If you're still jolting yourself awake with the harsh tones of an alarm clock, it's time to evolve. These Philips Wake-Up Lights can transform your sleeping habits, and improve your life immeasurably. Sound good? All three different models are on sale, today only.

The base model checks in at $49 as an Amazon Gold Box deal, one of the lowest prices we've ever seen. It wakes you up via a gradually-brightening light that simulates a natural sunrise, and falls back on a gentle beep if you still don't stir. Stepping up the line, there's a mid-range model that adds natural wake-up sounds, dusk simulation, and touch-sensitive buttons for $90 (normally ~$130). If you're all in, you can also get the top of the line model for $110 today, which adds colors to the mix for a more natural sunrise simulation. It normally sells for $140.

All three should dramatically improve your morning routine, and all of them have fantastic reviews. As always with Gold Box deals, these prices are only valid today, but Amazon often sells out early. [Philips Wake-Up Light Gold Box]

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