SONOS PLAY:1 | $134 | Amazon
SONOS One | $179 | Amazon
SONOS PLAY:3 | $224 | Amazon
SONOS PLAY:5 | $449 | Amazon
SONOS SUB | $629 | Amazon
SONOS PLAYBASE | $629 | Amazon
SONOS PLAYBAR | $629 | Amazon

Update: Sold out, sorry!

If you didn’t pull the trigger on SONOS discounts during Deals Week, you’ve got another chance today to save on the entire lineup, including a few sales that are actually better than what we saw last month.


The PLAY:1 for $134 is an absolute steal; $150 is about as low as we’ve ever seen it go before today. Ditto the PLAY:3 for $224, or about $25 less than it was over the holiday. The Alexa-enabled SONOS One is a few bucks more than it was over the holiday, but $20 is still a solid discount for the brand new speaker

On the TV side of the equation, the PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE both have $70 discounts, which aren’t quite as impressive as the $100 price drops we saw last month, but now you can save on the SONOS SUB as well, which never went on sale at all during Deals Week.

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