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A Fire HD 10 Tablet, a ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket, and the Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Starter Set lead off Thursday’s best deals from around the web.

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Prime Day is less than two weeks away, but the deals are already around us. If you’re looking to get ahead of the craziness that comes with Prime Day, you can get a Fire HD on sale right now. The 8" and 10" models are dirt cheap on Woot, but the deals are for today only (or until supplies run out). You can get the 16GB Fire HD 8 Tablet in canary yellow for $55, the 32GB Fire HD 8 Tablet in black, punch red, or canary yellow for $60, and a 32GB Fire HD 10 Tablet in black for $80 all on Woot.


You can use the Fire HD to access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Music, Spotify, Audible, Prime Video, and all of your favorite social media platforms. If you want this Fire HD for Audible, you can get 3 months for $15 (if you’re not a previous user) or a year for $120 (if you were an existing member).

LG 49" Class 8 Series Ulta HD Smart Series NanoCell TV | $647 | Walmart
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you’re looking for a new LG TV and have a lot of cash in your wallet to spend, then a bunch of NanoCell TVs are on sale at Walmart. You can get the LG 49" Class 8 Series Ulta HD Smart Series NanoCell TV for $647 (which is $150 off). But if you’re looking for something a bit bigger, the 55" model is $747 and the Class 9 Series 55" model is $997.

HP Pavilion 590 Desktop Computer | $370 | Woot
Photo: Woot

Do you like to have a desktop for your home office, rather than a laptop? If you’ve been on the market for one, you can get the HP Pavilion 590 Desktop Computer for $370 on Woot today only, which is about $70 off retail. You can get it for this low price while supplies last.


The HP desktop comes with a 6 core 8th Generation Intel Core i5+ 8400 processor and Core i5 and is equipped with Windows 10 Home. It has 16GB of Intel Optane Memory, as well as a 30-day free trial of McAfee LiveSafe, as well as 25 GB of Dropbox space. It has Intel UHD Graphics 630, allowing you to smoothly stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and games.

SanDisk 1TB Ultra SSD | $110 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Nope, it’s not a mistake: This is a 1TB SSD for $110 and one of the cheapest we’ve ever seen on an SSD with that much space, especially from a name brand like SanDisk. If you still have a PC lying around with a spinning hard drive, do yourself a favor and pick this up, or turn it into a DIY external SSD on the cheap.

Today’s Best Home Deals

ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket, 15 Pounds, 48" x 72" | $44 | Amazon | Promo code 20KRHVTT
Photo: Amazon

Do you spend most of your summer sleeping under your top sheet, rather than using a blanket or comforter? It is just too hot to have something so thick on top of you. If you’ve wanted to try a weighted blanket, but thought it would be too hot to do so during the summer, you’re in luck. You can get a 48" x 72" ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket for only $44 on Amazon when you use the promo code 20KRHVTT. The 15-pound blanket is made with breathable cotton fabric and is filled with glass beads.

Intex Yellow Inflatable Duck Ride-On | $10 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

I don’t care if you don’t own a pool or you don’t know anyone who has a pool. This $10 float is something everyone needs to look at and then impulse buy. Amazon exists solely for this duck pool float, at least right now.


Sure, it might not be practical to get an inflatable duck that is nearly five feet tall if you don’t have a pool, but it sure would be funny. If you do have a pool, then why haven’t you already purchased the Intex Yellow Inflatable Duck Ride-On? It’s only 10 bucks! All of the gimmicky unicorn and avocado floats from other retailers are usually 3x that cost. This ride-on is huge, sturdy, and comes with two handles, in case you’re afraid of falling off a rubber duck.

KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment | $110 | Daily Steals | Promo code KJAID
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Want to finally embrace your inner pasta chef? Now is the perfect time to pretend you’re learning to make pasta in Italy. You can get the KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment for $110 on Daily Steals using the promo code KJAID.

Up to 40% Off Sitewide | Sand Cloud
Photo: Sand Cloud

Up to 40% Off Sitewide | Sand Cloud

Summer is finally in full swing and you know what that means? You need a new towel. Lucky for you, you can get up to 40% off sitewide at Sand Cloud for Fourth of July. Not only can you get towels you can also get Sand Cloud’s famous Save the Fishes Water Bottle for $8 off. The popular Oceans towel is 25% off during this sale.

