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Nordstrom’s Clear the Rack sale is back! Plus, pick up savings on a 4K projector, a bunch of tools for Father’s Day, and more of the best deals from around the web.

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ViewSonic PX747-4K Projector | $1000 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Update: Sold out

If you’re ready to make the leap to a projector-based home theater, you won’t find a better deal to get you started than this $1,000 4K ViewSonic projector.


Today’s deal is $300 less than you’ll find elsewhere around the web, and a great bargain for a 4K projector with a blindingly bright 3500 lumen bulb, which is plenty bright to enjoy your home theater in the middle of a sunny day. Just note that it’s only available today, and could very well sell out early.

Refurb Sonos Play:1 | $119 | Sonos
Refurb Sonos Play:3 | $199 | Sonos
Graphic: Shep McAllister

While they don’t support Alexa or AirPlay 2 like the newer Sonos One, the original Sonos Play:1 and Play:3 are still terrific sounding speakers that can sync up with each other for multi-room audio. Normally $149 and $249 respectively, Sonos just put a batch of certified refurbs on sale for $119 and and $199, the best prices we’ve seen.


Every refurbished Sonos includes the standard one-year Sonos warranty and access to their support, so there’s really no downside in going this route, if you can find refurbs in stock.

Aukey USB-C SD Card and USB Dongle | $13 | Amazon | Promo code UFBU9LVA
Photo: Amazon

Missing your old school USB ports and SD card slot on your modern MacBook? This dongle from Aukey gives both back to you for just $13 with promo code UFBU9LVA.

Jelly Comb Cable Organizer | $11 | Amazon | Promo code OKC23DLK

You probably keep a lot of charging cables, battery packs, hard drives, and other sundry tech accessories rattling around in your bag, and your collection is unlikely to shrink any time soon. But it’s easy to keep them organized and untangled with this $11 organizer (with promo code OKC23DLK), which is big enough to hold an iPad mini-sized tablet, plus a ton of various accessories.

2-Pack Mpow Magnetic Smartphone Vent Mounts | $7 | Amazon | Promo code SHKFLCKX
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Magnetic vent mounts are the most unobtrusive way to mount your phone in the car, and you can get two of them for $7 today with promo code SHKFLCKX. I like to keep one of these in my luggage for rental cars, and they also work as impromptu phone stands if you want to prop up your device to watch a video.

Roku Ultra | $80 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Update: Back in stock if you missed it last week.

Roku The Roku Ultra packs in just about every bell and whistle a home theater geek could want, and it’s $20 off for the first time ever. You probably don’t need this thing for your bedroom TV, but with an optical audio port, ethernet, USB, Dolby Atmos, and HDR, it’s ideal for a high end home theater.

Amazon Fire TV Game Controller | $35 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Want to play games on your Fire TV? Amazon’s official gamepad is on sale for $35, the first discount from its usual $50 in over a year. And yes, it has a microphone for Alexa commands, just like the standard remote.

For a full list of Fire TV games, click here.

Garmin’s Vivosmart 3 | $69 | Daily Steals | Promo code KINJAVIVO
Photo: Gizmodo

Garmin’s Vivosmart 3 does all the fitness-tracking stuff you’d expect from a wearable, including heartrate monitoring, but it adds a dimension you won’t find in competing trackers: monitoring your stress levels. And with up to five days of battery life on a charge, you can also use it as a sleep tracker. Promo code KINJAVIVO brings it down to $69 for a limited time. Nice.

Dual Arm Monitor Stand Full Motion | $55 | Amazon | Promo code B66G7DPD
Graphic: Shep McAllister

So you’ve got two monitors now, like the omnipotent hacker or a coked-out stockbroker archetypes from the movies. Congrats! But the effect isn’t truly complete until you mount those monitors to arms that let you move and articulate them in any direction, depending on the situation. This gas spring mount holds two screens up to 17.6 pounds each, and it’s an absolute steal at $55 with promo code B66G7DPD.

2-Pack Linksys Velop Mesh Routers | $150 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Mesh routers are so hot right now, and Linksys’ take on the concept is down to $150 for a 2-pack today, about $50 less than the usual going rate.


