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Amazon Echo Show | $130 | Amazon
Photo: Gizmodo

If you missed the one-day Echo sales last week, Amazonā€™s once again taking $100 off the Echo Show today, bringing it $20 below its previous all-time low. You can read Gizmodoā€™s review if you want to learn more, but it turns out Alexa would have benefitted from a visual component all along

Logitech MX Ergo | $80 | Amazon
GIF: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

Trackball fans, bow before your new god.

The Logitech MX ERGO has most of the buttons, customization options, and advanced features of Logitechā€™s high-end wireless mice, plus a big-ass trackball for people with wrist issues, or anyone who just prefers to use one. But the ERGO earns its name from a unique hinge that allows you to tilt the mouse up to 20 degrees off axis, allowing for a more comfortable fit.


$85 is within $1 of the best price Amazonā€™s ever listed on the mouse, so grab one before the price goes back up.

Itā€™s impossible to have too many surge protectors. This is a proven fact of the universe. If youā€™re ready to add some more to your collection, pick up this $15 Belkin 8-outlet protector with a 6ft cord. Itā€™s a couple bucks of today and the best price weā€™ve seen since March.

Pick up these over-ear Definitive Technology bluetooth headphones for $100 less than usual. They have a decent battery life, with use up to 15 hours with active noise cancellation on. This sale will end tonight at midnight, so snag these while theyā€™re on sale if youā€™re in the market

Itā€™s a great day to load up on a whole bunch of discounted Anker products. The sale includes our readersā€™ favorite USB charging hub, a 26800mAh external battery, and a Qi charger for $8.


If youā€™re looking for a new projector, this Nebula portable projector is a $100 off (!!!). Plus, their newest product, the SoundCore Motion B is $9 off. No promo codes needed.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S | $50 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

With its ability to work on any surface, including glass, the Logitech MX Anywhere mouse has always been a reader favorite. And today, you can save on its sequel.


All the features you know and love from the original are still here, but the MX Anywhere 2S adds in Logitechā€™s new FLOW cross-computer control, which lets you use one mouse to control multiple computers at once, and even copy and paste content between them. Even if you never use that feature though, itā€™s a great mouse with 70 day battery life, a best-in-class sensor, and easy Bluetooth or USB pairing to up to three devices. Not bad for $50.

Philips Hue Color Bulb | $40 | Amazon
Philips Hue Flood Bulb | $40 | Amazon
Graphic: Amazon

Update: Now, Philips Hue flood lights are also on sale.

We see good deals on Philips Hue starter kits fairly often. But if you already have a Hue system set up, itā€™s very rare to see individual bulbs for over 20% off, so stock up!

15% off PicasoLabs Leather Sleeves | Promo code KINJA015 | Amazon | Plus $8 for custom engraving
Photo: PIcaso Lab

Your laptop is one of the most expensive things you own, and it deserves to be treated as such. Rather than throwing it roughshod into your bag, slip it into one of PicasoLabsā€™ beautiful, hand-stitched leather sleeves, now back on sale just for our readers, this weekend only.


Jesus Diaz raved about these and interviewed the creator on Gizmodo a few years ago, and now you can pick your own from Amazon for 15% off with promo code KINJA015, plus $8 if you want it engraved.

There are several options available, and prices will vary depending on the size of your laptop. Theyā€™re all designed specifically for various MacBook models, but compare measurements, and you could probably find one to fit your Windows Ultrabook as well. No matter which one you choose, youā€™ll save 15% at checkout with that promo code.


Refurb Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker With Aerocino Milk Frother | $100 | Woot
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Hands down, Nespresso is the easiest way to make decent espresso at home, and their high-end VertuoLine model will make regular coffee too. The whole set is down to $100 refurbished on Amazon today, complete with the latest Aeroccino milk frother. Thatā€™s over $115 less than buying it new, and could make a good gift for the coffee-lover in your life.

Up to 25% off Stone & Beam and Rivet | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

You might find some redecorating inspiration from Amazonā€™s big sale on its furniture and home decor brands, Rivet and Stone & Beam.


Everything is up to 25% off, which is some serious savings on some of the more expensive furniture pieces and rugs. Jillian just bought a Rivet couch and loves it. I like these old school map prints, this teal rug, and this leather love seat. To start finding stuff for your house, head over to Amazon.