Up to 35% Off Select Ceiling Fans | Home Depot
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Has your ceiling fan been around since before you moved in? The average ceiling fan apparently is only meant to be used for a maximum of 10 years. If yours looks much older than that, it is time to replace it. Thankfully, you can get up to 35% Off Select Ceiling Fans at Home Depot today.

ThermoWorks Thermapen (Blue and Red colors only) | $59 | ThermoWorks
Photo: ThermoWorks

If you want to invest in your cooking, a good meat thermometer isn’t far behind a good knife in the hierarchy of important gear. And today, you can score a rare discount on the best thermometer out there. In fact, $59 is cheaper than the last open-box deal we saw on this thing.

Our readers love the Thermapen because it displays the temperature in 2 - 3 seconds, has a 3,000 hour battery, is waterproof, and is accurate to within 0.7°F.

Here are just a few readers gushing over the Classic model:

Thermapen Classic (or really any of the Thermapens). Bar none the best thermometer for cooking I have ever bought — accept no substitutes.

Somewhat expensive at ~$70-$120 range, but I’ve been using mine for years and years, and it still gives me an accurate reading in less than three seconds. Well, well worth the price. Especially excellent for the grill. - theburners

Without a doubt. No other thermometer comes close. I’ve said it before on Kinja that the Thermapen is the best piece of kitchen equipment I’ve ever bought. - the-return-of-samba00

This model doesn’t see significant discounts very often, so pick up one in patriotic red or blue today.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

King Koil Queen-Size Luxury Raised Air Mattress | $95 | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Do you have a camping trip or two planned for this summer? Toss out your old, always-deflating air mattress and treat yourself to a brand new one. You can get the King Koil Queen-Size Luxury Raised Air Mattress for $95 on Amazon today only. It is built for maximum comfort and even comes with a quilt top for spinal support. It can be inflated in under four minutes and actually stays inflated overnight. The King Koil Queen-Size Luxury Raised Air Mattress is great for camping trips, but also good for overnight guests in your home if you don’t have a spare bedroom for them to sleep in.

20% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping | Stila Cosmetics | Promo code SHOP20
Photo: Stila Cosmetics

Need some new eyeliner? Looking to add a new matte lipstick to your constantly growing lippie collection? You’re in luck, today only, you can get 20% off sitewide + free shipping at Stila Cosmetics using the promo code SHOP20. That means the cult-favorite Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner will only be $18.

35-60% Off Select Styles + Free Shipping on $75 Orders | Macy’s | Promo code FOURTH
Photo: Macy’s

Wedding season is officially upon us and that means you are about to drop a ton of money. If any of your friends or family members are getting married and they are registered at Macy’s, you better check their registry ASAP. You can get between 35-60% off select styles + free shipping on orders of $75 or more at Macy’s using the promo code FOURTH. If you don’t have to pay full price for that dinnerware set, why would you?

YOREPEK Golx Box | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Has your backpack for camping or hiking seen better days? Does that one strap just seem to keep tearing? Yeah, we’re all been there. Replace your ratty old backpack now, during this YOREPEK Golx Box on Amazon. You can get up yo 30% off during today’s sale.

Does your skin turn a nice tomato red after only five minutes of sun exposure? You better stock up on some sunscreen now before you’re assaulted by UV rays all summer long. Thankfully, a cult-favorite Japanese sunscreen is currently on sale.


You can get an extra large bottle (1.7x the normal size) of Biore UV Watery Essence for $16 on Amazon right now, or a regular sized bottle for $8. The larger bottle is a slightly better price per ounce, but they’re both solid deals compared to their normal price points. The 50 SPF sunscreen is pretty literal to its name and is said to feel like water when applied to your skin.

Here’s what Shep McAllister had to say about it on The Inventory:

As far as sunscreen goes, the only thing I really knew about it was that I didn’t like it, and given the option, I would usually just opt to stay indoors until the UV index fell to around 3 or 4, or until someone invented a sunscreen pill, whichever came first.

