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Preorder DipClip | Kickstarter

I can’t say I’ve ever given much thought to where I keep my ketchup and sauce packets while I eat in the car, but there’s basically no good option, right? If you put it on top of your dashboard, it could fly off and make a mess. Keep it at the bottom of your console, and you’ll have to blindly stab at it with your fries if you want to keep your eyes on the road. But my favorite Kickstarter project of all time gives us a third option: Your air vent.


The DipClip is basically one of those air vent smartphone mounts, but for sauce. It’s a little plastic frame that’s perfectly sized to hold those little plastic tubs from most restaurants. And if your fast food joint of choice only offers packets, it comes with a ramekin too that you can clean out once you get home. They sent me a demo unit, and I was impressed how sturdy it felt attached to my vents, though obviously, that might vary depending on your car.


It’s such a stupidly simple idea, but it solves an actual problem—albeit a first world one—and solves it brilliantly. The DipClip is already fully funded, but you can still preorder some and save on the MSRP. Prices start at just $15 for two complete sets, with larger discounts when you order more.

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