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Eneloops have become the de facto best rechargeable batteries, so we’re running this poll to see if you agree. There are also a lot of options in the line:


If Eneloops are the de facto best then AmazonBasics are the de facto more affordable alternative. A persistent belief is that the white AmazonBasics are rebranded Eneloops and the black AmazonBasics are rebranded BYD batteries.

Maha Powerex

I’ve been a fan of Maha Powerex for nearly a decade. AA batteries with every bit of 2700 mAH, and they really take to recharges well, they’re not lying when they say over 500 recharge cycles. - Dino

POWEREX from MAHA. I’ve been using them for about 5 years now and have been very pleased. - protogenic

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