Roav by Anker Dash Cam C1 Pro | $80 | Amazon | Use code CAMERA01
Roav By Anker, DashCam A1 | $41 | Amazon | Use code A1BDDEAL
Roav by Anker, SmartCharge F0 FM Transmitter/Bluetooth Receiver/Car Charger with Bluetooth | $19 | Amazon | Use code ANKERSDD

Add some tech to your car with these big sales on Ankerā€™s popular Roav products. You can can keep an extra eye on the road with two of Ankerā€™s popular Roav dash cams, plus, keep your phone charged while broadcasting music with this $19 SmartCharge.


First up, the C1 pro. Everything covered in our review of the original of the C1 still applies here, but the Pro upgrades the resolution from 1080p to 2560x1440, and bundles in a 32GB microSD card so you donā€™t have to provide your own. Itā€™s just $80 with promo code CAMERA01.

The Roav DashCam A1 ($41 with code A1BDDEAL) operates in a slightly wider temperature range, and is designed more like a traditional action cam than a purpose-built dash cam. That makes it a little less sleek on your windshield, but allows you to tilt it left and right, rather than just up and down. Itā€™s really a matter of personal preference, but any dash cam with Wi-Fi and Ankerā€™s level of customer service at these prices are worth checking out.

The SmartCharge ($19 with promo code ANKERSDD) is a Bluetooth FM transmitter that takes the Bluetooth signal from your phone, and rebroadcasts it the FM radio station of your choice, giving you truly wireless audio and handsfree calls in older vehicles that donā€™t have Bluetooth built in. And since this is an Anker brand, you also get two high speed USB charging ports.

Just make sure to enter the promo codes at checkout!

Itā€™s perhaps not the most exciting purchase, but this 3-bag laundry sorter can make your laundry day suck a little less by allowing you to separate out all your laundry categories (lights, darks, delicates, etc) before wash day. It might even prevent you from washing that dry-clean-only shirt, or accidentally dyeing all your white clothes pink with that run-away red sock. Whatever the case, this sorter is ~$6 less than usual.

Silhouette Portrait 2 Starter Bundle | $133 | Woot

Similar to a Cricut machine, this Silhouette Portrait 2 precisely cuts fabric, paper, foam, vinyl, and more so you donā€™t have to pick up the scissors. You choose or create your own patterns on your PC or Mac, then plug the Silhouette into your USB port to make them real, just like a printer. This starter pack comes with 50 pre-made designs, 24 sketch pens, and two cutting mats. Todayā€™s price is a good $60 less than usual, so go ahead, open up that Etsy shop.

Youā€™ve got two choices when it comes to checking on the progress of your dinner in the oven. You could poke at it with a kitchen thermometer until you think itā€™s done, or you could sit on the couch and wait for your phone to tell you when itā€™s ready.


The Weber iGrill 2Thermometer uses leave-in probes to monitor the progress of your meal on the grill, on the stovetop, or even in the oven, and connects to your iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth to alert you as soon as it reaches the proper temperature. Todayā€™s $67 price tag is the lowest weā€™ve ever seen.

$20 off Prime Now | Amazon | Use code 20PRIMEDAY
Image: Amazon

If you live in a city with Amazonā€™s same-day Prime Now delivery service, but havenā€™t gotten around to using it yet, theyā€™re running a fantastic promotion for new members to celebrate the lead-up to Prime Day.


For a limited time, you can save $10 on your first Prime Now order with promo code 20PRIMEDAY, and then automatically receive an additional $10 credit to use before the end of the month on another order. This deal requires you to spend at least $10.01 per order, so you can basically pay a penny (not including tip and taxes) to get snacks, ice cream, household essentials, and more delivered to front door. This yearā€™s options are greater than ever, with the discount available on anything ordered from Amazon or Whole Foods Market (excluding alcohol, digital content, and any ordered placed using Alexa).

If the name doesnā€™t make it clear, youā€™ll need to be a Prime member to take advantage of Prime Now, but you can sign up for a 30 day free trial here.

Amazonā€™s really ramping up the deals this week in preparation for Prime Day. You can save on a whole bunch of Amazonā€™s own brands of food, beauty, coffee, vitamins, and more. If youā€™re looking for some suggestions, Iā€™d check out these laundry detergent packs, and this wide selection of coffee. Most of these products are at all-time lows, so get to shopping.

