Anker SoundCore Mini, $24 with code QUM7D9ED
Anker SoundCore 2, $34 with code 6XYGBCPW
Anker SoundCore Sport XL, $56 with code QUM7D9ED

Anker’s SoundCore line of speakers have been huge hits among our readers, and you can choose from three different models on sale today, ranging from tiny to booming.

On the small end, the SoundCore Mini packs impressively loud audio into a speaker the size of half a soda can. Get it for $24 with promo code QUM7D9ED.

I suspect that most people will want to spring for the SoundCore 2, which is a true sequel to our readers’ favorite Bluetooth speaker. The main selling points here are 24 hour battery life (and that’s a conservative estimate, in my experience) and IPX5 water resistance.

And if you missed it yesterday, the rugged and powerful SoundCore Sport XL is still $14 off with code QUM7D9ED. With dual 8W drivers, this is loud enough to fill an entire yard.