eLuxury Supply 10" Mattresses | $210-$510 | Amazon | Clip the $300 coupon

If you’re serious about improving your nighttime routine, you can save $300 on a foam mattress today, courtesy of the largest clippable coupon we’ve ever seen on Amazon. These 4.4 star-rated mattresses are constructed of seven inches of high density base foam topped with a three-inch layer of memory foam, and come with a 120-night risk-free trial period.

To give you context of how good this deal is, the $300 coupon brings the queen mattress down to $390. The last time we saw it on sale was a one-day Amazon Gold Box where it cost $518. And of course, the “name brand” internet foam mattresses like Caspers or Tuft & Needle will cost roughly twice as much, while offering a shorter trial period.

This deal is available on several mattress sizes, ranging from twin to California King, though oddly enough, regular kings aren’t included.