Breville Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster Oven | $200 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Update: Now $16 less than last week, this Breville oven is selling for the lowest Amazon price ever.


If you missed out on the Breville toaster oven deals we posted earlier this month, then Breville has granted your wishes and brought one back toady.

Discounted by about $65 today, this Smart Oven Pro has plenty of space and heating elements, so you can pretty much stop using your normal oven all together. It can fit a pizza up to 13", six slices of toast, and it has a slow cook function which will keep your food at a low temperature for up to 10 hours.

If history is any indication, this $200 price might not last long, so grab this while you can.

MiiR Growler, Stainless, 64 oz | $42 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

There are growlers, and then there are growlers. Miirā€™s new 64 ounce growler can keep beer cold for more than 24 hours without keeping it on ice, or hot beverages hot for up to 12. Plus, it just looks really damn good, and would make a great gift. With a few short-lived exceptions, $42 has been about as low as this one goes, so pour one out for your inferior drink carriers.

Instant Pot Ultra 6 qt. | $110 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The six quart Instant Pot Ultra is down to $110 right now, just $10 from an all-time low and discounted $40. You should buy one.


The Instant Pot Ultra features a completely revamped, dial-based UI that makes fine-tuned adjustments faster and easier than the older models. A new processor allows it to compensate for altitude and carry out completely custom programs, and it also has a few modes you wonā€™t find on the standard Instant Pots, like cake, eggs, and sterilize.

Needless to say, todayā€™s $40 discount is the best deal weā€™ve ever seen on this model.

If youā€™re worried that you wonā€™t get a ton of use out of this thing, note that in addition to speedy pressure cooking, this is also our readersā€™ favorite slow cooker, and one of their favorite rice cookers too. Basically, itā€™s one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets you can own.

Itā€™s a great day to stock up on snacks: For a limited time, if you buy two 12-count bags of Red Rock Lime & Cracked Pepper deli chips for the standard $18 each, (they go for a little less on Amazon, but no gift card included) youā€™ll get a $20 Walmart gift card thrown in for good measure.

Up to 80% off select items | ThinkGeek
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

ThinkGeek is helping the nerds in your life stock up on geeky paraphernalia. Score up to 80% off of a ton of products and apparel during their Dog Days of Summer Sale. There are seriously hundreds of items to choose from, which means every corner of geekdom is covered by this sale.

Shun Classic 6 Inch Utility Knife | $70 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

We post deals on the ultra-affordable Victorinox knives often. But, if youā€™re looking for something a little higher end, this Shun utility knife is a good buy. Itā€™s down to $70 today, sliced from the typical $100. This brand was included in our chefā€™s knife co-op. Like chefā€™s knives, utility knives are a more all-purpose option, ideal for slicing, chopping, and peeling.

Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups, Multicolor | $24 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Keep your wine chilled but not watered-down in these gel-filled cooling wine cups. A four pack is just $24 or $6 per cup, which is a good chunk cheaper than the usual $8 - $10 per cup. You just need to remember to put them in the fridge or freezer beforehand.

EufyĀ 33 ft White LED Decorative Lights | $7 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Ankerā€™s home goods brand, Eufy, is blowing out the uber popularĀ 33' strands of copper string lights for just $7 each. This is the best price weā€™ve seen since April, so go hang these up and make Pinterest proud.

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter | $15 | Amazon
Image: Amazon

Make your 4th of July barbecue so much easier with this Weber chimney starter. It will produce evenly-heated coals in less time, with no need for lighter fluid. Plus, today this contraption is just $15, which down the usual $25.

4th of July Sale | Wayfair
Screenshot: Wayfair

Declare independence from your current furniture and decor and redecorate with Wayfairā€™s huge 4th of July sale. The sale includes extra savings on living room furniture, wall art, lighting, kitchen & dining room furniture, and more. Theyā€™ve rolled back the prices on select area rugs down to $50 and are running special discounts on kitchen appliances. So whatever your home needs, chances are Wayfair has it.


The sale ends the 5th, so head over there and start shopping. Have any recommendations? Drop them in the comments.


