Philips OneBlade Pro | $60 | Walmart
Photo: Amazon

The Philips OneBlade is easily our top-selling shaving product ever, partially thanks to two I bought for myself, and whether you’re new to the OneBlade ecosystem, or just want to upgrade, the OneBlade Pro is cheaper than ever today.

Compared to the original OneBlade, which included three separate length combs, the Pro upgrades to a single comb with 14 different length settings, which justifies the price premium on its own, if you ask me. It also upgrades the battery to longer-lasting and faster-charging ithium-ion, and displays the remaining battery percentage on a screen. And like the original, it’s still waterproof, works both with and against the grain, and can be used without shaving cream. I tend to use mine in the shower, with no lubrication.


If you already own a OneBlade, here’s my advice. Move your current OneBlade into a toiletry bag for traveling so you never forget it on a trip, and then buy this to use at home. $60 is a full $20 less than usual, and an absolute steal.