E-Z UP Shelter Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Before you head out to the beach, you can get ready to throw some shade with Amazon’s E-Z UP shelter sale.

First up is a 12' x 12' pop-up canopy that sets up in minutes, marked down to an all-time low $88.

But the more interesting deal here is the 10' x 10' Dome canopy, which is a pretty similar product on its face (though it does include a wheeled transport bag), but with the ability to pair with E-Z UP’s Camping Cube product to transform into a full five-person tent.

Prices will vary a bit depending on the colors you choose, but you’re looking at a little over $230 for the complete set, but that’s a solid price for a 100 square foot tent, and the Camping Cube does have some cool features like power cord passthroughs, storage pockets, and even a doggy door.