That all changed when my wife introduced me to Biore Watery Essence sunscreen. It’s SPF 50 (the bare minimum for my needs, thank you very much), waterproof for 80 minutes, and feels like rubbing water on your skin. Cool to the touch, it rubs in effortlessly, and doesn’t come with the unpleasant smell or zincy stickiness of pretty much every other sunscreen I’ve used. About two minutes after putting it on, I’ve usually completely forgotten about it, which is a compliment of the highest order.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Starter Set | $16 | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Don’t let the Demogorgon get you! Stranger Things is finally back for season three and you know what that means? More Dungeons and Dragon references! They might be teenagers now that don’t play quite as much D&D, but they still have a love for the game. Whether you’ve never played a game before or you’re a D&D pro, you’ll want this Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Starter Set while it is only $16 on Amazon.




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Deals You May Have Missed

40% Off Turkish Towels | Huckberry
Photo: Huckberry

Fourth of July is officially upon us, which means summer is in full swing. If you have plans to spend time at the beach, pool, lake, or anywhere near water this summer, you need a towel. Why not get a bunch while they’re on sale? Right now, you can get 40% off Turkish towels during this Huckberry sale. Turkish towels are great because they are more absorbent than regular towels, but dry faster, while also feeling soft and luxurious. You can get Turkish towels for as low as $22.

Steven Universe fans, rejoice! The digital copy of the super fun Steven Universe: Save the Light is down to just $17 on Amazon. This is the first discount we’ve seen on this normally $25 game on Amazon.

Halo Wars 2 | $10 | Walmart

Halo Wars 2 will put a smile on the face of anyone who fondly remembers the Bungie era Halo games, and you can already get a copy for $10 on Xbox One.

Either add more stuff totaling $25 for free delivery, or pick it up in store.

Here’s what Kotaku says:

If you want to play a Halo game with the simpler story, backs-to-the-wall tone and cinematic flair of Bungie’s good ol’ days go right ahead and play Halo Wars 2.

Extra 40% Off Sale | Levi’s | Promo code EXTRA40
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. If you know what I mean, head over to Levi’s, where sale styles are currently an extra 40% off with promo code EXTRA40. The sale includes styles for men, women, and kids, so truly everyone can dive into some new, discounted denim.

17.76% Off Sitewide | Greats | Promo code FIREWORKS
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

If the Founding Fathers were alive today, they’d probably wear Greats sneakers. Why? Because Greats is taking 17.76% off their entire stock of luxe, Italian leather sneakers in honor of America’s birthday, which is very patriotic of them. Just use promo code FIREWORKS, and pick up a pair of classic Royales, even though we officially renounced the monarchy 243 days and 1 day ago today. They’re worth it.

10 Pairs of Select Underwear for $30 | Aerie
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is no such thing as too much underwear. Aerie apparently agrees. Right now, you can choose 10 pairs from a spectrum of select styles, from boybriefs to thongs, for just $30, which, yes, essentially means you’re getting underwear for $3 per pair. Pretty good considering they usually go for somewhere between $9 and $12.50 each. No need to use a promo code; just fill your cart and see the savings.

40% Off Sitewide | Sunglass Warehouse | Promo code STARS40
Image: Sunglass Warehouse

Sunglass Warehouse offers some of the best deals in sunglasses even when they aren’t running a sale, so when you can get an extra 40% off sitewide (with promo code STARS40), you should fill up your cart.


Notably, this deal works on the site’s clearance section as well, which has glasses available starting at under $3, so these deals are so bright that you’re gonna need shades. You’ll get free shipping on orders over $25, so stock up.

Up to 85% Off Fourth of July Sale | JACHS | Promo Code KINJA4TH
Photo: Jachs

Fourth of July is nice because most people get the day off from what. But the sales are the real reason to celebrate. Right now, you can get up to 85% off sitewide during the Fourth of July sale at JACHS using the promo code KINJA4TH. That means you can get a pair of Chinos for only $34. Many of the button down short sleeve shirts are already marked down to $39, but using the promo code, you can get them for just $15 each. If you think it is too hot for long pants, you can get shorts for as low as $15, as well.

Extra 30% Off Men’s and Women’s Sale | Fossil | Promo code SPARKLE30
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

A new season means it’s a good time time to upgrade your watches, bags, and other accessories, and Fossil, a brand that’s had your back since practically the Jurassic Period, is coming through with a deal you’ll dig. Take an extra 30% off the retailer’s clearance items for men and women with promo code SPARKLE30, and score a set of deeply discounted styles that will never go extinct, trend-wise.