The Velop works like pretty much any other mesh networking system: One router plugs into your modem, and the rest can basically go anywhere in your home to extend the network. It even supports Alexa commands, like “Alexa, ask Linksys to turn on my guest network.”

Yi 1080p Pan and Tilt Security Camera | $40 | Amazon | Promo code D76BTV3J
Photo: Amazon

Our readers have bought thousands of Yi’s home security cameras, and today, you can get a panning and tilting 1080p model for $40 with code D76BTV3J.


Yi now offers an online cloud DVR service that will store seven days of motion detection footage (six second clips when it detects movement) for free, or more footage if you pay. That said, you can choose for forego the cloud service altogether, and just store your clips locally on a microSD card. The camera also has two-way intercom and live broadcast built in, so you can check in on your house any time you want.

We posted a similar product for $35 recently, but that model was 720p, vs. today’s 1080p.

Anker Surge Protector | $28 | Amazon
Photo: Anker

Anker makes a surge protectors now, which is...incredibly logical. Their newest, largest model is down to $28 today on Amazon, or about $7 less than usual. It comes complete with 12 AC outlets and three USB ports, plus a flat, swiveling plug that fits nicely behind your furniture. Surge protectors actually wear out over time, so if you haven’t replaced yours in awhile, this is a good opportunity.

Anker Premium 5-Port Charger With USB-C PD | $32 | Amazon | Clip the $5 coupon
Photo: Amazon

Anker’s PowerPort line of multi-port USB chargers are our readers’ favorites, and this model is one of the few that includes USB-C Power Delivery, which outputs up to 30W to power devices like the new MacBooks, or even a Nintendo Switch. It normally sells for $54, but Anker’s knocked that down to $37 today, and a $5 coupon on the page makes it even cheaper.

20% off Apple Watch Series 3 | Nike | Promo code 20SUMMER
Photo: Gizmodo

We see deals on the Apple Watch Series 1 from time to time (like this one, going on right now), but if you’ve been holding out for the excellent Series 3 with LTE, you can save 20% on a few different models from Nike today with promo code 20SUMMER.

That same code will also save you 20% on a ton of other Nike gear.

Aukey Compact Dual USB Wall Charger | $6 | Amazon | Promo code FORDAD01
Graphic: Shep McAllister

This tiny, $6 USB charger isn’t much bigger than the one that ships with every iPhone, except it has two ports, folding prongs, and 2.4A of total power, compared to the 1A Apple gives you. No surprise, it’s one of our top sellers of all time. Just use promo code FORDAD01 to get the deal.

Amazon Echo Dot | $40 | Amazon
Amazon Echo | $80 | Amazon
Amazon Echo Show | $150 | Amazon
Fire 7 Tablet | $40 | Amazon
Fire HD 8 Tablet | $60 | Amazon
Fire HD 10 Tablet | $120 | Amazon
Kindle Paperwhite | $100 | Amazon
Kindle | $60 | Amazon
Amazon Cloud Cam | $100 | Amazon
Amazon Fire TV Stick | $30 | Amazon
Amazon 4K Fire TV | $50 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Amazon’s Father’s Day device deals just went live, with big savings available on Echoes, Kindles, Fire tablets, and more. So if Dad’s had a new Kindle on his list, or if you want to get him an Echo Show to video chat with the grandkids, now’s the time to buy. Some of the deals, like the Echo Dot, have additional savings available at checkout if you buy two as well.

Samsung 128GB MicroSD Card | $37 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Samsung’s 128GB microSD card is one of our picks for the Nintendo Switch, and with U3 write speeds, it’d be ideal for 4K action cams too. If you could use the extra space, it’s down to $37 on Amazon today, an all-time low by $3.


If that won’t cut it, the 256GB model is also on sale for $110. That’s not an all-time low, but it’s a pretty solid deal for that card.

RAVPower Qi Pad | $10 | Amazon | Promo code KINJAP14
Photo: Amazon

There’s no such thing as owning too many Qi chargers, so set up another one in your house or on your desk for just $10 with promo code KINJAP14. This model will charge compatible Android phones at 10W, though iPhones will be limited to the standard 5W.

