Thermapen IR Probe and Infrared Thermometer | $118 | ThermoWorks

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Thermapen IR Probe and Infrared Thermometer | $118 | ThermoWorks

With the Thermapen IR, ThermoWorks took the industry standard Thermapen probe thermometer, and added an accurate IR thermometer, combining two useful kitchen tools into one.

So now, with a single gadget, you can check to make sure your pan is ready for searing with the laser thermometer, and make sure your meat is fully cooked with the probe. Here’s how it works:

But probe thermometers aren’t really designed to tell you how hot a cooking surface is, or say, detect air conditioning leaks. For those tasks, you want a non-contact infrared thermometer. At the bottom of the Thermapen IR, you’ll find a lens. Just point it at any surface from about five inches away, hit a button, and you’ll get an instant temperature reading on the screen. Unlike most temperature guns, this one doesn’t project a visible laser, which is no fun from a dicking-around-and-measuring-the-temperature-of-your-dog perspective, but not really a huge deal if you’re using it for cooking.

The Thermapen IR has never been discounted outside of Thermoworks’ occasional sitewide sales, but today only, you can get it for $118, a 15% discount.