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A steak knife set, PUMA and Adidas sale, surge protector and a pressure washer lead of Thursday’s best deals from around the web.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

Anker SoundCore 2 | $30 | Amazon | Blue and red only
Photo: Amazon

With its 24 hour battery life, impressive bass, and crystal clear sound quality, the Anker SoundCore has long been our readers’ favorite affordable Bluetooth speaker, and its water-resistant successor is down to $30 today, or $10 less than usual.

The SoundCore 2 still includes dual drivers and that amazing 24 hour battery; the only real differences are a slightly tweaked design and the aforementioned water resistance. That means you can take it to the pool, the beach, or even the shower without fear.

Sony 6.2" CarPlay Receiver | $236 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You don’t need to buy a new car to experience Apple CarPlay or Android Auto; you just need $236 for this Sony receiver, plus whatever it costs to install it (if you can’t do it yourself).


That’s one of the best deals we’ve seen on a CarPlay receiver, and it comes just in time for the major CarPlay enhancements Apple is rolling out for iOS 13.

Twelve South HiRise 2 | $28 | Amazon

Twelve South’s HiRise is the most attractive smartphone stand you can buy, and according to The Verge, a pretty great Nintendo Switch dock to boot. It normally sells for $40, but the black model is marked down to just $28 right now. We’ve seen it as low as $20, albeit very briefly, but otherwise, this is a very good deal.

Amazon Device Sale | Woot
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Woot’s discounting a bunch of Amazon gear during their one-day sale. Pick up a spare remote or two starting at just $9, or add to your collection of smart plugs for a low $15. For my money, the best deals here are the Fire TVs; the Cube is $10 cheaper than what we saw on Prime Day and $35 for the 4KUHD ready Fire TV dongle is a good deal.


Full disclosure, these are last-gen models—they aren’t Amazon’s latest and greatest (except for the Smart Plug.) But if you’re looking to add a some brains to your TV or a couple of smart plugs, this is a good time to buy. Just be warned, these prices will last only until the end of the day, or until sold out. So act fast.

Apple Watch Band Sale | Best Buy
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Show off your pride with these Apple Watch bands, for the low price of $10. These are available in both the large and small versions of the watch. Better still, these bands are compatible with any Apple Watch series. So go forth, be true to yourself or be an ally, just as long as you don’t spend all your cash on Apple’s expensive straps.

CyberPower Swivel Surge Protector | $11 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

This is everything you could want in a $11 surge protector. Six outlets, two USB ports, and a swiveling design that minimizes the distance the whole setup will project out from your wall once everything’s plugged in.


This price is $5 less than usual and is the lowest price we’ve seen since August.

Today’s Best Home Deals

iHealth Thermometer | $20 | Amazon | Clip the $7 coupon

While it might not be cold and flu season right now, that doesn’t mean that fevers don’t exist. If you hate spreading germs, you probably despise thermometers that go in your mouth. If that sounds like you, you should get the iHealth Thermometer because it doesn’t even need to touch you to read your temperature. Right now, it is $20 when you clip the $7 coupon. You can get a reading in as fast as one second, which makes it the perfect thermometer to use on little kids who can’t sit still.

Contributing Gizmodo Editor Andrew Liszewski said:

About the size of a candy bar, the iHealth looks more like a scifi prop than a medical device, with an all-white finish, a glossy top, and a single button on the face for taking measurements. It’s easy to clean, which is a big part of the device’s appeal, given it never actually has to make physical contact with someone who’s sick.

Anker’s home goods brand, Eufy, put its uber-popular copper string lights back on sale today for $10, or about $7 than usual. They’re one of the most popular products in Kinja Deals history, and come with a remote to control and dim them that you’ll definitely never lose.


No dorm room is complete without a set of these haphazardly draped from something.

Black Forest Gummy Bears, 6 Pounds | $9 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Personally, I’m the kind of person who believes that if something costs less than $10 and I like it, I have no excuse not to buy it. That has probably cost me $10,000 at this point, but who’s to say. You have no reason not to buy a delicious six-pound back of Black Forest Gummy Bears when it only costs $9 on Amazon.

If you’re trying to turn your home into Pat from Smart House, you’ll need to start at the front door with a smart lock. Today only, you can get up to 40% off select smart locks and electronic door locks at Home Depot. If you’ve gotten locked out of your house before, a smart lock is a great way to avoid that ever happening again.


During today’s sale, the Schlage CamelotConnect Smart Lock with Alarm and Accent Lever Handleset is only $179, which is $119 off. The Kwikset SmartCode Single Cylinder Electronic Deadbolt is just $92. You can check out Home Depot’s website to see all of the smart locks that are on sale.

