TVs simply don’t have enough HDMI ports for the number of devices people own—but the fact that this model includes picture-in-picture support really makes it stand out. That means you can see content from all of your streaming boxes, Blu-ray players, and game consoles at the same time.

The past year or so has seen a welcome deluge of Wi-Fi router innovation, and Portal seems to be one of the best newcomers in the space, particularly for smaller dwellings in congested, urban environments.

Portal includes app-based configuration, nine internal antennas, and mesh capabilities if you buy more than one...table stakes these days for a good router. But while almost all home Wi-Fi routers limit you to a small number of public channels over 5GHz, Portal also opens up four “DFS” channels that are typically reserved for military use and commercial radar.


The law allows home routers to use these DFS channels, but they must shift off of them for a set amount of time whenever they detect active radar to avoid interference. Portal does just this, and moves all of your devices off of the busy channel in the background automatically, and shifts them back on when it’s safe. That means that most of the time, these channels are practically empty, so you won’t have to worry about interference from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks. This Digital Trends review has a thorough explanation of the technology, if you’re curious.

Portal retails for $200, and has sold for around $150 for the last few months, but for a limited time, you can try it out for $126 with promo code KINJAWIN. I bought this thing earlier this year, and absolutely love it.

Amazon usually sells certified refurbished Echo Dots for $5 less than new models, but for now at least, that discount has increased to $12. Refurbished Dots still carry the same warranty as new ones, so there’s really no downside to going this route if you want to sprinkle these around your home on a budget.

We’ve featured deals on Bluetooth receivers, and deals on Bluetooth transmitters, but this little gadget is actually both. So on the one hand, you could plug it into an old MP3 player or TV to add wireless transmitting capabilities, and then with a flick of a switch, plug it into your car’s AUX jack, a pair of headphones, or an old iHome to add Bluetooth receiving. Very versatile!

4-Pack 20" Neoprene Cable Sleeves, $11 with code UMACFC4H

We know you guys like Velcro cable ties, but if you’re interested in a different option for keeping your wires organized, these neoprene zip-up sleeves are another great option. $11 gets you four 20" sleeves, each of which includes a buckle that allows you to attach them together.

Top Home Deals

The propane-powered Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto pizza oven is ideal for backyard barbecues and tailgates, and Amazon’s taking a whopping $94 off today.


The Pronto hooks up to any propane tank, and reaches temperatures of up to 700 degrees, resulting in crispy crust and melted cheese, all in just five minutes. The oven almost always sells for $300, and today’s $206 deal matches a short-lived discount from April.

If you don’t have a pizza peel, Pizzacraft sells an accessory kit that also includes a cleaning brush.

Vansky Sunrise Alarm Clock, $24 with code YUMCIIOB

Philips Wake-Up lights have long been one of our readers’ favorite products, but now Vansky is making its own version for a lot less money.

Just like the Philips light, Vansky’s Sunrise Alarm Clock fades in a sunrise-simulating light for 30 minutes prior to your designated wake-up time, and then finishes the job with your choice of six natural alarms, or an FM radio station. That means by the time your alarm goes off, your body will already have begun the process of waking up, eliminating that awful feeling of being jolted out of a deep REM cycle. You can even choose from seven different light colors, a feature that doesn’t exist on any of Philips’ models.

I’ve had a Philips Wake-Up light for years, and absolutely love it, but $24 is an insanely great price for a feature-packed alternative.

While we’re on the topic of sleeping gear, Amazon’s running a one-day Gold Box deal on both microfiber sheet sets and blackout curtains from Balichun, both of which have solid review averages, and are available in multiple colors.

You might not need to use a Dremel all that often, but it’s one of those things everyone should keep in their tool box, if only for sanding wood and carving jack-o-lanterns, and this compact battery-operated model is marked down to $69 today on Amazon, the best price since January. There are cheaper corded models out there, but this thing is small enough for one-handed use, and it even comes with a docking station to keep the battery topped off.

I’ll admit, even refurbished, and even on sale, Dyson’s AM08 pedestal fan isn’t cheap. But come on, look at the thing. I want to play Quidditch with it. $173 is about half what it sells for new, so if it’s been on your wishlist, today’s the day to buy.

OxyLED D01 Doorbell Kit, $12 with code OXYD01DB

We’ve posted our fair share of deals on wireless doorbells, motion sensor lights, emergency flashlights, and security alarms, but this is the only product we’ve seen that performs all of those functions on its own.

Aukey 150W Inverter, $10 AUPOWER4

Everyone should keep an inverter in their glove box for powering laptops and other electronics in the car, and $10 is a great price for this 150W model from Aukey.

Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker, $262 for Prime Members

Update: If you missed out last Friday, this is now back in stock.

If you want a Big Green Egg charcoal grill, but don’t want to cash in your 401(k) to buy one, this Char-Griller alternative is down to $262 for Prime members today. That’s the lowest price in months, and a great investment for meat lovers everywhere.


The Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker features a 306 square inch cast iron cooking surface (which is most similar to the $829 large Big Green Egg), and traps heat inside a heavily-insulated stainless steel body. Our deal researcher, Corey, owns a BGE, and I asked him about it on Slack:

And I use my BGE for about 70% of meat meals.

Probably 90% during the warm months.

Best Father’s Day gift I’ll ever get.

Lana jokes that she’s the one who benefits most because I cook on it all the time.

Worth the price just for its ability to cook pizza, IMO.

