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Today only, Amazon’s offering the Bluetooth model of Anova’s excellent Sous Vide immersion circulator for $139, or $40 less than usual. Sous Vide was already the easiest way to cook food perfectly, and this model makes it even simpler by putting every recipe you need on a mobile app. [Anova Bluetooth Sous-Vide Immersion Circulator, $139]

Lifehacker has a great explainer on Sous-Vide cooking for you to check out, but the basic idea is that you seal the food in plastic bags, and then cook it in precisely heated water over a longer period of time. Here are some advantages to this process from Lifehacker’s guide:

  • Cooking sous-vide results in evenly-cooked meat and fish.
  • Cooking sous-vide gives you specific control over the final temperature of the meat, avoiding overdone, dried-out food.
  • You can hold foods cooked sous-vide at their specified temperature for long periods of time without damaging the texture or quality of the dish, making it an ideal cooking method for holiday dinners or meals with multiple components and side-dishes.
  • Bacterial or other contamination is largely not an issue with sous-vide cooking. While you may be cooking up to minimum safe temperatures, the length of time you’re holding the food at its safe temperature will pasteurize your meat and ensure the safety of your food, meaning “safe” meat doesn’t have to equal “dry” or “not pink” meat any longer. Still, keep your meat thermometer handy, and test before serving. Remember, sous-vide lets you hold food at temp for long periods without diminishing the quality of the food, so if it’s undercooked, you can seal the bag and put it back in.
  • Sous-vide cooking is by nature a repeatable process. Set the temperature, set the timer, and walk away. You will wind up with perfectly cooked food every time you do it.

I’ve been cooking Sous Vide for a few years now (with a different model), and it still feels like cheating to me.

We occasionally see deals on individual SKUs of Apple’s newest ultrathin MacBook, but today, B&H is taking $300 off every configuration they sell, with tax only for New York buyers. [$300 off Apple MacBooks]

There’s nothing noteworthy about this 19.5" 1080p monitor, except its price. $50! Buy a few, and you’ve got yourself a multi-monitor setup for a Craigslist-type price. [Acer 19.5" Monitor, $50]

Note: You’ll need to be logged into your My Best Buy account to see the deal.

Update: Stainless steel model back in stock!

If you hurry, Amazon’s selling your undisputed favorite travel mug, the Contigo Autoseal West Loop, for as little as $14, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen, and a solid discount from its usual $18-$20. Just be sure to grab one before the deal cools off. [Contigo Autoseal West Loop, Stainless Steel, $14. Black model available for $16]

Waterpik is the easier (and they would argue more effective) way to “floss” between your teeth, and you can score an all-time low price on the Aquarius kit today, courtesy of Amazon.


The price might vary by a few dollars based on the color you choose, but all of them include a $10 coupon that will be applied at checkout. You can also save a few extra bucks by ordering through Subscribe & Save. Shipping will take longer if you go this route, and you’ll want to cancel the subscription after your first one arrives, but the option is available if you want to squeeze every penny. [Waterpik WP-672 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser, $67 after $10 coupon]

Need a little push to get off the couch? The Fitbit Charge is one of the best fitness trackers you can buy (though sadly this model doesn’t have a heart rate monitor), and you can get one for just $80 today, which is the best deal we’ve ever seen. [Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker Wristband, $80]

Today only, Amazon’s offering big discounts on a variety of athletic apparel from Reebok for men and women. The selection is definitely crossfit-heavy, but no matter what your activity of choice, you should be able to find something you like. [Reebok Gold Box]

If your wardrobe is feeling a little stale, Amazon’s running a Gold Box deal today on U.S. Polo Assn. clothing and watches today, with prices for certain iconic polo shirts starting under $10. [U.S. Polo Assn. Gold Box]

With the obvious caveat that this isn’t a 4K TV, $380 is a terrific price for a 50" Sharp TV with built-in Roku software. If you want to read some user reviews, there are nearly 600 of them on Best Buy, with an average of 4.6 stars. [Sharp 50" Smart TV With Roku, $380]

Late last year, Nest just unveiled their third generation smart thermostat, which means you can score some great discounts on the previous model. The only real advantage of the new one seems to be a larger screen, and I’s a thermostat. You’re not watching movies on the thing. [Nest Learning Thermostat, 2nd Generation, $170]

We all know that buying your own modem can save you money in the long run, and to that end, we’ve posted a lot of deals on the Motorola SB6141 over the last few years. Today though, this NETGEAR alternative is marked down to just $50, and might be worth a look.

On paper, it’s every bit the equal of the SB6141; it has the same number of upstream and downstream channels, and the same maximum speeds. Just check with your ISP to make sure it’s compatible before you purchase; most maintain lists on their websites. [NETGEAR High Speed DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, $50]

Target today is taking $20 off the list price of the new Apple TV. While that’s not the best deal we’ve seen, it’s a solid discount for a young Apple product. [Apple TV, $129-$179]


Best Buy actually has both models available for $4 less, but Target’s deal comes out ahead with a 5% REDCard discount.