Kyoku Damascus Steek Steak Knives | $129 | Amazon | Promo code KYOKUXE6
Photo: Amazon

Do your steak knives need to be made from Japanese Damascus Steel, complete with undulating ripples that you’d expect to see on like, Jon Snow’s sword? No, they’re steak knives.


But when do you pull out steak knives? On steak night. And on steak night, you want to feel fancy. I say treat yourself. Get a set of four for $129 with promo code KYOKUXE6.

And invite me over for steak night, please.

Sun Joe 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer | $123 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You might not think you need a pressure washer, but after spending 10 minutes on r/pressurewashingporn, you’ll have your credit card out. Amazon’s marked down a powerful Sun Joe washer down to $123, way below its usual ~$160-$200, and a match for the best price ever.


At 2300 PSI, this is far more powerful than most electric pressure washers, and its brushless induction motor should run quieter and cooler too. Just remember, this deal disappears by end of day, and could sell out early, so get yours before the deal gets blasted away.

Thermapen Mk4 | $76 | ThermoWorks
Image: ThermoWorks

Our readers are big fans of the ever reliable Thermapen, but quality comes with a price tag to match. That’s why you should take advantage of this Open Box Sale on like-new Thermapen Mk4 models, down from its usual price of $99 to $76 in any color. The sale lasts for a limited time, so don’t get burnt by waiting too long to add one to your kitchen tool box.

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle | $43 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

For those who don’t need a gooseneck kettle for pourover coffee, and aren’t willing to spring for the ultimate tea maker, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp is one of the best (and best looking) electric kettles around. It’s down to $43 at Walmart right now, the best price we’ve ever seen. Just be sure to grab yours before this deal boils dry.

Bonus 1 Pound of Scallops + 1 Pack of Bacon With New Butcher Box Membership | Butcher Box
Photo: Kamil Kalbarczyk (( ( (Unsplash), Donald Giannatti (( ( (Unsplash)

Butcher Box just added a new meat to its arsenal: wild-caught Atlantic sea scallops! Yes, the chicken nuggets of the sea can be delivered to your front door, and if you sign up for a new membership right now, you’ll get a pound of scallops and a pack of bacon thrown in for free, in addition to whatever else would have been in your box anyway.


You may be tempted to make bacon-wrapped scallops, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them separately, on their own merits.

Your bonus come bundled with any of Butcher Box’s pre-selected boxes, which are priced at $129 for 24 servings, or $238 for 48 servings, which can be delivered every 30 or 60 days. For a nominal surcharge, you can also build a completely custom box, with your choices of proteins.

Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill | $40 | Amazon
Image: Amazon

I know, I know. This deal is the wurst. Basically, in a very late capitalist maneuver, Johnsonville made a Sizzling Sausage Grill that cooks their own brats (and brats from other brands—we know because we tried it). By no means is this a device your kitchen needs, but for reasons we can’t quite understand ourselves, it’s a device that the whole team here at The Inventory wants, now that it’s been brat to our attention.

Maybe it’s the prospect of evenly crisped links. Or the lack of potential splatter. Or the built-in temperature probe that alerts you the moment your sausages are fully cooked. Or maybe, it’s just that this thing is so damn ridiculous, and also sausages are so damn good, that it’s worth $40 (it’s lowest price ever) simply to make this bizarre tool a part your grilling arsenal. Anyway, here’s the piping hot link to buy this banger of a deal, should you so choose:

Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator, Mint Green, City Blue, and Cream Beige | $229 | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

College move-in day is almost here, which means young adults are on the hunt for mini fridges. If you love a good retro aesthetic, this Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator is on sale in three colors: Mint Green, City Blue, and Cream Beige. Those colors are marked down by $30 each. The mint green model would look stylish on any Pinterest board.


For something mini, this fridge has plenty of space for meals, snacks, and beverages, with two shelves and a drawer unit. The shelf on the door can hold full bottles of soda, milk, and tea and even has a little compartment to store your butter. Some Amazon reviewers have even removed the inner freezer door to use it as added fridge space. If you’re not moving into a dorm, this still works great for a home office or man cave. It also appears to be a hit for tiny homes!

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle | $43 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

For those who don’t need a gooseneck kettle for pourover coffee, and aren’t willing to spring for the ultimate tea maker, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp is one of the best (and best looking) electric kettles around. It’s down to $43 at Walmart right now, the best price we’ve ever seen. Just be sure to grab yours before this deal boils dry.

6-Pack Extra Large Dryer Balls | $10 | Amazon | Promo code BAK2SKL42

Wool dryer balls are the hottest laundry invention of the decade, and you can get six extra large ones for $10 with promo code BAK2SKL42. Just toss them in your dryer, and your clothes will dry faster, come out softer, and have fewer wrinkles at the end of the cycle.