But pork chops, lions, tenderloin are beyond incredible on it.

Obviously, this isn’t the “real thing,” but the consensus among Amazon reviewers is that it’s at least nearly as good, which sounds like a decent compromise considering it’s less than 1/3 of the price, and comes with a stable cart and folding shelves, both of which you’d need to buy separately with the Egg.

iClever 600A Portable Jump Starter, $50 with code ICJP4999

You may not think you need one of these portable jump starters, and at this very moment, you probably don’t. But there will come a time where you’re late for an appointment or stuck in the middle of nowhere, and waiting around for a good samaritan to come jump your battery just isn’t a viable option.


This model from iClever puts out a whopping 600A, which is far more than most similar products, and enough to start just about any car.

50 free 4x6 prints. Promo code 50FREE.

You might not realize that Amazon runs a photo printing service,but they’re getting the word out today with 50 free 4x6 prints of your choice with promo code 50FREE. The only catch? You’ll need to be an Amazon Cloud Drive or Amazon Photos customer—the latter is free for Prime members—to upload the photos you want to the service prior to selecting your prints.

25% off everything with code KINJAPOP.

If your spring cleaning doesn’t involve revamping your home goods, what are you even doing? Add some awesome infographics to your walls with Pop Chart Lab’s 25% off sitewide sale. Get everything from the Connected Characters of Seinfeld to every single bird in North America. Enter the code KINJAPOP at checkout to see your discount.


Add even more pop art to your life with some housewares, like pint glasses, tote bags, and more at a discount. Not only are they already marked down 20-50% off, the sitewide 25% off works on them as well.

And if you need an attractive and easy way to hang your new posters, the 20% also works on poster rails.

Everyone with a kitchen should own a Lodge cast iron skillet, but their grill pans are just as good.

While supplies last, Amazon will sell you a 10.5"pan for $14, within a penny of its all-time low price. Not bad considering it should last the rest of your life, as long as you take good care of it.

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 seconds sorting through your mismatched food containers to find the right lid, it’s time to throw them all out and upgrade to the uber-popular Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid system.

These containers come in six different sizes, and yet you only have to deal with three different lids, making it much easier to find the right one. The 42 piece set is on sale for $20 today on Amazon. We’ve seen better prices in the past, but this set has been selling for around $24 pretty consistently this year, so you’re saving about $4.

Aukey Dash Cam, $50 with code R4VL5BLZ

We’ll probably be a Russian colony soon, so you might as well start assimilating to the culture by buying a dash cam. This one from Aukey includes a 1080p Sony sensor and 170 degree field of view, two different mounting options, and capacitors that are rated to work in temperatures from -4°F to 149°F.

Top Lifestyle Deals

It’s that time again. Nordstrom Rack has brought back their Clear the Rack sale and it’s full (and I mean FULL) of really incredible deals. Designer clothing, brands you’ve never heard of, everything an extra 25% off. Today’s the first day of the sale, so what are you waiting for?

Uniqlo’s affordability is sometimes thwarted by the shipping costs, so when there’s free shipping, you know it’s a big deal. From now until Monday, get any order (including their newly-launched, kickass collaboration with Nintendo) shipped to you for free. Now go enjoy your extra day off.

Dorco Pace 6 + 10 Cartridges, $11 with code KINJAP6524

Great razors for low prices are kind of Dorco’s thing, but $11 for a handle and ten six-blade cartridges, plus free shipping? You’ll probably spend more on lunch today, and this should last you months. Just use promo code KINJAP6524 at checkout to get the deal.

15% off select items with code SUMMERGLOW

With the long weekend directly ahead of us, summer is basically here. So Jet has 15% off a ton of sunscreen, tanning oils, and more to help keep your skin looking great and feeling great. Use the code SUMMERGLOW at checkout to see the savings. And seriously, your mom was right about wearing sunscreen.

Discounted Under Armour styles for men and women

What better way to get ready for the better weather than discounted Under Armour gear? This sale is full of practically every style you can think of, with styles for both men and women. From the classic Under Armour long-sleeves to training shoes to their Threadborne microthread technology, this gear is perfect for running outside in the warmer months.

Top Media Deals

While certainly not the best Star Trek has to offer, Star Trek: Enterprise had its charms, and Trek completionists should consider buying the Blu-ray for an all-time low $50.

3 Months Spotify Premium, $1. New Premium members only.

If you still haven’t tried Spotify Premium, you can get three months for just $1 for a limited time. That’s three months of no ads, better sound quality, offline listening, and full mobile access. Best buck you’ll ever spend.

Note: Only first time Premium subscribers are eligible for this offer.

Top Gaming Deals

Life Is Strange is getting a sequel, so if you missed out on the first season, Amazon will sell you a Steam key for $7 today, or about $13 less than usual. I want to rewind my life and play it again for the first time.

What better way to celebrate one of the greatest games ever than with a gorgeous, full-color hardcover game guide? The official collector’s edition guide for Breath of the Wild includes a map poster, a 16-page art section, and yes, even a guide for getting through the game.

$24 is a match for the lowest price Amazon’s listed, and the same amount you would have paid if you preordered.

Humble’s Indie Bundle 18 is still going strong, but they’re piling onto your Steam backlog with the launch of the Humble GameOn Bundle, which includes the likes of Grim Fandango Remastered, Her Story, The Stanley Parable, and even Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, just for starters. As always, a portion of the proceeds will go to charity, and you’ll have to meet certain price thresholds to unlock some games.





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