Preorder Eufy Evercam | Kickstarter
GIF: Kickstarter

Update: Today’s the last day!

It was only a matter of time until Anker dove into the home security camera market, and you can save big on the impressive new Eufy EverCam by preordering through Kickstarter right now.


The EverCam is a truly wireless camera designed for outdoor use that can operate for up to a year on a charge thanks to its built-in Anker battery. Mind you, it won’t record 24/7 for a year, but rather uses motion detection and facial recognition to record only when it detects someone on your property that doesn’t belong.

Rather than streaming this footage to the cloud and charging you a monthly fee to access the recordings the EverCam, records to an included base station for free, which also has a built-in backup battery to operate for up to two days in a power outage. If you’d like to back up your recordings to the cloud, you can do that too for $3 per month, per camera.

The closest analog to the EverCam is NETGEAR’s Arlo system, but Arlo cameras only run for a few months on a charge, aren’t as water-resistant, don’t include human or facial recognition, and can’t record footage locally for free. It seems like an easy call.


By preordering through Kickstarter today, you can save $110 off the expected MSRP for one camera, or $160 off the 2-pack.

iPad (2017) 32GB | $249 | Walmart
iPad (2017) 128GB | $329 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Apple’s latest entry-level iPad is a little faster than the previous model, and supports the Apple Pencil. But if you don’t really care about such things, you can get a great deal on the old one.


Walmart has the 32GB fifth-gen tablet marked down to $249 ($80 less than the equivalent 6th gen), as well as the 128GB model for $329 ($100 less). This is the iPad I currently own, and yes, it can run Civilization VI.

VPNs have been in the news, and whether you want to get around video geoblocks, circumvent proxy filters, or just keep prying eyes out of your browsing data while using sketchy public Wi-Fi, reader-favorite Private Internet Access has a deal to fit your needs.


Last month, they offered our readers $10 off two year memberships, but this time around, you get a few more choices, ranging from a quick taste of the service to an extended commitment with additional savings:

These deals are only for our readers, but we aren’t sure how long they’ll be available, so go ahead and sign up while you can.


DEWALT 20V Drill Driver + 20V Circular Saw | $138 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you have any home improvement projects on the docket, Amazon’s running a pretty great deal on power tools, today only.


$138 will get you both a 20V drill driver kit and a 20V circular saw, plus a battery that can power them both. The drill currently sells for $99 on its own, and the saw goes for $119, so this is like buying the saw and getting the drill for just $19. You can’t beat that.

Milwaukee Tools | Home Depot
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Take your pick of a dozen Milwaukee tool bundles for up to 45% off today from this Home Depot Sale. They have power tools, miter saws, drill bit sets, gloves, and more, just in time for Father’s Day. But, this sale will only last through the end of the day or until the products sell out, so if you’re in the market, I wouldn’t hesitate.

At just $34 today, you can pay less than ever for this Sun Joe electric chainsaw. I’m not saying it’s going to be the most powerful tool you’ve ever used, but it only weights 7 pounds and can cut branches up to 10 inches thick.


It typically sells for around $50, so if you’ve been eyeing a chainsaw, I’d pick this up while it’s still discounted.

6-Pack Wickedly Prime Chipotle Black Bean Soup | $9 | Amazon | Clip the 50% coupon and use Subscribe & Save
6-Pack Wickedly Prime Masala Butternut Squash Soup | $9 | Amazon | Clip the 50% coupon and use Subscribe & Save
Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s newest first-party product is <checks notes> soup? Okay, we’ll go with it.


Both the chipotle black bean and masala utternut squash soups from Wickedly Prime come in six-packs of 17 ounce containers; no can opener or water required, though you’ll probably want to heat them up. To encourage people to try them out, they’re taking a whopping 50% off your first Subscribe & Save delivery of either flavor, bringing the packs down to $9 each. Just remember to cancel your subscription after your first pack ships if you don’t want to keep receiving them.

Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker | $17 | Amazon | Clip the $2 off coupon
Image: Amazon

This top-selling Takeya carafe makes 1 quart of highly concentrated, cold brew coffee without most of the acidity of traditionally-brewed coffee. After you clip the $2 off coupon, this is only $17 today, which means this thing will pay for itself very quickly if you’re used to buying cold brew at coffee shops.


As an added bonus; When you’re not using it for coffee, you can fill the mesh insert with fruit or tea bags for homemade infused water and iced tea.

Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator Pourer | $17 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Most of us know letting wine breath will make it taste better. This top-rated $17 aerator will speed up that process by mixing in air as your pour.


I have one of these at home and it honestly makes a noticeable difference, normally taking out the initial harsh acidic taste of some wines. Today’s price is a couple bucks off the usual, and the best we’ve seen in a couple of months.

SONGMICS Vintage Snack Side Table | $33 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

You can really set yourself up for your next Netflix binge session with this rolling end table. It can hold your drinks, food, or laptop, so they’ll never be too far out of reach. It’ll set you back just $33 today, which is a good discount from the usual $40 and matches this product’s all-time low.

BUZIO Anxiety 20lb Weighted Blanket for Adults | $102 | Amazon | Use code KFATHERD

Things are crazy right now, and if you somehow forgot that Father’s Day is on Sunday, this deal on a 20-pound weighted blanket will keep you relaxed. This big ass blanket is just $102, the best price it’s ever been, when you use the code KFATHERD at checkout. And if your dad doesn’t want it, take it for yourself. Just trust me on this one.

Kobra Wi-Fi OBD2 Scanner | $11 | Amazon | Promo code PP94JP7K + 20% On-Page Coupon
Kobra Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner | $7 | Amazon | Promo code Z6KXA33D + 20% On-Page Coupon
Kobra Corded OBD2 Scanner | $12 | Amazon | Promo code 7934LGIX + 15% On-Page Coupon

The computer in your car is a treasure trove of information about gas mileage, engine performance, maintenance issues, and more, but without an OBD2 scanner, most can only communicate with you through the primitive language of dashboard warning lights.


Luckily, three such scanners from Kobra are on sale right now, including some wireless ones that sync to your phone and work with third party apps to track and record anything and everything about your car.

The Bluetooth model ($7 with code Z6KXA33D and a 20% on-page coupon) will only work with Android, but the Wi-Fi one ($11 with code PP94JP7K and a 20% on-page coupon) supports iOS as well. There’s also an old-fashioned code checker on sale ($12 with code 7934LGIX and a 15% on-page coupon), if that’s all you’re really interested in.

Ozark Trail Stainless Steel Tumblers | $9 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Before you go out and flush $30 down the drain on a Yeti Rambler, check out this Ozark Trail alternative for just $9 on Walmart today in a variety of colors, one of the best deals we’ve ever seen on this kind of thing. It uses the same vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction as a YETI or RTIC, so it should keep ice frozen for hours or even days, and hot drinks hot for as long as you need. That’s a solid $3 less than Amazon’s price for the same model.

4-Pack Mpow Solar Spotlights | $30 | Amazon | Promo code 3GBZ7OU3
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Motion sensing spotlights can light up your yard at night, make it easier to find the keyhole when you get home late, and even scare away would-be robbers, and now you can get four of them for just $30 with promo code 3GBZ7OU3. The best part? They run off solar power and a built-in battery, so there’s no wiring required.


We’ve seen deals on similar lights in the past, but these include LED bulbs tilted to the sides, which should result in much wider lighting coverage.

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair | $70 | Best Choice Products | Promo code BOSS15
Graphic: Shep McAllister

This office chair boasts a four star review average from over 2,000 customers on Amazon at its regular $85, but if you buy from Best Choice Products today with promo code BOSS15, it’ll only set you back $70. If you have a home office, go ahead and treat yourself.

OxyLED Under-Cabinet Light Kit | $22 | Amazon | Promo code J48NTOW7
Photo: Amazon

OxyLED is best known for its battery-powered light strips, but this discounted kit plugs into an AC outlet, and is designed specifically for under-cabinet installation.