Magic Silicone Dishwashing Gloves with Scrubber | $9 | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

That sponge you use to clean off the plates that touch your food? Yeah, it’s absolutely covered in germs. Throw that disgusting thing in the trash ASAP, and order these $9 silicone dishwashing gloves, complete with built-in scrubbers on the palms, from Amazon. Silicone won’t trap water, and thus, tons of mildew, like sponges will, plus they’ll keep your hands safe from all that dishwater and old stuck-on food. Just be sure to buy before this deal goes down the drain.

RESCUE Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap | $5 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Everyone is worried about mosquitos already, and while they’re annoying, don’t forget about flies. Deer and horse flies bite and those can be even more painful and itchy than mosquito bites. Don’t let flies ruin your summer, get this RESCUE Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap for only $5 right now. You can even get a two pack for only $9, which is an absolute steal.

Lobster Claw Oven Mitt | $2 | Amazon
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

Do you have $2? Of course, you do. Get out your wallet, because it is time to buy this Lobster Claw Oven Mitt for $2 on Amazon. You don’t need it, but god, after seeing it, you’re going to want it. Court dismissed, bring in the dancing lobsters!

Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Harmony Hub | $50 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

$50 for a Logitech Harmony remote is a great deal on its face, but the real reason to buy this model is the included Harmony Home Hub.


The Hub allows you to use your iPhone, Android device, or even an Amazon Echo to control everything a Harmony remote can (which is basically any piece of home theater gear you can think of). So even when you inevitably lose the included remote behind the couch cushions, you’ll still have multiple ways to take control of all of your home theater gear.

Considering the hub alone sells for $70 right now, getting the hub plus a remote for $50 is a pretty terrific deal, even if it was as cheap as $45 back around the holidays.

Anker LC40 Rechargeable Flashlight | $16 | Amazon | Use code ANKERLC40
Photo: Amazon

The flashlight on your phone is fine for stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but for any situation where you want to see more than a few feet in front of you, it’s worth investing in a dedicated torch.


Anker’s upgraded LC40 now features a rechargeable battery (can you believe Anker ever sold one that didn’t?) that can run for up to 50 hours on low power mode, or for six with the light’s brightness maxed out at 400 lumens Of course, it recharges over USB (even from a USB battery pack, natch), and its IP65 rating means it can stand up to the elements. It normally costs $20, but they’re putting it in the spotlight this week with a discount to $16.

The even more powerful LC90 is just $1 more if you use the code ANKERLITE, which is an even better deal.

Apple’s excellent AirPods now support a hands-free “Hey Siri” feature and, now, you can also grab a pair from Amazon for $145. I’ve had mine since the day they came out, and they’ve carved out a permanent place in my pockets.

Amazon says they’ll be“in stock on May 7, 2019,” and they’ll ship soon after that. So if you can wait a few weeks for your truly wireless headphones, this is $15 off the price on the Apple Store and one of the lowest prices we’ve seen. If you want the unit with the Qi-charging case, it’s available for $35 more.

If you just want the new wireless charging case to use with your existing AirPods, it’s also down to $70 today, from the usual $79.

Google Home Mini | $25 | Walmart
Google Home | $69 | Walmart
Google Home Max | $250 | Walmart
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Walmart’s discounting a ton of Google Home products ahead of Prime Day. A standalone Mini will cost you $25, matching what we saw on Black Friday and the full-on Home will cost you about $70. The $250 Max price is one of the the best deals we’ve ever seen on it.


Additionally, Woot is offering a Chromecast for $27 and a two-pack for $50. These second generation units function just like the latest non-4K Chromecasts... just not as smooth looking.

BioBidet Slim Edge Bidet | $25 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you don’t care to have LED lighting built into your bidet, or just don’t want to wait to make the long overdue switch from wiping poop off your butt with dry paper (sorry to be crass but that’s what we all do, it’s insane!!), Bio Bidet’s already-released Slim Edge bidet is on sale for just $25 today, with Prime shipping.

Like the upcoming Glow, it includes two nozzles (the other’s for feminine cleaning), brass fittings, and a slim, easy-to-install design. Trust us, your tush will thank you.

