Withings Activité Steel | $75 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Withings’ ActivitĂ© Steel is a fitness tracker that looks like a million bucks, but today, it’ll only cost you $75.

Just like a Fitbit, the ActivitĂ© Steel will measure your steps, running distance, calories burned, sleep cycles, and even swimming activity. The difference is that rather than displaying all of that info on an eyesore of an LCD screen, it’s all boiled down to a single analog dial on the face of an attractive, minimal watch. If you want to see more detailed stats, just pull out your phone and sync the watch over Bluetooth.


Not only does this analog design look way better than the alternatives, it’s also a boon for battery life. The ActivitĂ© steel can run for 8 months at a time on a standard watch battery, no charging required.