The $22 kit (with promo code J48NTOW7) comes with three foot-long LED light bars, plus three connecting cables. You can either plug the bars into each other to create a longer strip, or use the cables to snake around corners and extend your setup. Once it’s all installed, just use the touch-sensitive power button to turn them on and adjust the brightness, and enjoy a well-lit countertop while you prepare dinner.

3-Pack Anker Motion-Sensing Night Lights | $11 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Anker makes night lights, because Anker makes everything, and you can get three of them for $11 today, down from the usual $15. These lights run off AAA batteries, and thus can stick anywhere. But to save power, they’ll only actually turn on when it’s dark and when they detect nearby motion.

Need batteries? Here’s a pack of 12 rechargeables for just $12.


Clear the Rack | Nordstrom Rack
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

Yes, it’s happening again. Nordstrom Rack has brought back their Clear the Rack sale and it’s full (and I mean FULL) of really incredible deals. Designer clothing, brands you’ve never heard of, everything in clearance an extra 25% off their already discounted prices.

Friends & Family Sale | Milk Makeup
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

Milk Makeup is the hip makeup brand that made waves when it first came out. Minimalism at its finest, there’s really nothing showy about it, except how well it works. Right now, they’re taking 25% off all orders of $35+, plus you get some free goodies if you hit $75 (so ask your friends if they need anything), I love their new Watermelon Brightening Serum and their Kush Mascara is pretty fantastic as well.

Swimwear Sale | Aerie
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

One of this biggest problems with buying bikinis, besides finding the right size, is having to buy two separate things. Even with affordable swimsuits, you wind up spending $50+ on two small pieces of fabric. But right now, Aerie is marking down a ton of bikini tops and bottoms to $20 and under, which means you can get a full bathing suit for the price of one piece.

Aaron Leather Laptop Messenger Bags | $34-$37 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

For the second time this week, Amazon’s running a one-day sale on leather laptop messenger bags. Today, we’re looking at 14.5" bags from Aaron Leather, all of which include plenty of pockets, plus padded internal walls to keep your computer safe. Most of them are marked down to $37 (from the usual $50), but one color is a few bucks cheaper.

Cubii Pro Bluetooth Under-Desk Elliptical | $250 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Don’t have the time or patience to work out every day? An under-desk elliptical trainer lets you sneak in some low intensity exercise at work, and this highly rated model from Cubii is $100 cheaper than usual, today only.


At $250, it’s not the cheapest product like this that we’ve ever seen, but it does have features that you won’t find elsewhere, most notably Bluetooth sync that incorporates with the Fitbit app and Apple HealthKit, allowing you to keep track of you progress and calories burned while you fill out your expense reports.

This price is only available today, so bonus points if you can convince your boss to buy them for the office. Call it a wellness benefit.

Zappos Reards Sale | Zappos
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

Zappos is basically a one-stop shoe destination already, but right now, they’re having a very rare sale, marking down thousands of shoe, boots, and apparel for the summer season. Heels, boots, sneakers, swimsuits, workout gear, all kinds of styles from brands like Clarks, Adidas, Nike, SOREL, Converse, Dr. Martens, and more. Stock up for the season while you can, because they only run sales this big once or twice per year.


Plus, if you join their free rewards program, you’ll get free two day shipping on all orders through 2018. You can’t beat that.

Buy one, get one 50% off | Privé Revaux | Use code GIZMODO2

Privé Revaux turned the sunglass industry on its head last year with a wide variety of attractive frames for just $30 each, but you can get them for even less today with their buy one, get one 50% off deal with the code GIZMODO2. Just add any two of your favorite styles to your cart, use the code, and automatically save up to $15.

Indochino Premium Suits | $329 | Indochino | Promo code KINJA18
Graphic: Indochino

Update: This sale ends at midnight tonight. Even if you aren’t ready to complete your order, buy now at this price, and you’ll have two weeks to submit your (or your dad’s) measurements.


Why buy off the rack when custom tailored suits are so affordable? From now until Thursday at midnight, you can look your best with a custom suit from Indochino, our readers’ favorite custom clothing company by a wide margin. For a limited time, grab any suit from their Spring 2018 collection for just $329 with promo code KINJA18. That deal is exclusive to our readers, and a better price than you’d find anywhere else on these styles.