Christmas in July | GORUCK
Graphic: Erica Offutt

If youā€™re a fan of GORUCK, you know that their stuff is not cheap. But today, you can save up to 40% off with their Christmas in July sale. It includes our readersā€™ favorite everyday backpack, the GR1 which you guys describe as extremely durable:

Best backpack Iā€™ve ever owned, bar none, and Iā€™ve put it through some shit. Can handle getting me dragged through a bunch of mud, and all cleaned up itā€™s sleek enough to look right at home on the subway without screaming ā€œTacti-coolā€.

Plus the company is run by a former Green Beret who frequently answers questions on Reddit and Facebook, they have radical transparency on pricing and design decisions, and all their stuff is built in the USA. - HWEdwards

Already have a backpack? You can also save on apparel, sand bags, duffel bags, and more.Ā 

20% off clothing, swim, and shoes | Target | Use code JULY4
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

The hundreds of items in Targetā€™s spring apparel section are already really affordable, but for a limited time, promo code JULY40 will take an extra 20% off at checkout. Plus, if you have a Target REDCard, youā€™ll save an extra 5%, and get free two day shipping.

30% off sitewide | Sunglass Warehouse | Use code STARS30
Screenshot: Sunglass Warehouse

Sunglass Warehouse has some of the best pricing out there, but theyā€™ve amped it up for Independence Day with 30% off sitewide with promo code STARS30. A bunch of options, even polarized ones, are only about $15 before the discount, so weā€™re really talking about impulse pricing here.

35% off Regular Priced Watches | Breda | Use code KINJA4TH
Image: Breda

If you donā€™t know about Dallas-based Breda, you need to. The watch brand creates minimalist, easy-to-wear styles of watches that arenā€™t overworked or over priced. And weā€™ve got an exclusive discount for you. Use the code KINJA4TH and grab select watches for 35% off.

Up to 40% off select styles | REI
Screenshot: REI

Itā€™s really about time you go outside, especially with the couple days off for the holiday, and REI is gonna help you stay equipped. Their 4th of July Sale means up to 40% off gear, shoes, clothing, and more, from brands like Marmot, The North Face, Columbia, and more.

Last Chance Clearance | Nordstrom Rack
Graphic: Erica Offutt

It ainā€™t a Clear the Rack sale, but Nordstrom Rack is taking up to 90% off certain items for their Last Chance Clearance event. Thereā€™s over 2,300 items to look through, from dresses and outerwear to shoes, and even beauty and some home goodsā€, so thereā€™s bound to be something youā€™ll want to buy.

Indochino Premium Suits | $329 | Indochino | Promo code KINJA18
Graphic: Indochino

Update: This $329 suit sale is back if you missed it a couple of weeks ago

Why buy off the rack when custom tailored suits are so affordable? From now until Thursday at midnight, you can look your best with a custom suit from Indochino, our readersā€™ favorite custom clothing company by a wide margin. For a limited time, grab any suit from their Spring 2018 collection for just $329 with promo code KINJA18. That deal is exclusive to our readers, and a better price than youā€™d find anywhere else on these styles.


Note: The suits say $369 on the deal page, but the promo code will grant you an additional discount at checkout.

If you arenā€™t familiar with Indochino, this isnā€™t like buying a suit off the rack; itā€™s tailored just for you. But if you donā€™t have time to take your measurements right this minute, you can check out now and submit your measurements later, which makes it very easy to gift a suit for Fatherā€™s Day. There are plenty of fun and colorful options available, as well as lots of business-minded suits that still look great.

Having a suit that fits perfectly is great, but the little details Indochino lets you customize, from your jacket lapels to pocket flaps to accent stiching around your buttons, are where things get fun.

How It Works

Measure and customize from home...

Follow the directions on Indochinoā€™s site to submit your measurements and customize your suit. Once the suit arrives, if anything doesnā€™t fit quite right, Indochino will provide directions for your local tailor, along with a $75 credit to cover their work. If for whatever reason your tailor cannot resolve the issues, Indochino will remake your suit. Shipping and return shipping are free.

If you live near a showroom...

Purchase your suit online with our discount, then take your receipt into an Indochino showroom. Theyā€™ll do your measurements, walk you through your customization options, and have your suit delivered to the showroom. Return once it arrives for any final alterations if theyā€™re needed.

