The Incredibles 2 Violet Action Figure 11” Articulated Doll | $13 | Walmart and Amazon
Graphic: Elizabeth Zimmerman
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The release of Incredibles 2 did wonders for Violet Parr’s popularity. All the Violet costumes were long gone before Halloween stuff went on clearance, and this doll has been impossible to find in any brick and mortar store.

If there’s a Violet fan in your household, you know all this. You also know that the doll has been hovering around $20 on Amazon, which was crazy because the rest of the set was closer to $10. But I have news for you — today it dropped to $13 at Walmart and Amazon, which is reasonable enough that I did not hesitate to buy it before it sold out. It actually kind of put me in a bind, because I was done Christmas shopping and had my kids’ gifts carefully balanced. Now I have to rejigger that whole situation.