Note: The suits say $369 on the deal page, but the promo code will grant you an additional discount at checkout.

If you aren’t familiar with Indochino, this isn’t like buying a suit off the rack; it’s tailored just for you. But if you don’t have time to take your measurements right this minute, you can check out now and submit your measurements later, which makes it very easy to gift a suit for Father’s Day. There are plenty of fun and colorful options available, as well as lots of business-minded suits that still look great.


Having a suit that fits perfectly is great, but the little details Indochino lets you customize, from your jacket lapels to pocket flaps to accent stiching around your buttons, are where things get fun.

How It Works

Measure and customize from home...

Follow the directions on Indochino’s site to submit your measurements and customize your suit. Once the suit arrives, if anything doesn’t fit quite right, Indochino will provide directions for your local tailor, along with a $75 credit to cover their work. If for whatever reason your tailor cannot resolve the issues, Indochino will remake your suit. Shipping and return shipping are free.

If you live near a showroom...

Purchase your suit online with our discount, then take your receipt into an Indochino showroom. They’ll do your measurements, walk you through your customization options, and have your suit delivered to the showroom. Return once it arrives for any final alterations if they’re needed.


Let us know which style you’ll be wearing to your next event (or day at the office) in the comments.

$100 Amazon Gift Card + Happy Sock Bundle | $100 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you think your dad could make use of a $100 Amazon gift card, and if he has size 10-13 feet, you’re in luck. All you have to do is buy a $100 Amazon gift card for $100, and it’ll come in a special gift box with a pair of Happy Socks, while supplies last. You can’t choose the size, but if the deal fits, wear it.


The Princess Bride | $8 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Grab this $8 deal on the 30th anniversary edition Blu-ray of The Princess Bride before it’s all dead, not just mostly dead.

DIRECTV Now | $10 per Month For Three Months | Promo code YESNOW3. Fox not available in all markets
Sling TV World Cup Package | $10 | French and Portuguese Commentary
Graphic: DIRECTV Now

If you want to stream all of the FIFA World Cup games at home (or at your desk) without a real cable subscription, DirecTV Now looks to be your cheapest option at the moment, if they include Fox in your area.


The service’s base package includes Fox Sports 1 and Fox, which together will broadcast every World Cup match, though Fox is only available in certain markets (use this tool to find out if you’re covered). It normally costs $35 per month, but you can get your first three months for just $10 each with promo code YESNOW3. That’ll auto-renew at the regular price after the promotional period, but you can cancel any time, including after your first month, meaning you’d only pay $10 out of pocket for full World Cup access.

If Fox isn’t available in your area, Sling TV has another $10 option with every match that doesn’t rely on Fox, though commentary will be in French and Portuguese. Pretty much every country has more exciting soccer announcers than ours, even if you don’t understand the language, so maybe this is a plus! But if you’re primarily watching on mute at your desk at work, it doesn’t really matter.

Rick and Morty fans can pick up the first two seasons on Blu-Ray for just 10 buck each, which is the lowest Amazon price we’ve ever seen. No special lab equipment required.


Anki Overdrive Starter Kit | $120 | Amazon
Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition Starter Kit | $120 | Amazon
GIF: Corey Foster

Anki Overdrive is the smartphone-age love child of slot cars and Mario Kart, and you can save big on the standard and Fast & Furious Edition starter kits today.

From our deal researcher Corey, who owns the Fast & Furious Edition:

The Fast & Furious Edition is compatible with all other Anki Overdrive cars and accessories, and expands on the original with new cars, game modes. and movie dialogue. It’s a huge hit in our house among my kids, their friends, and especially over beers with my adult friends. There’s even a single-player mode that I find myself booting up after everyone goes home and my kids are sleep. I grind for new weapons and powerups that I later use to decimate my opponents - yeah, usually kids. There are no participation trophies in my house.

Both kits include two cars and enough track pieces to build eight different raceways, and both allow you to add new cars and track pieces that you bough a la carte whenever you want. The Fast & Furious Edition usually costs more than the standard model, but both are great deals at $120.

