Ghost Paper Notebook | $20 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA213
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Even (or perhaps, especially) in the digital age, many people prefer the tactile experience of jotting down notes with an actual pen and paper, and the Ghost Paper notebook gives you the most tactile experience of all.

Whereas every other notebook simply prints lines on the page to keep your letters straight, Ghost Paper’s lines are actually slightly raised, giving your pen an actual base from which to start each character. You can check out our review over on The Inventory, and use promo code KINJA213 to get your own notebook for $20.

Ghost Paper also sells stationery, and you can get a set for just $10. That’s half the usual price, and the discount is due to a defect on the cartons that hold the paper and envelopes, which themselves are in perfect condition, which is all that really matters. Just add it to your cart, and you’ll see the discount at checkout.