Anker Nebula Prizm Projector | $110 | Amazon
Anker Nebula Mars Lite Portable Projector | $230 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister
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Anker’s entered the projector space in a big way this year, and today’s Amazon Gold Box has two of the best deals we’ve ever seen on its entry level products.

First up is the $110 Nebula Prizm, Anker’s only projector without a built-in battery. In terms of picture quality, it’s basically a dead ringer for the soda can-sized Nebula Capsule that we reviewed here, but without the built-in Android OS or portability. But still, it could be useful in a kid’s room, or maybe a garage where you don’t want to keep a TV, and you can’t beat the price.

For an all-time low $230, you can also opt for the Mars Lite, which is portable, three times as bright, and outputs 720p video. It still doesn’t have a built-in OS, but that’s easily solved by plugging in any streaming dongle.