Hyperkin The Duke Xbox One/PC Controller (Black) | $48 | Amazon | Clip the coupon
Hyperkin The Duke Xbox One/PC Controller (Green) | $50 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister
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I’ve gotta say, I didn’t realize anyone had fond memories of the gigantic original Xbox controller, but Hyperkin brought it back for the Xbox One and PC for a reason, I suppose. The Duke is almost entirely faithful to the original, for better or worse, but added in a couple of small shoulder buttons to mirror the black and white buttons, and an OLED screen on the front that plays the original Xbox’s boot animation when you start using the controller. Was that necessary? Hell no. But it’s awesome.

The Duke came out last year for $70, but now it’s marked down to $50 on Amazon in both black and green, and the black model also has a small clippable coupon to save even more.