Up to 40% off select styles | Backcountry
Screenshot: Backcountry

It may be getting too hot outside to even think about spending more than 15 min in the sun, but that doesnā€™t mean you should pass up a good outdoor gear deal. Backcountry celebrating Independence Day by taking up to 40% off a ton of apparel, gear, bags, and more.


Jurassic Park: A Novel | $2 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Grab Jurassic ParkĀ for your Kindle for just $2 before this deal goes extinct.

Audible Subscription | $5 per month | Amazon | Prime Members only
Screenshot: Amazon

Love to read but donā€™t have the team to sit down and actually read a book? Sign up for Amazonā€™s audiobook service, Audible for 66% less than usual during their Prime Day promotion.


For a limited time, Prime members can get three months of the service for $5 each, down from the usual $15. That entitles you to a new book of your choice each month, and everything you buy is yours to keep, even if you cancel after the three month promotional period ends. The offer is available to new subscribers only.

Three Months of Kindle Unlimited | $1 | Amazon
Image: Amazon

Kindle Unlimited is basically Netflix for ebooks and audiobooks, and Amazonā€™s offering a very rare discount on the service today. Youā€™ll get your first three months for just $1, after which youā€™ll be automatically billed the regular $10 per month, unless you cancel. If you love to read, this is a great chance to sample the service without fully committing. The deal is exclusive to new Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Four Months of Amazon Music | $1 | Amazon | Prime Members only
Screenshot: Amazon

At $8 per month for Prime members, Amazon Music Unlimited was already more affordable than Spotify Premium or Apple Music, but Amazonā€™s sweetening the pot for new members by offering four months for just $1, for a limited time.


This is by far the best deal theyā€™ve ever offered on the service, so if youā€™re a Prime member but havenā€™t signed up for Music Unlimited before, whatā€™s $.25 per month to try it out?

The Martian: A Novel [Kindle] | $3 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Andy Weirā€™s The Martian is funny, smart, and just $3 when you buy the Kindle version. As it usually goes, the book is way better than movie.

Up to 75% off Sale | Comixology
Image: Comixology

Itā€™s a holiday week so hopefully that means youā€™ll have a little down to relax. You can use that time to catch up on some of Marvelā€™s most popular comics from this Comixology sale. Everything is up to 75% off, which means digital copies of X-Men, Avengers, Spider Man, Star Wars and more are all $10 or less, with most hovering around $5. You can also save on:


Gloomhaven | $140 | Walmart
Gloomhaven | $140 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Update: Itā€™s back in stock at Walmart and Amazon for $140

Try not to freak out, but this post is about a $140 board game. That sounds like a lot of money. It is a lot of money. But GloomhavenĀ is Board Game Geekā€™s #1 board game ever, and is ā€œastoundingly goodā€ according to Ars Technica. Hell, it weighs 20 pounds! The problem is that itā€™s hardly ever in stock at major retailers, and eBay resellers typically charge upwards of $200.


While it lasts though, Walmart will let you order the game for $140, with an extra $5 off if you pick it up in-store. We posted this several weeks ago at $136 with a 2-5 week backorder, and it was a hit. If you love board games, this should be on your bucket list.

8Bitdo SN30 | $44 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

8Bitdoā€™s retro gaming controllers have taken off like Mario with a cape feather seemingly overnight, and Amazon has the best deal weā€™ve seen on the SNES-aping SN30 today.


These controllers can pair over Bluetooth to your PC, Mac, Android device, and yes, even your Nintendo Switch. Luke Plunkett over at Kotaku is a big fan, and you can read his full review here, if youā€™re on the fence.

$45 is about $5 less than usual, so itā€™s not a huge discount, but it is the best deal weā€™ve seen so far.

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition | $60 | GameStop
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Update: Now available at GameStop, if you missed it last week.

Ah, nostalgia. Pick up your very own NES Classic for $60 while supplies last.

MoKo Portable Case for Nintendo Switch | $16 | Amazon
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

This $16 travel case for your Nintendo Switch seems a bit excessive, but itā€™s got a space for everything you need to bring, including the Dock and charging cable, the extra grips, and more. For anyone thatā€™s planning on traveling with their entire Switch system, itā€™s basically a no-brainer.





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