At the very least, you should use dryer balls instead of fabric softener or dryer sheets when drying towels and workout gear, as chemical fabric softener leaves a residue that makes fabrics less water absorbent, which is obviously an issue in both cases.

RCA 4-Bottle Wine Fridge | $42 | Walmart
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

I’m baby. You’re baby. We’re all baby. But most importantly, this wine fridge is baby. This little baby RCA 4-Bottle Wine Fridge is 50% off at Walmart right now. It can store four bottles of wine (not safe for actual babies to drink) and keep them nice and chilled.

320 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes | $7 | Amazon | Clip coupon on the page, Subscribe & Save and $2 discount at checkout

Lysol wipes are one of the easiest ways to wipe down cabinets, and they’re a gift sent from the heavens whenever someone in your house has a cold. Assuming you’ve got some extra cabinet space, you should definitely pick up 320 wipes for $7 by clipping the coupon on the page, using Subscribe & Save, where you’ll get an additional $2.08 of savings at checkout.

AmazonBasics 10-Piece Locking Food Storage | $13 | Amazon
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

If your Tupperware is so stained from years of use, you really need to toss it out. Get yourself a brand new set with the AmazonBasics 10-Piece Locking Food Storage Containers for only $13. Included in the set are two 1.3-cup containers with lids, two 3.2-cup containers with lids, and one 9.6-cup container with a lid. The locking lids provide an air-tight seal, so you won’t have to worry about food leaking in your fridge or lunchbox.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 | $31 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

A lot of people are reflexively appalled by the idea of a bidet, which makes no sense, because they’re amazing. Today on Amazon, you can score a Luxe Bidet Neo 120 that will work with just about any toilet for just $31, one of the best prices we’ve seen.


That’s basically nothing for a product you’ll use (hopefully) every day, and it’s particularly good for a model with a self-cleaning and retracting nozzle, let alone one with a 4.6 star average on over 5,000 reviews. This deal could sell out any time though, so purchase or get off the pot.

15-Pack Reusable Nylon Produce Bags | $11 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

You’ve probably stocked up on reusable grocery bags by now, but what about the thin plastic produce bags that you grab at the store to hold your fruits and vegetables?

Turns out, you can get reusable sacks for those too, and this set of 15 is down to just $11 today, a few bucks less than usual, and within $1 of an all-time low. They’re made from nylon, but transparent enough that your checkout attendant won’t have to open them to see what’s inside. And if you don’t need all 15 for shopping, they can be used for holding just about anything. So go ahead, do Mother Earth a solid.

Mentos Chewy Mint Candy Roll (Pack of 15) | $8 | Amazon | Clip the 25% off coupon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

They weren’t one of our readers’ favorite mints, but still, they are mints nonetheless. Just clip the 25% off coupon, and you can buy 15 rolls of Mentos for just $8 to freshen up your breath. Or to DIY a Diet Coke fountain. Whichever.

Holmes Window Fan | $15 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

If you’re trying to cut down on your electrical bill, a window intake fan like this one can pull the cool night air into your bedroom with only a trickle of electricity. If you live in, like, Texas, it’s probably not going to do you any good until November or so, but if you live above the Mason-Dixon line, you can probably already put it to good use. At $15, it’s never been cheaper.


They also boast that you can manually flip the fan around in the window to turn it into an exhaust fan, which is a frankly hilarious selling point.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Blazer Closeout Sale | $39 - 79 | Jachs | Promo Code BLZ
Photo: Jachs

If you know you look good, but also want to dress well too, now is the perfect time to shop online. Thanks to Jachs’s Blazer Closeout Sale, you can choose from 25 different styles to fit your look. The prices ranging between $39 and $79, when you use the promo code BLZ. At that price point, now is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and skip the black blazer, and go crazy with an Indigo blazer.

15% Off Sitewide | Bonobos | Promo code SOLSTICE15
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Bonobos is stocked with summer essentials, and you can take all of them home for 15% off using promo code SOLSTICE15. Make space in your closet for essentials like floral shirts, breezy sweaters, non-terrible T-shirts, chinos, jeans, button-downs, and suits, and get ready to look on the outside like the put together guy you are on the inside.

$30 Converse Shoes | Daily Steals | Promo Code KJCNVRS
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you’re on the hunt for a new set of everyday sneakers, you can grab a pair of $30 Converse from Daily Steals. In order to get the discounted price, you’ll just need to use the promo code KJCNVRS at checkout. Now, be aware, not every shoe style and color is available in every size. Some options are only available in one size. Still, $30 is a good deal and worth looking for your size.