5,000mAh battery packs are the perfect size for keeping in your pocket on a long day away from the charger, and this one even comes with a bonus microUSB/Lightning combo cable. [uNu Superpak 5000mAh 2.1A External Battery Pack, $12 with code PVMYHYW6]

We see lots of deals on USB charging hubs with a single Quick Charge 2.0 port. This one from Tronsmart has five, and yet it really doesn’t carry much of a price premium. [Tronsmart Titan 10A/90W 5-Port USB Charger Charging Station with Quick Charge 2.0 Technology, $24 with code USBTITAN]

Need some cables to go with that? [6-Pack Aukey Micro USB Hi-Speed 2.0 Sync Charging Cable, $5 with code 4OULXLV5]

Today only, Amazon’s offering big discounts on an assortment of Remington hair grooming products, including shavers, blow dryers, epilators, and more. This is a Gold Box deal, meaning these prices are only available today, and the best stuff could sell out early. [Remington Gold Box]

While pourover coffee takes a little more work than pushing a button on your Keurig, this end result is oh so much better, not to mention cheaper. [Hario V60 Pourover Coffee Server Set, $15]

Spectre might not have lived up to Skyfall, but if its in-jokes and fan service made you nostalgic for the Bond films of yore, you can get the first 23 on Blu-ray for just $80 today. [James Bond Collection, $80]

The mostly-excellent Life Is Strange just got its physical retail release, and Amazon will toss in a $10 gift card when you buy it today.

The deal works on both the standard and Limited editions. Just scroll down the page to the Special Offers section of the Amazon listing, find the gift card deal, and hit “Add Both To Cart.” [Life Is Strange, $30. Plus $10 gift card. Scroll down to the Special Offers section.]

The LG Watch Urbane is absolutely one of the best looking Android Wear watches on the market, and you can get your own for $180 today on eBay. That’s $170 less than its original selling price, and the best deal we’ve seen. If you’re on the fence, be sure to check out Gizmodo’s impressions. [LG Watch Urbane, $180]

The best SSD for most people is back below $300 for 1TB. Your computer will thank you. [Samsung 850 EVO 1TB, $280]

The vast majority of recent PS4 deals have been centered around the Uncharted console bundle, but if Call of Duty is more your speed, today’s your lucky day.


You’ll pay $10 more than you normally would for the bundle, but you’ll get a PS4 Gold headset in return. Not only is that your favorite gaming headset, it’s also a $70-$80 value, making this one of the better PS4 deals we’ve seen. [PS4 COD Black Ops III Bundle + Gold Headset, $360]

Don’t care about the headset? You can still get an Uncharted console bundle plus a year of PlayStation Plus for $349 as well.

This Hoover Cyclonic is the simple, cheap stick vacuum that all other simple, cheap stick vacuums aspire to be, and you can own it for just $65 today. I’ve owned this exact model for several years, and couldn’t be happier. [Hoover Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, $65]

Kindle Unlimited is basically Netflix for ebooks and audiobooks, and Amazon’s offering a very rare discount on the service today for Valentine’s day. This would be a great last minute gift for the reader in your life, and they’ll never know that you saved 25%. [25% off Kindle Unlimited Subscriptions]

String lights are so hot right now—just go look at Pinterest if you don’t believe me—and you can get a pair of 10' strands for just $7 right now. [2 Set of Micro 30 LEDs Super Bright Warm White Color Wire Rope Lights, $7 with code BPB8BBOH]

Rubbermaid’s FastTrack garage storage system is Amazon’s top seller in the category, and the proud owner of a 4.4 star review average. If you have a garage or shed, this is a requisite purchase at $26, an all-time low. [Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System All-in-One Rail & Hook Kit, 5-Piece, $26]

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a 10,000mAh external battery pack for $9 is a screaming deal. That’ll get you at least two full phone charges. [Kmashi 10,000mAh Battery Pack, $9 with code JDI3KZ3Y]

Amazon’s Prime Pantry program is great for stocking up on household goods and non-perishable foods without actually having to visit a store, but the $5.99 per box shipping charge has always been a drag. This month though, if you buy five select items, you can get that fee waived.


There are hundreds of eligible items running the gamut from granola bars to bandages to toilet bowl cleaner, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding five that you need. Just add them to your box (plus anything else that will fit), and use code PANTRYFEB at checkout to get free shipping. [Free Prime Pantry shipping with five eligible purchases, promo code PANTRYFEB]

Bonus: If you already have a no-rush free shipping credit in your account, this deal actually appears to stack, netting you an extra $6 discount.

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