We see a lot of great deals every day, but these were our 10 favorites from Wednesday.

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#1: calvin klein

Amazon’s Gold Box is full (two pages full) of up to 50% off Calvin Klein underwear, bras, undershirts, and more. Men’s and women’s styles are included, and there are a ton of 3- and 4-packs, so you can stock up. Or, be that guy and get someone underwear for the holidays.

#2: prime-only puffer jackets

Amazon sells outerwear and it’s actually pretty decent-looking. Right now, they’re giving Prime Members exclusive discounts on basically all the down styles they make from Amazon Essentials and Haven Outerwear, from packable hooded jackets to puffed parkas. Plus, vests, kids options, and one women’s raincoat, for some reason.

#3: kindle voyage

Refurb Kindle Voyage | $120 | Amazon

The Kindle Voyage probably isn’t worth it for most readers at $200—not when you can purchase a very good Kindle Paperwhite for $100—but it’s worth your consideration at $120.

I own a Voyage, and I have to say, the pressure-sensitive page-turning “buttons” on the bezels are a pretty nice luxury that you won’t find on the Paperwhite. The glass front and ambient light sensor are definitely worthwhile improvements too. They’re all little things, but they add up to a reading experience that feels more natural, and a little bit less computerized.


For a limited time, Amazon’s marking refurbs of the Voyage down to $120. That’s $80 less than buying it new, and about $50 less than the usual refurb price as well. Plus, you still get the same 1-year warranty that you’d get with a new Kindle, so there’s hardly any downside to going this route.

#4: droid inventor kit

While you may mess up a critical plot point of an epic franchise, you can pick up this droid littleBits set and make your own R2 unit the way you want. These sets are basically like if LEGO and K’nex had a baby and added a battery. This price is a match for an all-time low, and yes, it should arrive by Christmas.

#5: hard drives

Extra hard drive space is a great gift for a family member who’s bad about backing up their files, or someone who just needs more space to store PS4 and Xbox One games, and $99 is a fantastic price for a 4TB portable drive.

You can also double your storage for just $50 more, though this model requires a power cord.

#6: ecospheres

These self-sustaining EcoSpheres are the coolest and easiest pet you can have. The hand-blown glass containers are closed, balanced, ecosystems, which means it contains everything the shrimp, algae, and microorganisms need to survive thrive, so you don’t have to do a thing. Today’s $44 price tag on the small pod is the cheapest it has been all year, and the medium sphere normally sells for $140, but is just $125 today. These would make an interesting gift, and an educational tool for the kiddos.

#7: itunes gift cards

$15 off $100 iTunes Gift Card Purchases | Amazon | Promo code ITUNES15

iTunes gift cards make great last minute gifts for the iPhone owners in your life, and you can save $15 when you spend $100 on digital cards today with promo code ITUNES15. This will work for a single $100 gift card, or multiple cards of smaller denominations, just so long as the total adds up to $100. Just don’t forget that promo code!

#8: anker speakers

Anker SoundCore Pro | $39 | Amazon | Clip the $60 coupon
Anker SoundCore Boost | $40 | Amazon | Promo code XMASBD99

The 12W Anker SoundCore and SoundCore 2 are the most popular Bluetooth speakers we’ve ever posted, but Anker turned things to 11 with the SoundCore Boost and SoundCore Pro, and both are on sale for about $40 today.

The new SoundCore Pro features two full range drivers and two tweeters with a combined 25W of audio output, all pretty unique features in a portable Bluetooth speaker. Even with all that power, you still get 18 hours of battery life, and IPX4 splash resistance too. Just be sure to clip the $60 (!!) coupon on the product page to get it for $39.

The more portable SoundCore Boost is also on sale for $40 with promo code XMASBD99. This one is closer in size to the original SoundCores, but it boasts 20W of power, IPX5 water resistance, and even a bass boosting button. The battery on it is smaller though, so you’ll only get 12 hours on a charge, which is still pretty great by most Bluetooth speaker standards.

#9: dog poop bags

Don’t be that guy that doesn’t clean up after his dog. When you can get 810 poop bags and a dispenser for $13, there’s no excuse. If you want save another 60 cents, sign up for Subscribe & Save and cancel at anytime.

#10: household cleaners

Amazon’s back at it again with the sample boxes, and their newest one includes six or more home goods samples from a variety of brands. And as always, you’ll get the $10 you spend on the box back in the form of an Amazon credit that you can spend on more home goods from this selection, meaning the samples themselves are basically free.


You’re not guaranteed to get any particular item here, but my fingers would be crossed for the seven ounce jar of coconut oil. That stuff’s not cheap, and it’s the secret to making movie theater-style popcorn.

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