Extra 30% Off Sale | PUMA | Promo code FOMO30

Better weather means catching up on your outdoor fitness goals, and for PUMA, that means catching up with you. The athletic wear brand is taking an extra 30% off their entire sale section, plus free shipping on orders $35 or more. Thus, trendy sneakers and apparel for workouts and beyond are going much less than usual, so use promo code FOMO30 and stock up for a new season now.

Linen Sale | Huckberry
Photo: Huckberry

Light and breathable linen is the ultimate summer fabric, and if you take advantage of Huckberry’s limited time linen sale, you’ll still have a solid month or two to enjoy your purchase before you have to put it away for the winter.


Inside, you’ll find linen shirts, pants, and even blazers on sale from a variety of designers. At the very least, get yourself a pair of the linen Jam shorts, which are light, airy, and have an elastic waistband because, as they say, “choosing between fish tacos and a carne asada burrito is surprisingly difficult.”

25% Off Orders $100+ | Murad | Promo code 25OFF100
Image: Murad

Amp up your skincare routine for the season with big summer savings at Murad. Right now, you can take 25% off orders of $100 or more with promo code 25OFF100. Plus, you’ll get a 5-piece dewy skin set worth $43 for free, when you place an order over $150. With a deal like this, it makes sense to load up on the brand’s effective line, including cult favorites like the Rapid Age Spot And Pigment Lightening Serum.

Extra 20% Off Sale | Adidas | Promo code AUGUST20
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

It’s not a race, but you should definitely hurry over to Adidas to take advantage of an extra 20% off their already heavily discounted sale section. Use promo code AUGUST20 to snag this deal on everything you need for your summer workouts, from sneakers to athletic apparel. You’ll feel like you scored a gold medal.

Heavyweight Slim Jean | $48 | Everlane
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Hey. Hey, you. Did you know that we love Everlane jeans? If you didn’t, now you do, and today, guys can snag a pair of Heavyweight Slim Jeans in two different washes—Indigo and Dark Indigo—for just $48, thanks to the retailer’s Choose What You Pay section (where Everlane lets you choose which discounted price you want to pay, but like, pick the lowest price, obviously?).

Men’s jeans rarely make an appearance in Choose What You Pay, so you’ll want to snap up these pairs before they sell out. But they’re not the only good things available on sale: Guys can also pick up a Lightweight French Terry Hoodie for just $39, and even some fall-ready Cashmere Crews for only $70.

Mynt Tapping Foot Massager | $80 | Amazon | Promo code 7HUMUPBA
Mynt Shiatsu Foot Massager | $130 | Amazon | Promo code 979LESRY
Photo: Amazon

At the end of a long day, sometimes, you just need some alone time and a foot massage. And these deals from Mynt let you enjoy exactly that whenever you’d like.


For $80 (with promo code 7HUMUPBA), you can get a tapping massager that will work the bottoms of your feet. Or, for $130 (with code 979LESRY), you can get a full kneading experience that mimics a shiatsu massage. Those codes will save you $45 and $50, respectively, so don’t forget to use them.

Whichever model you choose, I recommend taking it to the office and using it at work. Total power move.

Today’s Best Media Deals

Get Out | $5 | Amazon

Get Out was a lot more than a typical horror movie, so even if you aren’t typically a fan of the genre, you should absolutely add it to your Blu-ray collection for $5. You also get a digital copy, and even an alternate ending.

You don’t have to be a music major to get an extensive musical education, thanks to Amazon. Right now, Prime Students can enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited for just $1 per month—because you should be putting your money toward more important things, like tuition and books and stuff. You’ll gain unlimited access to over 50 million songs on-demand, with the ability to listen offline and via Alexa. Finally, all those hours in class have paid off.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

Get a lot of bang, bang and pew, pew for your buck with this $30 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Starlink: Battle for Atlas bundle from Best Buy. Switch owners should 100% take advantage on this no-brainer bundle, especially considering that Kingdom Battle is worth it for that price alone (and it’s currently $25 on Amazon.)


Oh, did I mention there’s an exclusive Star Fox appearance for the Switch version of Starlink? Get it now, before it barrel rolls away.

Jackbox Party Packs are a great addition to any party, and now you can get a bunch of them for not that much money with Humble’s latest bundle.

As usual, you can pledge as much or as little money as you want (as long as it’s at least a dollar), but you’ll only unlock every title by giving $15 or more. Games include all of the first four Party Packs, a bunch of volumes of the classic You Don’t Know Jack trivia game, and a handful of other standalone games as well.


Unfortunately, Party Pack 5 (the best one) isn’t included, but there are still a bunch of great party games in the other four.





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