$20 Off Comforters and White Sheets | Buffy | Promo code FOURTH20
Photo: Buffy

Buffy comforters are a boon for people who run hot, but also like to be tucked under a cozy, fluffy blanket at night. Made from super soft eucalyptus fibers and filled with BPA-free recycled plastic water bottles, the brand’s Cloud Comforter is breathable yet soft, plus it’s anti-microbial, cruelty-free, water-conservational, and machine-washable. And now, you can try one of your own for $20 less than usual using promo code FOURTH20. You can get $20 off your comforter or White Sheets order for Fourth of July.

15% Off Temperature-Regulating Sheets | My Sheets Rock | Promo code FIREWORKS
Photo: MySheetsRock

Have you ever flipped your pill0w over during the summer, expecting the cool side, but you only got some more hot pillow? Yeah, sleeping when it is hot outside can really suck, especially if you don’t have central air. If you’ve wanted to try out temperature-regulating sheets, now is a perfect time. You can get 15% off My Sheets Rock at with the promo code FIREWORKS. My Sheets Rock makes their bed sheets using the highest-grade bamboo rayon to keep you cool, no matter how hot it is.

Kraft Easy Microwavable Macaroni & Cheese | $6 | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Is Kraft macaroni and cheese the best mac and cheese? Not at all. But it is extremely convenient to cook and you kind of want to eat it as soon as you see it. You can get a box of 18 single-serve pouches for $6 when you Subscribe & Save, or $7 if you only want one order.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow | $30 | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Listen, there’s really no good way to sleep on a plane. But if you absolutely must get some upright shut-eye, you should be using the Cabeau Evolution for head and neck support. This memory foam travel pillow handily won our Co-Op, with readers shouting out its ability to hold its shape (even though it significantly shrinks in size when packed in its carrying case) and unique front clasps. And right now, it’s on sale for $30. Get yours today before this deal takes off; all your upcoming summer travel will be a dream.

Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser | $125 | Chewy | Discount applied at checkout
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

On a scale of 1 to 10, how guilty do you feel leaving your pet home alone? If you’re near the top of the range, you might want to invest in a pet camera. You can keep an eye on your furry friend and make sure they’re not getting into too much trouble while you’re gone. What your pet will love even more is a camera with a treat dispenser. Time to indulge their treat addiction!


You can get a Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser for $125, while it is 50% off for a limited time. You can get the camera in three colors: rose gold, black, and silver. The discount will be applied at checkout. If the Pet Parent Guilt sets in hard, you can access the camera from your smartphone and toss your pet some treats. The 1080p HD camera comes with night vision and 3x zoom so you can keep a very close eye on exactly what your pet does when you leave.

Honey-Can-Do Hyacinth Basket | $13 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

This is a single-use basket, and that use is record storage. Don’t even think about using it to store magazines—or anything else for that matter. Don’t you dare.

Up to 70% Off Activewear | Sweaty Betty
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you need sports bras, now is the best time to stock up. Why do the good ones always cost $60? Thankfully, during Sweaty Betty’s current sale, you can get up to 70% of activewear. That means you can get some sports bras as cheap as $19 and cropped leggings for as low as $27.

Extra 20% Off Men’s and Women’s Summer Sale | Timberland
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Treat your feet to a new pair of Timberlands from the brand’s Summer Sale with an extra 20% off already marked down styles. Yes, there are plenty of men’s and women’s boots included in the promotion, but there are also several sandals, boat shoes, and options for kids up for grabs. Step to it!

4th of July Sale | Eddie Bauer | Promo code FIREWORK
Image: Eddie Bauer

If you’re thinking of going outside anytime soon, this Eddie Bauer sale will serve you well. The outdoor retailer is taking 50% off everything on their site (excluding tents, sleeping bags, and non-Eddie Bauer brand products) for their 4th of July Sale with promo code FIREWORK. So stock up on all the gear and apparel you need for the rest season (or future seasons) before these hot deals cool down.

Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength Shampoo, Twin Pack | $8 | Amazon | Clip 30% off coupon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Dandruff sucks. Not only can it ruin a nice shirt but your scalp can feel dry, itchy, and painful all the same time. If you suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, you can snag a twin pack of Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength Shampoo for only $8 on Amazon. In order to get this discount, you’ll need to clip 30% off coupon as well as selecting Subscribe & Save. You’ll only get 30% off your first order, but you can always cancel Subscribe & Save after your first purchase.