‘Tis the season of shedding for your pups, so if you’d like to get ahead of the soccer ball-sized hair clumps and brush your dog’s coat to a nice shine, pick up a few of these highly-rated FURminator brushes.

First up, the dog rake (yes, it’s really called that) isn’t so much for shedding, but for de-matting your dog’s coat. Its metal rounded pins will detangle without pulling out hair, and won’t break off like plastic teeth. It’s just $7 today, which is just a $1 more than its all-time low.


Next, the curry comb has rubber teeth which can help brush out dirt and loose hair in between baths. It’s $6 today, and designed for dogs with short or medium-length hair.

Finally, the grooming slicker brush will add shine, detangle, and pick up loose hairs off of dogs with longer or curly coats. It’s also discounted a few bucks today.