Suaoki 220Wh Battery Pack, $170 with code 724BZYOE

This tailgate season, you can step up your game with this portable battery pack that can power just about anything, including a TV.

Promo code 724BZYOE gets you this Suaoki battery pack for $170, or $40 less than usual. With 20,000mAh and 220 watt hours of capacity, it can recharge phones and tablets several times over, but its built-in AC outlets can also run a small TV for up to several hours, depending on its size and energy efficiency. Just stand up a TV in the back of your car, plug it in here, add a cheap antenna, and you’ve got portable football.


Though it doesn’t include them, you can even plug in some solar panels to recharge it on the go. It won’t be as efficient as just plugging it in, but it’ll extend your runtime without any of the noise or fumes you’d get with a gas generator.