Personalized Metal Christmas Stocking Holder | $21 | Walmart
Graphic: Elizabeth Zimmerman
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If you’re ultra Type A, you may have run into a holiday dilemma regarding stockings this year: You’ve already got all the stuff to fill them, so you want to go ahead and do that to mark one more thing off your checklist, but you tried and the stockings got too heavy to stay on the mantel with traditional hooks. Sure, you could take them down once they’re stuffed, but they’re part of your festive decor!

This Metal Christmas Stocking Holder Stand is the answer to your problem. It holds up to six stockings, and Walmart will even personalize it for free. I wouldn’t try loading it up if your stockings are full of bricks or something, but it should be a perfect solution if you’re normal and don’t give people gifts you snatched up from an empty construction site.