Splatoon 2 | $40 | Amazon
Screenshot: Amazon

Splatoon 2 is Nintendo’s best multiplayer game for the Switch (at least until Mario Tennis Aces comes out next week), so if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, it’s down to an all-time low $40 right now as a digital download.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild [Digital] | $45 | Amazon
Screenshot: Amazon

If you own a Nintendo Switch, but don’t have Breath of the Wild, first of all...huh? Second of all, digital versions are just $45 right now on Amazon, the best price we’ve ever seen.

PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle | $240 | Dell
PlayStation VR Doom Bundle | $200 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you still haven’t picked up a PlayStation VR kit, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a better deal than this one. Just $240 gets you the headset, two Move controllers, the camera, and a copy of Skyrim. That’s $110 less than the usual price on this bundle. Just remember, the arrow in your knee isn’t real, you can still be an adventurer.


The Doom bundle is also on sale for $40 less, though it doesn’t include the Move controllers, which cost about $90-$100 a la carte.

Need a PS4 Pro console or an extra controller? Those are on sale as well.

Slay the Spire | $10 |
Screenshot: Kotaku

Slay the Spire combines rogeulike dungeon crawling and card game mechanics, and it’s been a bona fide early access hit on Steam this year. It’s a steal at its usual $16, but you can grab it for just $10 from right now.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition | $20 | Walmart

Black Friday saw several enticing deals on the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn, but today, Walmart’s offering the best deal yet on the complete edition, which includes the Frozen Wilds expansion pack, some in-game items, and a few other bonuses.

NHL Air Hockey/Table Tennis Table | $139 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Don’t have room for an air hockey table and a ping pong table? This NHL-branded table can work as both, and it’s on clearance at Walmart for just $139 right now. For context, this similar looking table from the same manufacturer is selling for over $400 on Amazon right now, so go ahead, live your best life like Alex Ovechkin.

DropMix | $49 | Amazon

Update: Now down to $49!

DropMix is an NFC-enabled card game that basically turns you into a remix artist, and it’s down to $50 on Amazon right now, a match for the best price we’ve seen.


Developed by Harmonix, of Rock Band fame, DropMix seems perhaps a little too ambitious—most people don’t have great rhythm, after all—but the game is executed shockingly well. There are multiple game modes, the base set includes 60 song cards from popular artists (though you can purchase expansions, naturally), and it’s beginner-friendly enough for anyone to play.

6 Months Xbox Game Pass | $30 | Amazon
Graphic: Amazon

Update: Back in stock, and Microsoft announced this week that it now includes Fallout 4.


With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft basically created the Netflix of video games, and it’s a great deal at its usual $10 per month. But to celebrate E3, you can get a six month membership card for just $30, which grants you access to new releases like State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves, as well as classics like KOTOR and all of the Gear of War games. The best part of this deal? It’ll also work if you’re an existing member.

Sony’s PS4 Pro E3 discounts went live a few days ago, and Microsoft has finally followed suit with $50 discounts on a variety of consoles, including the first “official” discount ever on the Xbox One X (though we have seen other savings opportunities on it before). But at least with these deals, you could have the console in your possession as soon as today, if you pick up in store.

20% off Video Game Preorders
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You might not have heard, but a lot of new games are getting announced this week, and you can save 20% on nearly all of them by preordering with Amazon Prime. There are too many preorder links to list here, but we’re collecting them all on this post as they go live.

PS4 Pro | $350 | Walmart
PS4 Controllers | $40 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you were waiting on E3 discounts to pick up a PS4 Pro, your time has come. The console is available now for $350, or $50 less than usual. We’ve seen a few better deals in the past, especially during sitewide eBay sales, but this is still a solid discount, and you can pick it up today.


Need some extra controllers? Those are marked down to $40 as well, in a variety of colors.

Microsoft E3 Xbox Sales
Graphic: Microsoft

Microsoft’s E3 sales are starting to roll out, with some of the best prices we’ve seen on a ton of popular games. There are too many deals to list here, but head over to this post where we’re collecting them all.




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