2x4basics Shed Kit with Barn Roof | $49 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister
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A shed is a magical place where you can collect tools, lawn care equipment, golf clubs, and other detritus that you have no room for in your home, without, like, just piling it up in your yard for all the neighbors to see. Nobody’s ever going to get on you to clean your shed, because its whole point is storing crap so that your home and garage can be clean themselves.

So, say you want a shed (you do). This $49 kit from Amazon includes all of the metal brackets you’ll need, plus a materials list and building instructions. You’ll need to provide the 2x4 lumber from elsewhere, but the kit is designed in such a way that you’ll only have to make 90 degree cuts, so it should be about as simple as a construction project can be.