Jackery SuperCharge USB-C PD Battery Pack with 45W Wall Charger | $82 | Amazon | Promo code C73RWL5M
Image: Amazon
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At $82 on sale (with code C73RWL5M), this isn’t the cheapest USB-C Power Delivery battery pack we’ve seen; not by a long shot. But it has its reasons.

1. Its USB-C port can output and accept 45W or power, considerably higher than the 27-30W you usually see on these types of products.


2. It comes with a 45W USB-C Power Delivery wall charger, which can recharge all 26,800mAh in under 5 hours, and also double as a wall charger for your laptop, Nintendo Switch, or any other USB-C device. Most of these battery packs don’t come with a charger at all.

3. It includes a screen that actually shows you a numerical percentage of its remaining battery life, rather than a vague array of dots.

So if you still need a battery pack that can charge your USB-C devices on the road, this one might just be worth the price premium.