Refurb 15" MacBook Pro | $1,600-$1,800 | Woot
Photo: Apple
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You probably don’t need a big, honking 15" MacBook Pro unless you’re doing professional, processor-intensive work that benefits from a big screen. But if that happens to describe you, Woot has refurb 2017 models for $1,600 today, or $1,800 with a slightly boosted processor, double the storage and a better GPU (a AMD Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB of VRAM vs. a Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB). Hint: buy the $1,800 one.

For comparison, buying a new model (the 2018 version, but it’s broadly similar) would cost $2400 or $2800, respectively, so we’re talking about a pretty substantial discount. Just note that their 1 year warranty is backed by Woot, not by Apple, so you’ll have to work through them if you need support.